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An Englishwoman with a soft spot for horses and fowl, Philippa Gregory was born in January 1954. Gregory’s place of birth is Nairobi upon Kenya. She is presently domiciled in Yorkshire. Other than writing, Gregory is a lobbyist, TV broadcaster, and radio hostess. She is also a reviewer and her articles have appeared in many publications, including American dailies LA Times and The Washington Post. Gregory is not only a reputable historian but also renowned for her donations to poor African regions.

Order of Plantagenet and Tudor Series

1The Other Boleyn Girl 2001Description / Buy
2The Queen's Fool 2003Description / Buy
3The Virgin's Lover 2004Description / Buy
4The Constant Princess 2005Description / Buy
5The Boleyn Inheritance 2006Description / Buy
6The Other Queen 2008Description / Buy
7The White Queen 2009Description / Buy
8The Red Queen 2010Description / Buy
9The Lady of the Rivers 2011Description / Buy
10The Kingmaker's Daughter 2012Description / Buy
11The White Princess 2013Description / Buy
12The King's Curse 2014Description / Buy
13The Taming of the Queen 2015Description / Buy
14Three Sisters, Three Queens 2016Description / Buy
15The Last Tudor 2017Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Plantagenet and Tudor Series

1The Lady of the Rivers2011Description / Buy
2The White Queen2009Description / Buy
3The Red Queen2010Description / Buy
4The Kingmaker's Daughter2012Description / Buy
5The White Princess2013Description / Buy
6The Constant Princess2005Description / Buy
7The King's Curse2014Description / Buy
8Three Sisters, Three Queens2016Description / Buy
9The Other Boleyn Girl2001Description / Buy
10The Boleyn Inheritance2006Description / Buy
11The Taming of the Queen2015Description / Buy
12The Queen's Fool2003Description / Buy
13The Virgin's Lover2004Description / Buy
14The Last Tudor2017Description / Buy
15The Other Queen2008Description / Buy

Order of Cousins' War Series

1The White Queen 2009Description / Buy
2The Red Queen 2010Description / Buy
3The Lady of the Rivers 2011Description / Buy
4The Kingmaker's Daughter 2012Description / Buy
5The White Princess 2013Description / Buy
6The King's Curse 2014Description / Buy

Order of Tudor Court Series

1The Other Boleyn Girl 2001Description / Buy
2The Queen's Fool 2003Description / Buy
3The Virgin's Lover 2004Description / Buy
4The Constant Princess 2005Description / Buy
5The Boleyn Inheritance 2006Description / Buy
6The Other Queen 2008Description / Buy
7The Taming of the Queen 2015Description / Buy
8Three Sisters, Three Queens 2016Description / Buy

Order of Fairmile Series

1Tidelands 2019Description / Buy
2Dark Tides 2020Description / Buy

Order of Order Of Darkness Series

1Changeling 2012Description / Buy
2Stormbringers 2013Description / Buy
3Fools' Gold 2014Description / Buy
4Dark Tracks 2018Description / Buy

Order of Tradescant Series

1Earthly Joys 1998Description / Buy
2The Virgin Earth 1999Description / Buy

Order of Wideacre Series

1Wideacre 1987Description / Buy
2The Favored Child 1989Description / Buy
3Meridon 1990Description / Buy

Order of Philippa Gregory Standalone Novels

1Mrs. Hartley and the Growth Centre / Alice Hartley's Happiness 1992Description / Buy
2A Respectable Trade 1992Description / Buy
3The Wise Woman 1992Description / Buy
4Fallen Skies 1993Description / Buy
5Perfectly Correct 1996Description / Buy
6The Little House 1996Description / Buy
7Midlife Mischief 1998Description / Buy
8Zelda's Cut 2000Description / Buy

Order of Philippa Gregory Short Story Collections

1Bread and Chocolate 2000Description / Buy

Order of The Princess Rules Series

1The Princess Rules 2020Description / Buy
2It’s a Prince Thing 2021Description / Buy
3The Mammoth Adventure 2021Description / Buy

Order of Philippa Gregory Children's Books

1A Pirate Story (Short Story) 1999Description / Buy

Order of Philippa Gregory Non-Fiction Books

1The Women of the Cousins' War 2011Description / Buy

Philippa Gregory Anthologies

1 The Women Writers' Handbook2020Description / Buy
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A highly educated woman, Philippa Gregory went to the Brighton-based University of Sussex for her undergraduate studies wherein she pursued history. For her doctoral studies, Gregory attended the University of Edinburg wherein her doctoral degree relating to Eighteenth century literature. Gregory is the recipient of an honorary degree that was proffered by the Middlesbrough-based Teeside University.

