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Author Janet Quin-Harkin was born in the year 1941 in Bath, Somerset, and is known for writing mystery novels. Her work has found its way onto the New York Times Bestseller list. Quin-Harkin graduated from the University of London in 1963 and has worked for both Australian TV and BBC. Quin-Harkin comes from a family that is both English and Welsh. While working on a play that was not up to her liking, she decided that she would write one that she thought was better, and she showed it to the head of BBC drama, who liked it and told her they would produce it. This was where her writing career started, then she started writing picture books that were a big hit, and then she started writing young adult novels, which were also a hit.

Order of Sugar and Spice Series

# Read Title Published
1 Dear Cousin 1987
2 Flip Side 1987
3 Tug of War 1987
4 Two Girls, One Boy 1987
5 Trading Places 1987
6 The Last Dance 1987
7 Nothing in Common 1987
8 Surf's Up 1987
9 Double Take 1987
10 Big Sister 1988
11 Out in the Cold 1988
12 Blind Date 1988
13 It's My Turn 1988
14 Home Sweet Home 1988
15 Dream Come True 1988
16 Campus Cousins 1988
17 Roadtrip 1989
18 One Step Too Far 1989
19 Having a Ball 1989

Order of Her Royal Spyness Series

Order of Constable Evans Series

# Read Title Published
1 Evans Above 1997
2 Evan Help Us 1998
3 Evanly Choirs 1999
4 Evan and Elle 2000
5 Evan Can Wait 2001
6 Evans to Betsy 2002
7 Evan Only Knows 2003
8 Evan's Gate 2004
9 Evan Blessed 2005
10 Evanly Bodies 2006

Order of Heartbreak Cafe Series

# Read Title Published
1 No Experience Required 1989
2 The Main Attraction 1989
3 Catch of the Day 1989
4 At Your Service 1989
5 Love to Go 1990
6 Just Desserts 1990

Order of Rhys Bowen Picture Books Series

Order of True Love Series

# Read Title Published
1 Kiss and Lie 2001
2 Secrets 2001

Order of Full House Club Stephanie Series

# Read Title Published
1 Flamingo Revenge 1997
2 Fun, Sun, and Flamingoes 1997

Order of Sister, Sister Series

# Read Title Published
1 You Read My Mind 1994
2 One Crazy Christmas 1996
3 Cool in School 1996
4 He's All That 1997
5 Summer Daze 1997
6 Homegirl on the Range 1997
7 All Rapped Up 1997

Order of Love Stories Series

# Read Title Published
1 The Boy Next Door 1995
2 Who Do You Love? 1996
3 Torn Apart 1999

Order of TGIF Series

# Read Title Published
1 Sleepover Madness 1995
2 Four's a Crowd 1995
3 Forever Friday 1995
4 Toe-Shoe Trouble 1996
5 Secret Valentine 1996

Order of NBC Great Escapes Series

# Read Title Published
1 The Secrets of Lake Success 1993
2 Trade Winds 1993

Order of Rhys Bowen Standalone Novels

Order of Friends Series

Order of Molly Murphy Series

Order of Senior Year Series

# Read Title Published
1 Homecoming Dance 1991
2 New Year's Eve 1991
3 Night of the Prom 1992
4 Graduation Day 1992

Order of On Our Own Series

# Read Title Published
1 The Graduates 1986
2 The Trouble with Toni 1986
3 Out of Love 1986
4 Old Friends, New Friends 1986
5 Growing Pains 1986
6 Best Friends Forever 1986

Order of The Red Dragon Academy Series

# Read Title Published
1 Dreamwalker 2014

Order of Sweet Dreams Series

Order of The Boyfriend Club Series

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She then decided that she had run out of things to write about in the young adult section, and decided to devote her writing time to mystery novels. Quin Harkin uses her grandfather’s name as her nom de plume. At one time, she served as president for her chapter of Mystery Writers of America. She likes to sing, play her Celtic harp, spoil her grand kids, hike, paint, and travel around the world. She met her husband while in Australia working in broadcasting there, who was about to move to California. She has four kids with her husband and lives in California and Arizona.

Rhys Bowen is the pseudonym for the author Janet Quin-Harkin. She writes both under the pen name and under her own, but has written a lot less under her own name. She has written childrens books under her married name and mystery novels under her pen name. Rhys Bowen has three series that keep coming out and include: “Molly Murphy” series, “Lady Georgiana” series, and “Constable Evan Evans” series. She also pens the “Boyfriend Club” series that is meant for young adult readers. She has also written short stories, which includes one that won an Anthony Award.


She has won the Agatha Award twice, once for “Murphy’s Law” (best novel) and “Naughty in Nice” (best historical novel). She has also been nominated for many more, including an Edgar award, which is the highest prize in the mystery writing game.


For those readers looking to get into Rhys Bowen’s work, this section will help you get started with that. It will go over “Evans Above” and“Her Royal Spyness”.

Evans Above: This is the first novel in the “Constable Evan Evans” series that was released in the year 1997. Evan Evans is a young constable for the police who has traded city life for a life in an idyllic Welsh village called Llanfair. It looks to be forgotten by time, and not just nestled in Snowdonia mountain range. He finds quickly that there are some deadly and eccentric people living in this place. His neighbors are two ministers who are trying to sway some people to join their flock. There are Evans the Meat, Evans the Milk and Evans the Post (who enjoys reading the mail before delvering it), and a barmaid. Before he can settle in to things here, he is called to a murder that involves two hikers killed on the trails of a mountain.

Her Royal Spyness: This is the first novel in the “Lady Georgiana” series that was released in the year 2007. Her full name is Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie and she is the daughter of the Duke of Atholt and Rannoch. That being said, it does not change the important fact that she is broke. Georgiana has not been taught a lot of things in her time, except how to curtsey really well. Her position is only good enough for thirty-fourth in line for the throne. Her brother cuts her off, money wise; so she leaves Scotland, not to mention her fiance who has a fish like a face where she heads to London. She falls for a minor royal, works housekeeping (incognita) and behind a cosmetics counter (where she gets fired after only five hours). She is also ordered to spy on the Queen’s playboy of a son. A Frenchman (who would like to get his hands on the eight year old estate) dies in her bathtub. Her next task is to clear her name, and that of her family.