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Morris Glietzman is an English-born Australian author that writes fiction for young readers. The author has earned many commendations for his work on novels which highlight issues of importance like AIDS.

Order of Blabber Mouth Series

1Blabber Mouth (Short Story) 1995Description / Buy
2Sticky Beak (Short Story) 1995Description / Buy
3Gift of the Gab 1999Description / Buy

Order of Deadly! Series with Paul Jennings

1Nude (Short Story) 2000Description / Buy
2Brats (Short Story) 2000Description / Buy
3Stiff (Short Story) 2000Description / Buy
4Hunt (Short Story) 2000Description / Buy
5Grope (Short Story) 2000Description / Buy
6Pluck (Short Story) 2000Description / Buy

Order of Misery Guts Series

1Misery Guts 1991Description / Buy
2Worry Warts 1993Description / Buy
3Puppy Fat 1995Description / Buy

Order of Once Series

1Once 2005Description / Buy
2Then 2005Description / Buy
3Now 2010Description / Buy
4After 2011Description / Buy
5Soon 2015Description / Buy
6Maybe 2017Description / Buy

Order of Toad Series

1Toad Rage 2000Description / Buy
2Toad Heaven 2001Description / Buy
3Toad Away 2004Description / Buy
4Toad Surprise 2008Description / Buy
5Toad Delight (Short Story) 2017Description / Buy

Order of Wicked! Series with Paul Jennings

1The Slobberers (Short Story) 1997Description / Buy
2Battering Rams (Short Story) 1997Description / Buy
3Croaked (Short Story) 1997Description / Buy
4Dead Ringer (Short Story) 1997Description / Buy
5The Creeper (Short Story) 1997Description / Buy
6Till Death Us Do Part 1997Description / Buy
7Totally Wicked 1998Description / Buy

Order of Morris Gleitzman Standalone Novels

1The Other Facts of Life (Short Story) 1985Description / Buy
2Second Childhood (Short Story) 1990Description / Buy
3Two Weeks with the Queen (Short Story) 1991Description / Buy
4Just Looking 1992Description / Buy
5Belly Flop 1996Description / Buy
6Water Wings (Short Story) 1997Description / Buy
7Bumface 1998Description / Buy
8Adults Only 2001Description / Buy
9Boy Overboard 2002Description / Buy
10Teachers Pet 2003Description / Buy
11Girl Underground 2004Description / Buy
12Worm Story 2004Description / Buy
13Aristotle's Nostril (Short Story) 2005Description / Buy
14Doubting Thomas 2006Description / Buy
15Give Peas a Chance 2007Description / Buy
16Grace 2009Description / Buy
17Too Small to Fail 2011Description / Buy
18Pizza Cake 2011Description / Buy
19Extra Time 2013Description / Buy
20Loyal Creatures 2014Description / Buy

Order of Morris Gleitzman Non-Fiction Books

1Self Helpless 2000Description / Buy

Morris Gleitzman Anthologies

1 Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat2018Description / Buy
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Morris has some early memories of England. That was where he was born in 1953. It wasn’t until 1969 that Morris moved to Australia after which the country became his true home.

The author enjoyed an active childhood. He started out as a paperboy before getting work in a department store where he dressed as Santa Clause. Morris’ resume will also include the times he spent as a frozen chicken defroster and an assistant to a fashion designer.

The author’s career only took off when he attended the Canberra College of Advanced Education. He acquired a degree in writing and was lucky enough to secure work in television and movies.

For many years, Morris Glietzman was a screenwriter who worked on projects like Second Childhood. He even won special accolades for his work. The author’s first children’s novel was published in 1985.

The book drew attention because of Morris’ heartfelt but humorous storytelling which made his books attractive to both children and adults. In due time, Morris rose to become one of the most successful authors Australia has ever seen.

Morris never started out with the intention to become a professional writer, at least not when he was a child. In fact, the author was pretty determined to become a professional football player.

It wasn’t until he arrived at Canberra University that the notion of writing found a home in his conscious. At that point, Morris began to experiment with everything from journalism to poetry until he found satisfaction as a screenwriter.

At the time, it was the only writing field that could pay his bills. The author tried to make it as a freelance journalist. Many of his humorous pieces were actually published in Newspapers and magazines. But it wasn’t until he got a job writing for The Norman Gunston Show that Morris realized that it was possible to write for a living and earn a decent salary.

As comfortable as the screenwriting arena became, though, Morris Glietzman did not hesitate to become a novelist when the opportunity arose. As fun as screenwriting was, Morris found it to be very restrictive. He had no choice but to allow factors like production costs to dictate the direction of his stories.

As a novelist, Morris found that he was free to do whatever he wanted.

Morris Glietzman Awards

All of the author’s books have either won or been shortlisted for some sort of accolade, with some of the most prominent awards to Morris Glietzman’s name including Bilby Awards (1993, 1998), CROW Awards (1993, 1994), COOL Awards (1998, 1997), YABBA Awards (1998, 2001) and a KOALA Award to mention but a few.

Best Morris Glietzman Books

Morris has achieved so much success as an author because he writes in a way that appeals to readers of all ages, with some of the best books in the author’s bibliography including:

Once: Felix is a young Jewish boy living in one of the worst times in history. The Holocaust is in full swing and Felix is caught up in the events as they unfold. But he has determined to escape his orphanage.

Felix wants to go find his parents and save them from the Nazis. Along the way, he will have plenty of adventures.

Once is the first novel in the Once series. A short book barely two hundred pages long, Once introduces readers to Felix, a boy living in an orphanage who wanted so badly to believe that his parents would come back one day and find him.

When they fail to show up, Felix takes it upon himself to go out and find them. He spends the book and the journey telling stories.

Then: Felix is a young Jewish boy trying to survive the holocaust. In Once, Felix left his orphanage because he wanted to find his parents in Nazi-Occupied Poland. In the sequel, Felix and his friend Zelda have been captured. They are being taken to a concentration camp. They need to escape before it is too late.

Then picks up immediately where Once left off. Even though the book is written with children in mind, Morris Glietzman doesn’t shy away from the more gruesome aspects of the holocaust.

When Does The Next Morris Gleitzman book come out?

Morris Gleitzman doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Maybe and was released on September, 21st 2017. It is the newest book in the Once Series.

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