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Nicholas Sansbury Smith is a bestselling American author responsible for works like the Hell Divers’ series and the Extinction Cycle’ novels. Nicholas was an Emergency Management employee before he went into writing.

Order of Extinction Cycle Series

1Extinction Horizon 2014Description / Buy
2Extinction Edge 2015Description / Buy
3Extinction Age 2015Description / Buy
4Extinction Evolution 2015Description / Buy
5Extinction End 2016Description / Buy
6Extinction Aftermath 2016Description / Buy
7Extinction Lost (Short Story) 2017Description / Buy
8Extinction War 2017Description / Buy
9Extinction Red Line 2018Description / Buy

Order of Extinction Cycle: Dark Age Series

1Extinction Shadow 2019Description / Buy
2Extinction Inferno 2019Description / Buy
3Extinction Ashes 2019Description / Buy
4Extinction Darkness 2020Description / Buy

Order of E-Day Series

1E-Day 2021Description / Buy
2Burning Earth 2021Description / Buy

Order of Hell Divers Series

1Hell Divers 2017Description / Buy
2Ghosts 2017Description / Buy
3Deliverance 2018Description / Buy
4Wolves 2018Description / Buy
5Captives 2019Description / Buy
6Allegiance 2019Description / Buy
7Warriors 2020Description / Buy
8King of the Wastes 2021Description / Buy

Order of Orbs Series

1Orbs I 2013Description / Buy
2Solar Storms (Short Story) 2013Description / Buy
3Orbs II: Stranded 2014Description / Buy
4Orbs III: Redemption 2015Description / Buy
5White Sands and Red Sands 2018Description / Buy
6Orbs IV: Exodus 2018Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Orbs Series

1Orbs I2013Description / Buy
2Orbs II: Stranded2014Description / Buy
3Orbs III: Redemption2015Description / Buy
4Orbs IV: Exodus2018Description / Buy
5Solar Storms (Short Story)2013Description / Buy
6White Sands and Red Sands2018Description / Buy

Order of Sons of War Series

1Sons of War 2020Description / Buy
2Sons of War 2: Saints 2020Description / Buy
3Sons of War 3: Sinners 2021Description / Buy

Order of The Tisaian Chronicles Series

1The Biomass Revolution 2013Description / Buy
2Squad 19 2013Description / Buy
3A Royal Knight 2013Description / Buy

Order of Trackers Series

1Trackers 2017Description / Buy
2The Hunted 2017Description / Buy
3The Storm 2017Description / Buy
4The Damned 2018Description / Buy

Order of SNAFU Anthology Series

1SNAFU: An Anthology of Military Horror 2014Description / Buy
2SNAFU: Wolves at the Door 2015Description / Buy
3SNAFU: Future Warfare 2016Description / Buy
4SNAFU: Unnatural Selection 2016Description / Buy
5SNAFU: BLACK OPS 2016Description / Buy
6SNAFU: Resurrection 2018Description / Buy
7SNAFU: Last Stand 2019Description / Buy
8SNAFU: Medivac 2020Description / Buy
9SNAFU: Survival of the Fittest 2021Description / Buy
10SNAFU: Hunters 2021Description / Buy

Nicholas Sansbury Smith Anthologies

1 SNAFU: BLACK OPS2016Description / Buy
2 SNAFU: Black Ops2017Description / Buy
3 Mission from the Extinction Cycle Volume 12019Description / Buy
4 Missions from the Extinction Cycle Volume II2019Description / Buy
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The author was primarily deployed in the area of disaster mitigation. But a day came when he couldn’t put his passion for writing off anymore. Nicholas’ writing journey began in 2013.

It had taken the author more than half a decade to write ‘The Biomass Revolution’, his first novel. The book did poorly. For all the time he injected into writing it, the absence of any marketing on Nicholas’ part meant that no one ever read it.

But Nicholas did not give up. A trip to Mexico saw him encounter a beach event that had been decorated with numerous blue orb lights. The scene inspired Nicholas to write Orbs’, a book about an alien invasion.
Because Nicholas had determined to write seriously, he had the book ready for publishing by November of 2013. And this time things worked out great. It only took Nicholas a few months to sell several thousand copies of the novel.

And because he started out in indie publishing, Nicholas was ready to continue pursuing this field. Not only was he making it on his own as an indie writer but movie companies were reaching out and asking to buy the rights to the planned Orbs’ trilogy.

But then Orbs’, the first novel, got so big that Simon & Schuster, a traditional publishing firm came knocking. And after weighing the pros and cons, Nicholas Sansbury Smith went into business with them, becoming a traditionally published author.

Nicholas primarily writes post-apocalyptic fiction. The field appeals to him because Nicholas finds the idea of apocalyptic events that either destroy mankind or knock civilization back a few centuries highly terrifying.

Nicholas knows that the world is on a knife’s edge and that any one of several acts of random bad luck could destroy everything. Nicholas tries to bring these fears to life in his novels. He paints a picture of what life might be like after the world ends.

The author has also suggested that his former job as an Emergency Management officer might have programmed him to prepare for the worst. The role required Nicholas to imagine the worst possible scenarios that could happen and then plan accordingly.

Best Nicholas Sansbury Smith Books

Nicholas might have started out in Indie publishing but it did not take him long to draw the interest of mainstream audiences with his stories of dead futures and gloomy worlds, with some of the best books in the author’s bibliography including:

Extinction Age: Reed Beckham is a soldier. He leads the Ghost team, a special collection of warriors that have undertaken some of the most dangerous missions in the world. And Reed has always taken pride in the fact that he always brings all his men back home.

When Reed and his people are sent to check out a secretive facility, he knows that the mission won’t be routine.

But he is still caught off guard when he and his team encounter a virus that creates monsters.
It takes every skill Reed has to escape with his life. But by the time Reed gets back home, the virus has escaped into the world. Entire communities are falling left and right and if Reed and his team do not act quickly, the world just might end.

The Master Sergeant is told that there might be a way to stop the virus. He just has to protect the one person capable of making that happen. Reed must keep her alive at all costs. The future of the planet rests on his shoulders.

Trackers: Marcus Colton is a Police Chief. Sam Spears is a tracker. Marcus and Sam do not like one another. However, they are forced to put their issues aside when a young girl goes missing.

Competent as he is, Marcus knows that he does not have the skills to find one child in Rocky Mountain National Park. So he brings Sam into the fold. Their search quickly reveals that they might be on the trail of a madman.

Marcus and Sam must tread carefully. The world is changing before their very eyes. The United States has been crippled by an EMP attack. They need to achieve their objective before their country descends into chaos.

When Does The Next Nicholas Sansbury Smith book come out?

The next book by Nicholas Sansbury Smith is Burning Earth and will be released on November, 9th 2021. It is the newest book in the E-Day Series.

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