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Paige Shelton is an American author that writes cozy mysteries. She had a nomadic childhood because her father was a football coach. The family was always moving.

Order of Alaska Wild Mysteries Series

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Order of Country Cooking School Mysteries Series

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Order of Scottish Bookshop Mysteries Series

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2 A Christmas Tartan (Short Story) 2016 Description / Buy
3 Of Books and Bagpipes 2017 Description / Buy
4 Lost Books and Old Bones 2018 Description / Buy
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6 The Stolen Letter 2020 Description / Buy
7 Deadly Editions 2021 Description / Buy
8 The Burning Pages 2022 Description / Buy
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The author has strong memories of some of the places they visited. For instance, Des Moines in Iowa stands out despite the humid climate because she started and finished high school in the city.

She also pursued journalism at Drake University. When she moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, after college, she had no intention of staying. Shelton was in Salt Lake City for an advertising job.

The last thing she expected was to meet the love of her life. The family loved every minute they spent in Utah. Although by the time Shelton’s son finished college, work had taken her to Missouri.

The author was 7 when she started writing. She remembers writing a four-line poem on the first page of a notebook covered with cigarette stickers. Shelton thought the poem was a masterpiece, and the author knew she was destined for a future in publishing because of the magnificent feeling writing had generated in her.

She couldn’t wait to entertain readers from all over the world with her stories. Although, she had no idea that it would take so much time and hard work to make that dream come true.

She envies writers that dreamed up amazing stories and became bestsellers literally overnight because her journey was more arduous. Initially, school, marriage, and her day job kept her distracted.

Finally, in 1997, she decided to make writing a priority. Her goal was to publish her first book by 1999 before Y2K ruined everything. But she failed to hit her deadline.

The author was passionate about the mystery genre. But she knew she needed guidance as a first-time author, and the only source of support she could find was the Romance Writers of America Utah Chapter.

Even though she did not read romance, Shelton tried to pivot into the genre. She started reading it in the hopes of learning the ins and outs of the genre and replicating what she saw.

But her manuscripts were a mess, filled with poorly crafted sex scenes. Shelton is not surprised that she attracted so many rejections. Her big break came when the internet started growing, and she discovered several helpful resources from editors and agents that revealed the workings of the publishing arena.

These blogs showed the author how to query an agent. The first agent she secured was a waste of time, and Shelton wishes she could have fired her sooner.

The second agent was much better. But it wasn’t until Jessica Faust came along that Shelton finally felt at home. The pair were a perfect match for one another. In fact, The Farmer’s Market Mystery series came out of a brainstorming session with Jessica.

Jessica sold the series to Berkley, paving the way for Shelton’s publishing career.

Best Paige Shelton Books

The author’s transition from romance to mystery was inevitable because she loves everything about the mystery genre, from the plotting to the planting of the red herrings. Shelton’s best books include:

The Cracked Spine: Delaney is excited about her trip to Edinburgh. Edwin MacAlister just offered her a job at The Cracked Spine. Delaney is excited to go because she wants an adventure.

But when she arrives, Delaney is caught off guard by the quirky personalities and attributes of her new Scottish family. She is also distracted by the bartender with piercing blue eyes from across the street.

When a precious artifact goes missing, and Edwin’s sister dies under mysterious circumstances, Delaney decides to investigate.

Of Books and Bagpipes: Delaney was happy in Edinburgh. She had a job she liked and a boss that trusted her. When Edwin tasked her with retrieving an Oor Wullie from a contact at Castle Dourne, Delaney was happy to oblige.

It gave her an excuse to enjoy the many sights the castle had to offer. But then her trip soured when she found the remains of Edwin’s contact. Someone murdered him.

Delaney tried to keep unsuspecting tourists away as she contacted the police. She also discovered the Oor Wullie, its pages torn. She doesn’t know why she hid the old Scottish comic under her jacket.
But now that she has it, Delaney must solve the mystery before the worst comes to pass.

When Does The Next Paige Shelton book come out?

The next book by Paige Shelton is Fateful Words and will be released on April, 4th 2023. It is the newest book in the Scottish Bookshop Mysteries Series.

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