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Nicole Snow is an American USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller who writes romance novels. When she began experimenting with stories about alpha males to escape the politics in her office, she never expected her novels to strike a chord with so many people.

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12 Two Truths and a Marriage 2024 Description / Buy
13 Almost Pretend 2024 Description / Buy
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Snow credits her teachers for supporting her publishing dreams. One particular teacher was harsher than most but Snow has nothing but good things to say about her because she introduced the author to numerous literary classics and writing styles, not to mention showing her the importance of discipline.

Like many of her peers, Snow took her first steps toward publishing success when she fell in love with reading. Ten years later, she discovered the joy of penning stories. She looks forward to those moments when the right collection of words comes together perfectly on paper.

Unlike her traditionally published counterparts, the author doesn’t have the luxury of writing to her heart’s contents. She must find time in her day to complete the dozens of tasks associated with indie publishing.

Snow tries to set reasonable goals. She discourages aspiring authors from setting impossible deadlines because they inevitably lead to burnout, which can stunt one’s career.

The author tries to maintain a healthy schedule. Her day begins with coffee. Then she does some writing before taking a nice walk. She ends the day by watching her favorite Netflix shows or reading a good book.

Those hours of relaxation are vital because they allow her to recharge. Her fans won’t be surprised to learn that she primarily reads romance in her spare time. But she tries to mix things up by dipping her toes in other genres, such as horror and historical fiction.

She thinks aspiring writers should endeavor to read stories outside their comfort zone to hone their storytelling abilities. Just because you make your living by writing stories about love doesn’t mean you have nothing to learn from a heavy fantasy tome or a violent slasher.

Best Nicole Snow Books

The author has more niche historical texts on her shelves than her fans realize because she studied the subject in school. Her passion for history has never waned. She believes that the past has many lessons for modern-day readers to learn. As a storyteller, she also takes inspiration from the men and women who lived decades and centuries before she was born. Snow’s best books include:

One Bossy Proposal: Their relationship began on the worst possible footing. She was looking for a change, hence her determination to ace her interview for a marketing position. But she decided to stop at a coffee shop beforehand.

As fate would have it, she took the last cinnamon roll, and Lincoln Burns was far from happy. She couldn’t have cared less. But then she walked into her interview and encountered a startling development.

Lincoln owned the company she wanted to join. Getting the job was merely the first of many hurdles.

Lincoln was impossible to ignore. She’d never seen a hotter CEO. Not only were his pockets deep but Lincoln knew what he wanted and how to get it.

After what her ex had done, she was determined to keep him at arm’s length. In fact, her instincts told her to run. So why was she doing the opposite? Why had she accepted his ridiculous proposal? How come their fights kept morphing into steamy flattery?

Office Grump: Sabrina Bristol couldn’t stand Magnus. The graphic designer was barely surviving. She’d just been terminated from her job. Her Tinder date made things worse by standing her up. The 23-year-old was trying to raise her spirits when she bought a cinnamon latte and sat at a park bench.

But Magnus was seemingly determined to ruin her day. The insufferable CEO wanted her to move. Sabrina was getting in the way of his company’s photoshoot. Sabrina would have obliged if Magnus had asked nicely.

But instead, he took the rude approach and Sabrina reciprocated, giving him a piece of her mind. Things escalated when she splattered his expensive shoes with her coffee.

They should have gone their separate ways. But then, Magnus shocked Sabrina by hiring the girl as his executive assistant. From what she’d heard, no one stayed long in the position because Magnus was a slave driver.

Unfortunately, Sabrina was out of options. With her rent day looming, she accepted his offer, unaware of the shenanigans that would soon ensue.

When Does The Next Nicole Snow book come out?

Nicole Snow doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Almost Pretend and was released on April, 30th 2024.

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