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Bestselling author that made quite a splash with The Last Templar, his debut novel. With millions of copies of his books sold, the author has always had a thing for the creative arts. In fact, Raymond started out as a Screenwriter. And he was quite successful, participating in the production of hit shows like the Walking Dead and Spooks.

Order of Last Templar Series

1The Last Templar 2006Description / Buy
2The Templar Salvation 2010Description / Buy
3The Devil's Elixir / Second Time Around 2011Description / Buy
4Rasputin's Shadow 2013Description / Buy
5The End Game 2016Description / Buy

Order of Last Templar Graphic Novels

1The Encoder (Short Story) 2006Description / Buy
2The Knight in the Crypt (Short Story) 2012Description / Buy
3The Sunken Church (Short Story) 2017Description / Buy
4The Falcon Temple (Short Story) 2017Description / Buy
5The Devil's Handiwork (Short Story) 2018Description / Buy
6The One-Armed Knight (Short Story) 2018Description / Buy

Order of Raymond Khoury Standalone Novels

1The Sanctuary 2007Description / Buy
2The Sign 2009Description / Buy
3The Ottoman Secret / Empire of Lies 2019Description / Buy

Order of Linwood Barclay Short Stories/Novellas with Linwood Barclay

1Pit Stop: Sean Reilly vs. Glen Garber (Short Story) ( With: Linwood Barclay) 2015Description / Buy
2Jacket Man (Short Story) ( By: Linwood Barclay) 2016Description / Buy

Order of Raymond Khoury Short Stories/Novellas with Linwood Barclay

1Pit Stop: Sean Reilly vs. Glen Garber (Short Story) ( With: Linwood Barclay) 2015Description / Buy

Raymond Khoury Anthologies

1 No Rest for the Dead2011Description / Buy
2 FaceOff2014Description / Buy
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Born in 1960 in Lebanon and having moved to New York as a teenager to escape the Civil War in 1975, Raymond’s skill as a screenwriter shows in his work. The author has been repeatedly commended for writing books that are very cinematic. The intensity of his writing style allows him to stand apart from many of his peers.

The Last Templar, the book that put Raymond Khoury on the map, actually started out as a screenplay. Raymond had it in his mind to make a film out of the concept in 1996. However, a literary agent convinced the author otherwise, suggesting that the screenplay lent itself better to a novel. Not only did this book agent push Raymond to produce the novel but a publisher from New York went so far as to offer him an advance of five hundred thousand dollars to get the book written.

The offer was tantalizing. However, the publisher had a few conditions. He wanted Raymond to eliminate all the religious aspects of the book, replacing them with more exciting components like diamonds and treasure. Most authors would have taken the deal. But Raymond isn’t most authors. He turned the offer down, though only after careful thought. And the decision paid off. Not only did Raymond Khoury eventually get the book published some ten years later, but he kept the religious components, not convinced that they were as boring as the New York Publisher had suggested.

Raymond primarily writes thrillers, the kind that delves into politics, religion and conspiracies. The author does extensive research for his books.

Raymond Khoury Books into Movies

The Last Templar, Raymond’s first novel, was turned into a miniseries by NBC. It aired in two parts in 2009 and it took many liberties, changing the personalities of some characters as well as the roles they play in each others’ lives, shuffling some events around and altering the manner in which they took place.

The Last Templar Miniseries wasn’t well received in Turkey, eliciting criticism for the anomalous manner in which it represented the country’s geography.

Best Raymond Khoury Books

Raymond Khoury has been compared to Dan Brown on a number of occasions; however, one would be hard pressed to successfully accuse Raymond of copying Brown’s style, with some of the best books from the author including:

The Last Templar: The City of Acre was taken in 1291, but not before a templar and his companions smuggled a mysterious package out to sea.

The Opening of the Treasures of the Vatican exhibit at the Metropolitan Art Museum falls into chaos when four men in the uniform of Templar Knights storm the blacktie event and begin to cut through the crowd, determined to claim their prize.

Tess Chaykin is an archeologist at the ceremony. She sees one of the knights take hold of a strange device from the exhibit and whisk it away along with his fellow knights. Once the FBI arrives, Specialist Sean Reilly is assigned the task of solving the mystery of the knights.

With the help of Tess, Reilly begins to unravel the secrets of the Templar knights.

This Raymond Khoury book thrusts readers into a mystery surrounding the final days of the Knights Templar. An archaeologist and an FBI agent try to get to the bottom of a mystery involving a secret guarded by the Templar knights in the modern day.

This book has been repeatedly compared to the Da Vinci Code.

The Templar Salvation: While armies sought to lay Constantinople to waste in 1203, Templars were busy stealing into the imperial library and making away with a cache of important documents.

In the present, Sean Reilly is an FBI agent that decides to betray the trust of the Vatican by sneaking into the Pope’s Secret Archives. Reilly needs to find a document detailing the history of the Templar knights in order to save Tess.

The second book from Raymond Khoury finds Tess Chaykin kidnapped and FBI Agent Sean Reilly forced to break a few laws to save her. The bad guys have their sights set on early Christian documents that were omitted from Church canon.

When Does The Next Raymond Khoury book come out?

Raymond Khoury doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Ottoman Secret / Empire of Lies and was released on May, 30th 2019.


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