According to penwoman Philippa Gregory, her occupation as a historian augured well for her awareness of the Tudor era—this is the duration from 1485 and 1603— and prompted her to start writing novels. As such, Gregory debuted in 1987 and her debut book, which is titled Wideacre, was written while studying for her PhD.

Incidentally, Philippa Gregory’s niche is particularly romance, literature, and fiction, especially historical fiction. There are a number of book series in Philippa Gregory’s bibliography. Her bibliography consists of a duology, two trilogies, tetralogy, sextet, octalogy, and a 15-book literary series.

Philippa Gregory’s most notable novel series consists of fifteen books. The said series is a synthesis of two other series, The Cousin’s War series alongside Tudor Court series; both series have since been repackaged as Plantagenet and Tudor Novels.

There are as much as 109 editions of Philippa Gregory’s earliest book in The Tudor Court series. It is worth noting that the earliest book is listed as the third in The Tudor Court series and the ninth installment in the larger series. The first edition was initially published in 2001, titled The Other Boleyn Girl; and this book is shelved under the fiction (notably historical fiction subgenre) and romance genres.

The main character in Philippa Gregory’s book is named Mary Boleyn. Generally, the book’s plot is fictitious, though Gregory’s character Mary Boleyn is modeled on the real-life Lady Mary who lived during the King Kenry VIII’s era. The king’s mistress, she was born circa 1500 and passed away in 1543. She had a sibling named Anne Boleyn. Initially, Mary is an innocent teenager but she rolls with the punches and grows up.

Philippa Gregory’s book, The Other Boleyn, is all about Henry’s love affairs, particularly when he falls in love with two siblings, one after another. Henry’s first lover is Mary and, after their love runs out of steam, Henry leaves her for her sibling Anne. Worse still, Henry instructs Mary to coach Anne to ensure that the transition is smooth. The book’s title denotes the statement used to refer to Mary and different her from her Anne after the former falls from grace. But Mary resolves to stand up for her interests and it segues into an intriguing quest for supremacy in this award-winning book.

Philippa Gregory Awards

Novelist Philippa Gregory has clinched these literary prizes. In 2002, Gregory clinched RoNA’s Award. In 2009, she was nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award, in the Fiction category; in both cases, it was as a result of her 2001 book The Other Boleyn Girl. In 2006, Philippa Gregory bagged the RT Award, in the Best Historical Fiction category, thanks to her 2006 named The Boleyn Inheritance. Gregory’s 2015 book titled The Taming of the Queen clinched the Reader’s Choice Book Awards, in the Best Historical Saga. In 2016, Philippa Gregory got Harrogate Festival Award for her commendable efforts in advancing historical fiction.

Philippa Gregory Books into Movies and T/V Shows

Philippa Gregory’s work has been adapted for the silver screen. For instance, Gregory’s book The Other Boleyn Girl has a similarly titled 2008 film, starring Scarlett Johansson (portraying Mary Boleyn) and Natalie Portman (appearing as Anne Boleyn). Gregory’s 2009 novel titled The White Queen was made into a TV series that first aired in 2013; the starring is Rebecca Ferguson who plays Elizabeth Woodville’s role.

Best Philippa Gregory Books

Read on the three best books in Philippa Gregory’s bibliography. The first is The Other Boleyn Girl—has already been discussed.

The Boleyn Inheritance It is about three women whose relationships with the royalty inconveniences them, oftentimes leading to their deaths.

The Taming of the Queen: It is about a tricenarian widow, Kateryn Parr, who must marry widower King Henry VIII despite the fact that he has killed several of his previous wives in quick succession.

Other Book Series You May Like

Readers who liked Philippa Gregory’s works also liked these novel series. Jean Plaidy’s 11-book series, “Queens of England” series, is a fictitious account of the various queens that have reigned in England, ranging from their strengths and weaknesses to the people’s perception of them. Kate Quinn’s tetralogy, “The Empress of Rome”, is set in ancient Rome; it is about Roman Empire-era royals’ aspirations amid challenges. Sandra Gulland’s trilogy, “Josephine Bonaparte” series, revolves around a one-time spouse of Napoleon Bonaparte and ranges from her influence to shortcomings.

When Does The Next Philippa Gregory book come out?

Philippa Gregory doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Mammoth Adventure and was released on September, 30th 2021. It is the newest book in the The Princess Rules Series.

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