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With an unmistakable bushy goatee, Neal Stephenson has a consecrated aura about him. In one of his many signature photos wherein his face is a blank mask, a jaundiced eye might mistake the impassive man for a portrait of a deity. At least literal acclaim has lionized him. Meet Neal Stephenson.

Order of Baroque Cycle Series

1Quicksilver 2003Description / Buy
2The Confusion 2004Description / Buy
3The System of the World 2004Description / Buy

Order of Foreworld Saga Series

1The Mongoliad: Book One 2012Description / Buy
2The Mongoliad: Book Two 2012Description / Buy
3The Mongoliad: Book Three 2013Description / Buy
4Tyr's Hammer: A Foreworld SideQuest (Short Story) ( By: Michael Tinker Pearce, Linda Pearce) 2013Description / Buy

Order of Neal Stephenson Standalone Novels

1The Big U 1984Description / Buy
2Zodiac 1988Description / Buy
3Snow Crash 1992Description / Buy
4Interface 1994Description / Buy
5The Diamond Age 1995Description / Buy
6The Cobweb 1996Description / Buy
7Cryptonomicon 1999Description / Buy
8Anathem 2008Description / Buy
9Reamde 2011Description / Buy
10Seveneves 2015Description / Buy
11The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. 2017Description / Buy
12Fall or, Dodge in Hell 2019Description / Buy
13Termination Shock 2021Description / Buy

Order of Neal Stephenson Graphic Novels

1Cimarronin 2015Description / Buy

Order of Neal Stephenson Non-Fiction Books

1In the Beginning... Was the Command Line 1999Description / Buy
2Some Remarks 2012Description / Buy

Order of Bruce Sterling Collections

1Globalhead ( By: Bruce Sterling) 1992Description / Buy
2A Good Old-Fashioned Future ( By: Bruce Sterling) 1999Description / Buy
3Visionary in Residence ( By: Bruce Sterling) 2005Description / Buy
4Ascendancies: The Best of Bruce Sterling ( By: Bruce Sterling) 2007Description / Buy
5Gothic High-Tech ( By: Bruce Sterling) 2011Description / Buy
6Robot Artists and Black Swans: The Italian Fantascienza Stories ( With: Bruce Sterling) 2021Description / Buy
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Neal Stephenson is an American penman who doubles up as a game designer. The birth name of the man of letters is Neal Town Stephenson. Stephenson, who is a quinquagenarian, was born on October 1959 and his place of birth is Fort Meade upon Maryland, in the US. Stephenson is presently a resident of Seattle. For his secondary education, Neal Stephenson attended the Iowa-based Ames High School and was in the class of 1977. Stephenson attended Boston University for his undergraduate studies wherein he was among the graduates of class of 1981.

Neal Stephenson, whose niche is science fiction and fantasy and nonfiction, has been writing since early 1990s. Stephenson debut in 1992 and his debut novel is entitled Snow Clash. Standalone books aside, Stephenson has penned several other series of books ranging from a one-book series to trilogies to an octalogy to a 22-book series.

The most notable and earliest English language series of books in Neal Stephenson’s bibliography is titled The Baroque Cycle. This trilogy is an offshoot of Stephenson’s trilogy named Criptonomicon series that was originally published in 1999 and in Spanish. Incidentally, the trilogy has since been republished in a similarly named octalogy; the octalogy is made up of three volumes, consisting of two trilogies and a duology.

For starters, there are over 35 editions of the first book in the trilogy named The Baroque Cycle. The earliest edition was initially published in September 2003, titled Quicksilver; this book is shelved under the fiction (especially historical fiction), science fiction, and fantasy genres.

The main character in Neal Stephenson’s book is named Daniel Waterhouse. Waterhouse, a British national who lived during the Baroque period, is a daring think-tank affiliated with the Puritans who formerly had Royal Society membership. Waterhouse, who doubles up as a scientist, becomes friends with the famed scientist Isaac Newton while schooling at the same institution. Waterhouse is a past master at natural philosophy at the advent of modern science.

The first book in the serialized The Baroque Cycle, Quicksilver, is a synthesis of fiction and real historical aspects. For instance, some actual people such as Newton and philosopher Robert Boyle are referenced to give character Daniel Waterhouse credibility. Basically, the multi-award-winning Quicksilver is all about Waterhouse’s quest for knowledge accompanied by heavyweight scholars during the Baroque period, an era fraught with natural and artificial calamities.

Neal Stephenson Awards

In 2004, Neal Stephenson was nominated for and clinched a literary award; Stephenson was nominated for the Locus Award, in the Best Science Fiction Novel category, in virtue of his 2003 book Quicksilver. Stephenson clinched Arthur C. Clarke Award, in the Best Novel category, thanks to the aforementioned book.

In 1996, Neal Stephenson bagged and was nominated for the following literary prizes courtesy of his 1995 standalone book named The Diamond Age. Stephenson clinched Hugo Award, in the Best Novel category and Locus Award, in the Best Science Fiction Novel grouping. He was nominated thrice: for the Nebula Award, in the Best Novel section; Arthur C. Clarke Award; and Prometheus Award, in the Best Novel category.

In 2005, Neal Stephenson clinched both Locus Award, in the Best Fiction category, and Prometheus Award, in the Best Novel category; Stephenson was awarded courtesy of his 2004 book named The System of the World, the third book in The Baroque Cycle trilogy. Stephenson’s 2008 named Anathem clinched the Locus Award, in the Best Science Fiction Novel category.

Best Neal Stephenson Books

These are the best three books authored by Neal Stephenson. The first is Quicksilver—has already been mentioned.

The Diamond Age: This cyberpunk book shows the societal changes that would occur hot on the heels of possible adoption of nanotechnology.

The System of the World: The last book in the serialized Baroque Cycle trilogy. Hereby, Waterhouse travels to England to mediate in a conflict pitting Isaac Newton against polymath Gottfried Leibniz concerning calculus invention.

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When Does The Next Neal Stephenson book come out?

Neal Stephenson doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Termination Shock and was released on November, 16th 2021.

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