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Author Randy Wayne White started writing novels while he worked as a fishing guide, and produced almost twenty novels during this time. The federal government closed the bay that he worked to powerboat traffic, and so White decided to work at writing full time (he also wanted to adventure). Randy Wayne White was born in the year 1950.

Order of Doc Ford Mystery Series

# Read Title Published
1 Sanibel Flats 1990
2 The Heat Islands 1992
3 The Man Who Invented Florida 1993
4 Captiva 1996
5 North of Havana 1997
6 The Mangrove Coast 1998
7 Ten Thousand Islands 2000
8 Shark River 2001
9 Twelve Mile Limit 2002
10 Everglades 2003
11 Tampa Burn 2004
12 Dead of Night 2005
13 Dark Light 2006
14 Hunter's Moon 2007
15 Black Widow 2008
16 Dead Silence 2009
17 Deep Shadow 2010
18 Night Vision 2011
19 Chasing Midnight 2012
20 Night Moves 2012
21 Bone Deep 2014
22 Cuba Straits 2015
23 Deep Blue 2016
24 Mangrove Lightning 2017

Order of Hawker Series

# Read Title Published
1 Florida Firefight 1984
2 L.A. Wars 1984
3 Chicago Assault 1984
4 Deadly in New York 1984
5 Houston Attack 1985
6 Vegas Vengeance 1985
7 Detroit Combat 1985
8 Terror in D.C. 1986
9 Denver Strike 1986
10 Atlanta Extreme 1986
11 Operation Norfolk 1986

Order of Dusky MacMorgan Series

# Read Title Published
1 Key West Connection 1981
2 The Deep Six 1981
3 Cuban Death-Lift 1981
4 The Deadlier Sex 1981
5 Assassin's Shadow 1981
6 Everglades Assault 1982
7 Grand Cayman Slam 1982

Order of Hannah Smith Series

# Read Title Published
1 Gone 2012
2 Deceived 2013
3 Haunted 2014
4 Seduced 2016

Order of Randy Wayne White Non-Fiction Books

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White travels a lot and has done a lot of things like dog sledding in Alaska, ferrying Cuban refugees to safety, and helping to restart Little League baseball in Cuba. He has even been shot at, been stabbed, and was a hotel that he was in blew up by a group of anarchists while he was in Peru. White has worked a lot of odd jobs in his life, after skipping college and leaving home at sixteen. He has been a telephone lineman, a farmhand, he worked in a brass and iron foundry.

When he first started writing the “Doc Ford” novels, he worked with a publisher that he felt did not properly pay him, promote him or his first three novels and so he left at the end of his contract. His next novel was published with better terms. White has been a resident of Southwest Florida and is active in civil affairs in the area (he is co-founder of the local Big Brothers in South Florida) and with the restaurant called Doc Ford’s Sanibel Rum Bar & grill.

White writes the “Doc Ford” series and the “Hannah Smith” series, and has written some non fiction as well. He has also contributed to periodicals and wrote “Gift of the Game”, an award winning documentary, with Bill Haney. He has written novels under the names Randy Striker and Carl Ramm. His novels have found their way onto the New York Times Bestseller lists.


White has won a John D. MacDonald Award for Literary Excellence. He has also been awarded a Conch Republic Prize for Literature, and “Sanibel Flats” has been placed on a list compiled by Independent Mystery Booksellers Association that listed their hundred favorite mysteries of the twentieth century.


For those looking to get into Randy Wayne White’s work, this next section will help with that. It will look at the novels: “Deep Blue”, “The Heat Islands”, and “Gone”.

Deep Blue: This is the twenty-third novel “Doc Ford” series that came out in the year 2016. Doc Ford, former secret operative and marine biologist watches a video of someone wearing a hood kill three hostages. It is an American man who is working for ISIS, and in the coming days, Ford must make sure that the man does not kill anyone ever again. It proves to be tricky than he first realized and brings complications back to the island with him upon his return. The island that is full of lovers, friends, boaters, and guides where Doc calls home. Some has taken what Ford has done personally and will try to make him pay for it.

The Heat Islands: This is the first novel “Doc Ford” series that came out in the year1992. Former secret operative and marine biologist Doc Ford is out looking for sea anemones in Southwest Florida’s flat copper sea, but gets more than he bargains for when he finds the most hated man’s body on Sanibel Island, who is named Marvin Rios. The sweetest and simplest resident the island has is arrested for the crime, making Doc go into the dark parts of the island to save his friend from being framed for the crime. Not to mention saving the island from many nasty things like schemes to steal land, blood money, and violence.

Gone: This is the first novel “Hannah Smith” series that came out in the year 2012. Hannah Smith is a strong, Florida woman who is tall and formidable; she is the latest in her family that come from a long line of strong Florida women. She is known, by her friends, as a resourceful women with a sharp sense of justice, and a woman who will not be pushed around, so they come to her with their problems. She works by day as a fishing guide. Her methods are unorthodox at times, and some do not like the way she operates and react accordingly. She is asked to find a missing girl and does so.