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Paul Tremblay is an American author that writes horror. Born in 1971 in Aurora, Colorado, Tremblay attended the University of Vermont from where he acquired a Master’s in Mathematics. This was after securing his bachelor’s degree from Providence College.

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3 A Head Full of Ghosts 2015 Description / Buy
4 Disappearance at Devil's Rock 2016 Description / Buy
5 The Cabin at the End of the World 2018 Description / Buy
6 Survivor Song 2020 Description / Buy

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2 In the Mean Time 2010 Description / Buy
3 Growing Things and Other Stories 2019 Description / Buy

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1 The Harlequin and the Train 2009 Description / Buy

Paul Tremblay Anthologies

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1 Phantom 2009 Description / Buy
2 Creatures: Thirty Years of Monsters 2011 Description / Buy
3 The New Black 2014 Description / Buy
4 The Children of Old Leech: A Tribute to the Carnivorous Cosmos of Laird Barron 2014 Description / Buy
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Before kickstarting his writing career, the author worked at a factory in Salem during his college days and as a high school teacher following his graduation. He also coached the basketball team at a private school in Boston.

Tremblay’s big break as a writer came in 2015 when Stephen King praised his novel ‘A Head Full of Ghosts’ for scaring him. This was significant because King has written some of the most frightening horror novels in the publishing arena.

As a child, Paul Tremblay had no interest in books. He was familiar with some of the classics but only because he was a good student that made it a point to read every book his teachers assigned to him.

However, he was more interested in sports. And because he had no interest in reading, the author was just as disinterested in writing. As a high school student, a bout of scoliosis forced Tremblay to stay home. To pass the time, he discovered and attempted to read Stephen King’s ‘IT’.

However, this wasn’t Tremblay’s turning point. Stephen King’s work wasn’t new to the writer. He knew that King was a superstar in the horror arena. As such, he understood that ‘IT’, one of King’s most popular novels, was designed to scare its readers.

And yet, the amount of fear it instilled in Tremblay surprised him. He couldn’t make it past the first few chapters. In fact, he went so far as to throw the book across the room. This should have marked the end of Tremblay’s experimentation with publishing and horror in particular.

But then he grew up, went to college, and met the woman that would eventually become his wife. She recommended King’s ‘The Stand’ to the writer. Not only did Tremblay read the book to completion but he went on to consume King’s entire bibliography.

With his love for reading finally ignited, the temptation to write fiction followed. The author was 24 when he wrote his first short story. While he enjoyed the process of writing the story, it never saw the light of day because he wrote it on an old word processor and he forgot to back it up.

Once he lost the story, which was the longest he had ever written, he had no way of retrieving it. But this hurdle barely slowed him down. If anything, it gave him the impetus to write even more stories, eventually producing ‘King Bee’. It was the first short story he sold, and it wasn’t the last.

Influenced by writers like Kurt Vonnegut, Tremblay started churning out short stories and full-length novels, slowly and steadily making a name for himself among horror enthusiasts. His career was already on the upswing when King made him a star by praising his work on Twitter.

Paul Tremblay Awards

Tremblay won the Bram Stoker Prize in 2015. He also received a World Fantasy Award nomination in 2016.

Best Paul Tremblay Books

Tremblay decided to enter the horror genre because every time he sat down to write a story, it would always take a dark turn. This told him that his talents were best utilized within the horror genre. Some of Tremblay’s best books include:

A Head Full of Ghosts: Marjorie’s parents thought she was schizophrenic. However, the doctors couldn’t prevent her mental deterioration. Her father was out of work, so he couldn’t afford the medical bills. With Marjorie’s sickness unleashing mysterious horrors in their home, the family was forced to secure the services of a priest who, in turn, invited a film crew to document an attempted exorcism.

Years later, Merry, Marjorie’s younger sister who was just eight at the time, reveals the secrets that the public never saw when they watched ‘The Possession’, the reality show that chronicled her family’s tragedy.

The Cabin at the End of the World: Wen’s life was normal. The seven-year-old was on vacation at a remote cabin with her parents when she met Leonard. The stranger was large but friendly. They started talking. Wen had no reason to suspect Leonard’s motives. But then Leonard’s friends came and Wen learned that she was expected to save the world.

When Does The Next Paul Tremblay book come out?

Paul Tremblay doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Survivor Song and was released on July, 7th 2020.