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Rita Mae Brown is an American writer, who was born on 28th November 1944 in Hannover, Pennsylvania. Since her mother wasn’t married by the time she was born, Rita was left at an orphanage . She was later retrieved by her mother’s cousin known as Julia and her husband. She is known for both mystery and screenwriting. She is also a feminist and activist besides being a writer. She attended the University of Florida at Gainesville in 1962 through a scholarship.

Order of Mags Rogers Series

1A Nose for Justice 2010Description / Buy
2Murder Unleashed 2011Description / Buy

Order of Mrs. Murphy Series

1Wish You Were Here 1990Description / Buy
2Rest in Pieces 1992Description / Buy
3Murder at Monticello 1994Description / Buy
4Pay Dirt 1995Description / Buy
5Murder, She Meowed 1996Description / Buy
6Murder on the Prowl 1998Description / Buy
7Cat on the Scent 1999Description / Buy
8Pawing Through the Past 2000Description / Buy
9Claws and Effect 2001Description / Buy
10Catch as Cat Can 2002Description / Buy
11The Tail of the Tip-Off 2003Description / Buy
12Whisker of Evil 2004Description / Buy
13Cat's Eyewitness 2005Description / Buy
14Sour Puss 2006Description / Buy
15Puss 'n Cahoots 2007Description / Buy
16The Purrfect Murder 2008Description / Buy
17Santa Clawed 2008Description / Buy
18Cat of the Century 2010Description / Buy
19Hiss of Death 2011Description / Buy
20The Big Cat Nap 2012Description / Buy
21Sneaky Pie for President 2012Description / Buy
22The Litter of the Law 2013Description / Buy
23Nine Lives to Die 2014Description / Buy
24Tail Gait 2015Description / Buy
25Tall Tail 2016Description / Buy
26A Hiss Before Dying 2018Description / Buy
27Probable Claws 2018Description / Buy
28Whiskers in the Dark 2019Description / Buy
29Furmidable Foes 2020Description / Buy
30Claws for Alarm 2021Description / Buy

Order of Runnymede Series

1Six of One 1978Description / Buy
2Bingo 1988Description / Buy
3Loose Lips 1999Description / Buy
4The Sand Castle 2008Description / Buy
5Cakewalk 2016Description / Buy

Order of "Sister" Jane Series

1Outfoxed 2000Description / Buy
2Hotspur 2002Description / Buy
3Full Cry 2003Description / Buy
4The Hunt Ball 2005Description / Buy
5The Hounds and the Fury 2006Description / Buy
6The Tell-tale Horse 2007Description / Buy
7Hounded to Death 2008Description / Buy
8Fox Tracks 2012Description / Buy
9Let Sleeping Dogs Lie 2014Description / Buy
10Crazy Like a Fox 2017Description / Buy
11Homeward Hound 2018Description / Buy
12Scarlet Fever 2019Description / Buy
13Out of Hounds 2021Description / Buy

Order of Rita Mae Brown Standalone Novels

1Rubyfruit Jungle 1973Description / Buy
2In Her Day 1976Description / Buy
3Southern Discomfort 1982Description / Buy
4Sudden Death 1983Description / Buy
5High Hearts 1986Description / Buy
6Venus Envy 1993Description / Buy
7Dolley 1994Description / Buy
8Riding Shotgun 1996Description / Buy
9Alma Mater 2001Description / Buy

Order of Rita Mae Brown Collections

1Songs to a Handsome Woman 1973Description / Buy
2Poems 1987Description / Buy

Order of Rita Mae Brown Non-Fiction Books

1A Plain Brown Rapper 1976Description / Buy
2Starting from Scratch: A Different Kind of Writer's Manual 1988Description / Buy
3Rita Will: Memoir of a Literary Rabble-Rouser 1997Description / Buy
4Sneaky Pie's Cookbook for Mystery Lovers 1999Description / Buy
5Animal Magnetism: My Life with Creatures Great and Small 2009Description / Buy

Order of Rita Mae Brown Anthologies

1Hand That Cradles the Rock 1971Description / Buy

Rita Mae Brown Anthologies

1 Hand That Cradles the Rock1971Description / Buy
2 I'd Kill For That2004Description / Buy
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In 1964, she was one of those who took part in the civil rights movement and this made her be expelled by the racially segregated University’s administrator. Since she wanted to transfer to a more tolerant four-year institution, she decided to enroll at the Broward Community College. She later joined the New York University in 1964, where she graduated with a degree in Classics and English. Besides this, she also received a cinematography certificate from the New York school of Visual Arts. In 1976, she graduated from the Union institute & University with a ph. D in literature. Rita Mae Brown also attended the Institute for Policy in Washington, DC, where she got her doctorate in political science.

Her writing career began in 1973 when she wrote her pioneer novel known as “Rubefruit Jungle”. This is a novel that she is well-known for among other books. After this, she has written several books that have been classified under mysteries books, poetry, Novels and non-fictions. She has also written a series known as “Mrs. Murphy” that is made up of 25 books. All these books are available online where you can always read or buy the novels. Her latest book that was published in 2016 is known as “Tail Gait”, which is part of the series.

Rita Mae Brown Awards

Rita Mae Brown has won several awards in her career as a writer. She was a nominee of the Emmy for Outstanding Writing for “I Love Liberty” in a variety of music programs in 1982. Besides this, she was also the 27th Lambda Literary Awards winner of the Pioneer Award.

Rita Mae Brown Books into Movies

Most of her books have featured in various TV shows. For example, “I Love Liberty” featured in the TV special in 1982. The other books into movies include “The Woman Who Loved Elvis”, “The Slumber Party Massacre” and the “Rich Men, Single Women” that featured in the TV Movie in 1993, 1982 and 1990 respectively. My Two Loves and Murder She Purred are other novels that have featured in the TV movies.

Best Rita Mae Brown Books

Rita Mae Brown’s ultimate book that she is always known for is the “Rubyfruit Jungle”, which is her genesis book in her career as a writer. The other best book is the “Tail Gait”.

Rubyfruit Jungle: This is the pioneer book that marks the journey of Rita Mae Brown as a writer. The novel was published in 1973. The main character in the book is Molly Bolt, who is the adopted daughter of a poor family. Despite being adopted, she is known for her great beauty and also aware of her lesbianism since her childhood. She is able to spitfire through secondary school even though being a well-known lesbian. At school she is on full grant, however the influence of her roommate causes the Dean to constrain her out amid her first year. Due to this, she is disgraced by her family, she packs up and moves to NYC. Molly advances, parties with rich and well-known, graduates. Be that as it may, it was difficult, each turn of the page is a battle for her to conquer the snags of being a lady particularly with being gay.

Tail Gait: This is another smart book by Rita Mae Brown that has been highly rated. Harry and her husband, Fair, are getting a charge out of a comfortable supper with a portion of the town’s driving natives, including cherished University of Virginia history teacher Greg “Ginger” McConnell and a few individuals from UVA’s commended 1959 football group. In any case, underneath the shroud of gaiety hides a vile ghost from the inaccessible past that debilitates to put every one of their lives in peril. On the following day, Professor McConnell is found assassinated on the fairway. He is gunned down with no attempt at being subtle by a concealed execution and nobody can understand a thought process, not to mention locate the suspect. Pretty much as Harry and her hairy partners start nosing into the case, in any case, a destitute UVA alum admits to the wrongdoing. This is just, but a small summary of the novel. Get more about it by getting the copy.

When Does The Next Rita Mae Brown book come out?

Rita Mae Brown doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Claws for Alarm and was released on July, 20th 2021. It is the newest book in the Mrs. Murphy Series.


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