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Patricia Briggs is an American author born in 1965. Briggs has always described her early life in Butte, Montana, where she was born, as being rather dull until she learned to read properly. Born to a children’s librarian, it wasn’t a surprise when Briggs inherited a love for books and reading. The author had a particular interest in Fairy Tales. She also gravitated towards books about horses, this before finally nurturing her interest in folklore and history.

Order of Mercedes Thompson Series

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2Blood Bound 2007Description / Buy
3Iron Kissed 2008Description / Buy
4Bone Crossed 2009Description / Buy
5Silver Borne 2010Description / Buy
6River Marked 2011Description / Buy
7Frost Burned 2013Description / Buy
8Night Broken 2014Description / Buy
9Fire Touched 2016Description / Buy
10Silence Fallen 2017Description / Buy
11Storm Cursed 2019Description / Buy
12Smoke Bitten 2020Description / Buy

Order of Mercedes Thompson Collections

1Shifting Shadows 2014Description / Buy

Order of Mercedes Thompson Graphic Novels

1Homecoming 2009Description / Buy
2Moon Called, Volume 1 2010Description / Buy
3Moon Called, Volume 2 (Short Story) 2010Description / Buy
4Hopcross Jilly 2015Description / Buy

Order of Alpha and Omega Series

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Chronological Order of Alpha and Omega Series

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2Cry Wolf2008Description / Buy
3Hunting Ground2009Description / Buy
4Fair Game2012Description / Buy
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Order of Sianim Series

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2Steal the Dragon 1995Description / Buy
3When Demons Walk 1998Description / Buy
4Wolfsbane 2010Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Sianim Series

1Masques1993Description / Buy
2Wolfsbane2010Description / Buy
3Steal the Dragon1995Description / Buy
4When Demons Walk1998Description / Buy

Order of Patricia Briggs Standalone Novels

1The Hob's Bargain 2001Description / Buy

Order of Snow White, Blood Red Anthology Series

1Snow White, Blood Red 1993Description / Buy
2Black Thorn, White Rose 1994Description / Buy
3Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears 1995Description / Buy
4Black Swan, White Raven 1997Description / Buy
5Silver Birch, Blood Moon 1999Description / Buy
6Black Heart, Ivory Bones 2000Description / Buy

Patricia Briggs Anthologies

1 On the Prowl2007Description / Buy
2 Wolfsbane and Mistletoe2008Description / Buy
3 Strange Brew2009Description / Buy
4 Naked City: Tales of Urban Fantasy2011Description / Buy
5 Down These Strange Streets2011Description / Buy
6 The Urban Fantasy Anthology2011Description / Buy
7 Home Improvement: Undead Edition2011Description / Buy
8 Magic City: Recent Spells2014Description / Buy
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Being steeped in folklore, Patricia Briggs naturally gravitated towards fantasy when she first began writing. She first began experimenting with the literary arena in 1990, with her first novel (Masques) finally coming out in 1993. While fantasy was always her genre of choice, her editor eventually urged her to give urban fantasy a try, primarily because the arena was experiencing considerable growth at the time. This is where books like Moon Called, which became a USA Today Bestseller, came from.

Patricia Briggs has degrees in History and German. She graduated from Montana State University and, at one point, worked as a substitute teacher.

Patricia Briggs Awards

Whether you love or hate Patricia Briggs as an author, her work has garnered a lot of popularity over a relatively short period of time, and the recognition and awards she has received as a result prove as much, this including the 2009 RT Reviewers Choice Award (Urban Fantasy Novel).

She was also a 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 RT Book Reviews Top Pick. The author has also been nominated for accolades like the Endeavor Award in 2015 and the Sapphire Awards.

Best Patricia Briggs Books

There are a lot of opinions surrounding Patricia Briggs’ work; while some think her edgy and unique, others have dismissed her work as being fluffy and generic. Whatever the opinion, these are the books people tend to elevate when talking about the best Patricia Briggs Books:

Moon Called: Most people know that Mercedes ‘Mercy’ Thompson is a talented Volkswagen mechanic. Most people also know that Mercy lives in the Tri-Cities area of Washington Most people do not know that Mercy is a magical being.

Mercy is a walker, an individual with the power to change her shape into that of a coyote. If that wasn’t crazy enough, Mercy’s next door neighbor is a werewolf, and her former boss is a gremlin.

And you cannot ignore the fact that she is fixing a bus for a vampire. Few people live in a world as wild as Mercy Thompson, and it is a world eerily similar to our own, but populated by creatures that go bump in the night.

And for Mercy, things are about to get a whole lot more complicated.

Marking Brigg’s initial foray into the realm of Urban fantasy, you will find a lot of people complaining about the faults of this book; what makes those complaints interesting is the fact that the readers in question almost always admit to loving the book regardless of its many faults.

The novel’s cover has received a lot of flak for being generic and uninspired; the world is pretty standard, typical of the Urban Fantasy Genre. The male characters in the story are not as nuanced as they should be, most of them quick to dismiss women as a whole and often driven to violence by the slightest of provocations.

None the less, here is where Patricia Briggs shines. Her book still manages to entertain her readers; and, in a way, it seems to drag even those haters of Urban Fantasy into the genre. One reason for this book’s success is Mercy, a strong character who isn’t irrationally strong but still stands tall.

Iron Kissed: As a walker, Mercy Thompson is a Mechanic with the power to change her shape. However, her loyalties have always stayed true. When her former boss and mentor is thrown behind bars by his own kind, Mercy will stop at nothing to clear his name, even in the face of his own resistance to her efforts.

However, with her loyalty under so much pressure from every possible direction, accomplishing her task will not be easy.

Patricia Briggs’ first true Urban Fantasy Novel “Moon Called” might have elicited a lot of complaints, but she clearly seems to have learned her lesson because all subsequent novels have improved by leaps and bounds, with Iron Kissed being one of the most impressive.

Briggs fills the book to the brim with tension in unexpected ways even while throwing some truly jaw-dropping shockers into the mix. And the characters are never compromised throughout. You can see from this book that Patricia Briggs is completely at home in the Urban Fantasy Genre.

When Does The Next Patricia Briggs book come out?

Patricia Briggs doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Wild Sign and was released on March, 16th 2021. It is the newest book in the Alpha and Omega Series.

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