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Paul Cleave is a famous writer, whose work has continued to receive recognition and praise throughout the world. Originally, Paul Cleave is from New Zealand. However, he loves to spend his time in Christchurch his home city and Europe as well. Cleave was awarded the prestigious Saint Mur award, in France and was also shortlisted for an Edgar and Barry Award as well. Furthermore, Paul Cleave was also shortlisted for another award, the Ned Kelly Award. Throughout the years, Paul Cleave has continued to display his mastery in the crime genre, and his novels have been sold throughout the world, something that is not easily achievable. Cleave’s work has been translated into more than 15 different languages. Despite the fact that Paul Cleave is normally busy working on new projects, he still finds time to spend on the tennis court or the golf course. Cleave also loves to travel, and he is currently a list of new places and countries where he has thrown Frisbees.

Order of Cleaner Series

1The Cleaner 2006Description / Buy
2Joe Victim 2013Description / Buy

Order of Theodore Tate Series

1Cemetery Lake 2008Description / Buy
2Collecting Cooper 2011Description / Buy
3The Laughterhouse 2012Description / Buy

Order of Paul Cleave Standalone Novels

1The Killing Hour 2007Description / Buy
2Blood Men 2010Description / Buy
3Five Minutes Alone 2014Description / Buy
4Trust No One 2015Description / Buy
5A Killer Harvest 2017Description / Buy
6Whatever It Takes 2020Description / Buy
7The Quiet People 2021Description / Buy
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Paul Cleave Awards

Paul Cleave is the recipient of the Ngaio Marsh Award and Saint Mur Book Festival Award. Cleave has also been nominated for a Barry Award and an Edgar Award as well.

Paul Cleave Books into Movies

None of the books by Paul Cleave has been adapted for a screenplay.

Best Paul Cleave Books

The Cleaner: This is Paul Cleave’s debut novel, and Random House published it. Once the novel was released, The Cleaner attained commercial success. It became an international bestseller, with more than 500,000 copies being sold throughout the world being sold in different countries. The Cleaner was one of the top-selling novel in Germany on Amazon. The story revolves around a character, who is known as Joe, who works in a police department as a janitor. The story begins to unfold when a serial killer known as the Christchurch Carver, a killer who is believed to be behind the killing of seven women.

Joe is exceedingly aware that the killer is behind the killing of six people and is even more than determined to find out who killed the seventh person. Apart from Joe, the story also has several other notable characters such as Joe’s mother and his colleague. The colleague wants to fill his brother’s shoes by placing him in them. The Cleaner is an exceeding crime novel that has been infused with a dark side.

The novel has also been contrived with a mix of humor, which it turn allows the novel to stand out from all the conventional novels in this genre. Paul Cleave is also widely known as the creator of Theodore Tate, an exceedingly talented detective, and an ex-policeman.

Cemetery Lake: This is the first installment in the Tate book series, where the protagonist who is a detective begins by first showing his class by revealing a crime, which is going to haunt his past. The Cemetery Lake was initially published in the year 2008, in New Zealand and went ahead to become an exceedingly popular choice among a majority of crime readers throughout the world. Despite the fact that the author explored the dark side of the human nature in his book, the Cemetery Lake mixes a rich sense of humor as the story continues to unfold. Paul Cleave also tries to depict a universal struggle, in Cemetery Lake, which in turn reflects the inner battle that an individual faces. Some of the other novels in the Tate book series include the Laughter House, published in the year 2012, Five Minutes Alone published in the year 2014 and Collecting Cooper published in the year 2011.

All of these novels in the Tate book series tell the stories where one Theodore Tate was forced to catch the perpetrator from a strong sense of ethics. Furthermore, in many of the cases, the story forced him to. Joe Victim is Paul Cleave’s seventh novel, which was published in the year 2013. Once the novel was released, it began to draw a lot of attention because Joe Victim is directly connected to the author’s first novel, The Cleaner. Cleave is an internationally accepted and recognized author, is a clear proof that his books will not entertain people from within a specific cultural setting. They are only good for the readers who love to read about crime mystery novels. With that said, Paul Cleave is a well-established author, who has proven his writing prowess throughout the years.

When Does The Next Paul Cleave book come out?

Paul Cleave doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Quiet People and was released on April, 8th 2021.

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