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Richard Marcinko full name Richard “Dick” Marcinko is an ex US Naval officer. He is famously the first commanding officer of “Red Cell” and “SEAL Team Six”, veteran of the Vietnam War, and NAVY SEAL commander. After serving many years in the US Navy, he retired to become a motivational speaker, military consultant, radio talk show host, and author.

Order of Rogue Warrior Series with John Weisman, Jim DeFelice

1Rogue Warrior 1992Description / Buy
2Red Cell 1994Description / Buy
3Green Team 1995Description / Buy
4Task Force Blue 1996Description / Buy
5Designation Gold 1997Description / Buy
6Seal Force Alpha 1998Description / Buy
7Option Delta 1998Description / Buy
8Echo Platoon 2000Description / Buy
9Detachment Bravo 2001Description / Buy
10Violence of Action 2002Description / Buy
11Vengeance 2005Description / Buy
12Holy Terror 2006Description / Buy
13Dictator's Ransom 2008Description / Buy
14Seize the Day 2009Description / Buy
15Domino Theory 2011Description / Buy
16Blood Lies 2012Description / Buy
17Curse of the Infidel 2014Description / Buy

Order of Richard Marcinko Non-Fiction Books

1Leadership Secrets of the Rogue Warrior 1996Description / Buy
2The Rogue Warriors Strategy for Success 1997Description / Buy
3The Real Team 1999Description / Buy
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Richard Marcinko is best known for the long-running “Rogue Warrior” series of novels that he has been writing since 1992. The first novel of the series was “Rogue Warrior”, which proved so popular that he followed it up with nearly twenty more titles in the still ongoing series.


Richard Marcinko writes some of the most appreciated war fiction novels. Some of his most popular novels include:

Rogue Warrior: One of the best novels of the “Rogue Warrior” series of novels through which Richard Marcinko made his name. The novel is a description of Marcinko’s life from his late teens, his decision to go to the American Navy, his training and working for the Underwater Demolitions crew. He talks about going to Vietnam on tour as a SEAL volunteer and also describes his experience over six months fighting in the Vietnam War.

The novel tells it like it is: it tells of highly motivated military men, how they train and fight enemies across the globe, attack at any time or place with any kind of weapon from the AK-47 right to the K-Bar knife. It tells of how persons go from nervous newbies to become seasoned veterans and warriors that never give up despite the odds. Telling of the secrets for Team Maintenance and Team selection, jumping from parachutes into deserts and jungles from Iraq to the Philippines, it is an excellent take of what it takes to become a Navy SEAL. It is a refreshing take on real missions and real men including the never quit aggression, loyalty, training, and team work mentality as seen through the eyes of a real special ops veteran.

Echo Platoon: The novel continues the great tradition of explosive thrills and nonstop action we have come to expect from Richard Marcinko. The Rogue Warrior has written a new set of rules to guide him in the dark world of special ops. When the times get dangerous, there are only one kind of people to call upon – dangerous men. The most dangerous man in the world is Captain Richard Marcinko aka the Rogue Warrior. The tiny nation of Azerbaijan that is under the Russian sphere of influence has recently been the target of destabilization and Marcinko needs to find out who is responsible.

The small nation has an abundance of oil riches that it intends to pipe to the West through a pipeline, and both Iran and Russia seem to be interested in controlling the oil. But there are undercover players that include the likes of Steve Sarkesian, an Armenian billionaire with shadowy ties to Iranian and Russian politicians. Taking his elite team of SEALs to Azerbaijan, Marcinko intends to crack heads and break rules if necessary to ensure justice for the people of Azerbaijan and American interests.

Seal Force Alpha: the Rogue Warrior is in the South China Sea taking a high altitude jump on a mission to scuttle a plan for shipping a dangerous cache of nuclear cargo. It is a take no prisoners operation that intends to leave no clue who was responsible. But once the team lands, Marcinko makes a shocking discovery – the ship is full of American made state-of-the-art control and command equipment. He cannot destroy the equipment with the knowledge he has, without consulting his superiors at DOD. But the officials in Washington are full of double deals and doublespeak except for chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Tom Crocker.

Crocker lets loose SEAL Force Alpha a Pentagon based unit to support Marcinko and his SEALs of War to fight and neutralize a tangled mess of betrayal, corruption, and political deceit that has roots right in the United States. The Chinese believe they are winning given their five millennia of military strategy, and a mole in the White House that has kept them informed of developments. But even with Sun Tzu and a traitor giving them the best of advice and information, they could not do anything to prepare themselves for the battering ram that is the SEAL teams of Marcinko and SEAL Force Alpha.

When Does The Next Richard Marcinko book come out?

Richard Marcinko doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Curse of the Infidel and was released on January, 7th 2014. It is the newest book in the Rogue Warrior Series.

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