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Meg Gardiner is a renowned American author, who specializes in the Crime genre. Gardiner is widely known for the Evan Delaney book series. Despite the fact that Meg Gardiner was born in Oklahoma, she spent a bigger part of her childhood in Santa Barbara, California. Gardiner is the daughter of one Sally Gardiner and an English Professor, Frank C. Gardiner. After completing her primary education, Gardiner joined Dos Pueblos High School, located in Goleta, where she graduated in the year 1975. Furthermore, after the successful completion of her high school education, Meg Gardiner, then went ahead and joined Stanford University, where she was awarded a degree in Economics. Eventually, Meg Gardiner joined the Stanford school of Law, before returning to Santa Barbara, where she became a tutor of writing and legal research at California University.

Order of Evan Delaney Series

1China Lake 2002Description / Buy
2Mission Canyon 2004Description / Buy
3Jericho Point 2004Description / Buy
4Crosscut 2005Description / Buy
5Kill Chain 2006Description / Buy

Order of Jo Beckett Series

1The Dirty Secrets Club 2008Description / Buy
2The Memory Collector 2009Description / Buy
3The Liar's Lullaby 2010Description / Buy
4The Nightmare Thief 2011Description / Buy

Order of UNSUB Series

1UNSUB 2017Description / Buy
2Into the Black Nowhere 2018Description / Buy
3The Dark Corners of the Night 2020Description / Buy

Order of Meg Gardiner Standalone Novels

1Ransom River 2012Description / Buy
2The Shadow Tracer 2013Description / Buy
3Phantom Instinct 2014Description / Buy
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After working as a writing and legal research tutor, Meg Gardiner relocated to Surrey, a nearby city to England. She resided in Surrey for quite some time before she eventually relocated to Austin Texas in the year 2013. Having taught law and Writing at the critically acclaimed University of California, Gardiner considers writing to be her third career. During the 90’s Meg Gardiner relocated with her family to the United Kingdom with her entire family. It is during her free time that Meg Gardiner began to work on her debut novel. In the process, Meg Gardiner was able to complete a task, which she had vowed to complete more than ten years ago.

Hodder & Stoughton published her very first novel, China Lake in the year 2002. Ever since she completed her first novel, Meg Gardiner went ahead and published ten more novels. Due to the success of her novels, Meg Gardiner became a full-time author. According to Meg Gardiner, the main reason as to why she chose to specialize in the crime fiction genre was that crime tends to get to the main core of the human condition. Writing crime is all about fighting the evil, which invades the world, or confronting imminent danger.

Furthermore, the author, Meg Gardiner also gets the chance of tossing the readers into situations, which they would hate in reality such as kids in danger and sadistic killers as well. Meg Gardiner also highlights the fact that majority of her works tend to look at the boundaries between morality and wrong doings.

Meg Gardiner also attributes the training that she received in law school as the foundation for her prolific writing skills. The Evan Delaney book series is made up of five books. China Lake is the first book in the Evan Delaney book series and was published in the year 2002, while Mission Canyon was published in the year 2006 and it happens to be the last book in the series.

Meg Gardiner Awards

In the year 2009, Meg Gardiner was awarded an Edgar Award.

Meg Gardiner Books into Movies

None of the books by Meg Gardiner have been adapted for a screenplay, however, she has been featured as herself in two television documentaries as herself.

Best Meg Gardiner Books

The Dirty Secrets Clubs: This is one of the best series by Meg Gardiner. The book begins as some public and high profile suicides has caused many disturbances in San Francisco. One of the town’s most notable fashion designer is burned while holding the body of his loved one. It does not take long before a superstar jumps from the Golden Bridge. Nonetheless, one of the most shocking death is when a United States attorney driver drives her BMW, off a road overpass and in the process killing herself and three other occupants of the vehicle. Once the story began, Jo Beckett has summoned a Forensic psychiatrist, is hired by the SFPD to look into the leading cause of the chain of high-profile suicides. Eventually, Jo Beckett made the discovery that everyone who committed suicide was part of a secret club known as the Dirty Secrets Club, which is a group of exceedingly wealthy individuals with lots of dark secrets and money as well.

The Memory Collector: The second book in the Jo Beckett book series. Jo Beckett specializes in the field of a psychological autopsy, in where she looks into the life of an individual to determine whether the person’s death was natural, accidental, suicide or homicide. Jo Beckett refers to herself as a dead shrinker instead of a dead shrinker. The silence of the people that she deals with is what makes her work exceedingly attractive. Nonetheless, when she is given the opportunity to carry out a psychological autopsy on a living individual, she understands that every skill that she possesses are going to be put to the test.

When Does The Next Meg Gardiner book come out?

Meg Gardiner doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Dark Corners of the Night and was released on February, 18th 2020. It is the newest book in the UNSUB Series.

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