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Roger Silverwood is a Yorkshire author that writes mysteries. Silverwood is best known for the Detective Inspector Michael Angel series. The author is a native of Barnsley.

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Order of D.I. Angel / Yurkshire Murder Mystery Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 In the Midst of Life / The Missing Nurse 2004 Description / Buy
2 Choker / The Missing Wife 2004 Description / Buy
3 The Man in the Pink Suit 2005 Description / Buy
4 The Importance Of Being Honest / The Morals of a Murderer 2005 Description / Buy
5 Mantrap / The Auction Murders 2006 Description / Buy
6 Sham / The Missing Killer 2006 Description / Buy
7 The Curious Mind of Inspector Angel / The Umbrella Murders / The Missing Thief 2007 Description / Buy
8 The Umbrella Man / The Missing Millionaire 2007 Description / Buy
9 The Man Who Couldn't Lose 2007 Description / Buy
10 Find the Lady 2008 Description / Buy
11 The Wig Maker / The Missing Model 2008 Description / Buy
12 Murder in Bare Feet 2008 Description / Buy
13 Wild About Harry / Missing, Presumed.... / The Missing Husband 2009 Description / Buy
14 The Cuckoo Clock Scam / Murders 2010 Description / Buy
15 Shrine to Murder 2010 Description / Buy
16 The Snuffbox Murders 2010 Description / Buy
17 The Dog Collar Murders 2011 Description / Buy
18 The Cheshire Cat Murders 2012 Description / Buy
19 The Diamond Rosary Murders 2012 Description / Buy
20 The Big Fiddle / Thirteen Steps to Murder 2013 Description / Buy
21 The Fruit Gum Murders 2014 Description / Buy
22 The Money Tree Murders 2014 Description / Buy
23 Angel and the Actress 2015 Description / Buy
24 The Murder List 2016 Description / Buy
25 The Lipstick Murders / The Face of a Murderer 2016 Description / Buy
26 The Music Box Murders 2021 Description / Buy
27 Murder On Time 2021 Description / Buy
28 Angel's Final Problem? 2021 Description / Buy
29 Angel and the Nun 2022 Description / Buy

Order of Superintendent Cawthorn Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Deadly Daffodils / Dead Ahead 1970 Description / Buy
2 Dying for a Drink 1971 Description / Buy
3 The Illegitimate Spy 1972 Description / Buy

Order of Roger Silverwood Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published Details
1 Salamander 2006 Description / Buy
2 The Guilty Daughter 2021 Description / Buy

Roger Silverwood Anthologies

# Read Title Published Details
1 The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part XVIII: Whatever Remains . . . Must Be the Truth 1899-1925 2019 Description / Buy
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He took an interest in writing at a young age. The school magazine he founded at a boarding school in Gloucestershire gained quite a bit of popularity before it drew the ire of the headmaster, who canned it.

Writing took a back seat for a while when the author joined the Army. Following his departure from the National Service, Silverwood became a salesperson.

He spent his days peddling toys, eventually rising to the position of Sales Director. By the time he left, the author had notched an impressive sales record.

He went into business with his wife, selling antique Jewelry. There’s no way to determine whether Silverwood would have become the author people know and love today if it wasn’t for the 1969 accident.

It left him bedridden. The only thing he could do was write, which was a good thing because, by the time he recovered, Silverwood had the skills to work at an advertising agency as a copywriter.

Even though the job kept him busy, Silverwood had already sparked an interest in fiction. He used every free evening and weekend to work on his stories until his first book debuted in 1971.

The author created the character of Inspector Angel because he was tired of the protagonists he saw in crime fiction. The genre was littered with hard-drinking detectives with terrible family lives.

Silverwood preferred likable heroes, which is why Angel stands out. The character is charming, boasting good manners and a happy marriage. While women like him, Angel has enough willpower to resist their advances.

And while he will drink from time to time, alcohol doesn’t control him. Silverwood took Angel’s best qualities from his father. And then, the author used his own weaknesses to make the character more complex.

Crime fiction was an easy fit for Silverwood. Even as a boy, he couldn’t get enough of stories with mysteries. He read widely, consuming the works of Wilkie Collins, Raymond Chandler, Dorothy Sayers, and the like.

He combined all the lessons they taught him to create the style that has won him the adoration of numerous fans around the world. One of the author’s strongest attributes is his ability to generate tension by allowing the reader to look over the detective’s shoulder.

The goal is to involve the audience in the crime-solving process. The technique works because it builds suspense.

Best Roger Silverwood Books

The author was careful to make his protagonist an ordinary man. Angel is not a gifted detective. He succeeds because of his stubborn streak and unusual approach to investigations. Silverwood’s best books include:
The Missing Nurse: Michael Angel is as ordinary as they get. Other detectives are constantly vying for opportunities to rise through the ranks. But promotions don’t interest Angel.

Others may scoff at his lack of ambition. But Angel is good at his job. Even though he is almost always short of money, the detective is incorruptible. Angle’s moral compass has repeatedly driven him to clash with the lazy superintendent at his station.

But Angel doesn’t permit the spats to weigh on him. He has more important things to concern himself with, such as his devoted wife. When murders and mysteries come calling, Angel won’t hesitate to investigate.

This time around, the detective is expected to make sense of a decades-old murder. Unraveling the mystery will shed some light on the whereabouts of nurse Fiona Thomas.

The Missing Wife: Lady Yvette is dead. The beautiful woman choked to death. When they discovered her body in the reservoir, she was missing an antique pearl collar. Who killed her and why? These are the questions Michael Angel must answer in the absence of modern forensic technology.

‘The Missing Wife’ is the second book in the Yorkshire Murder Mysteries series. Angel is back to solve a new mystery. The subject of his investigation is the second wife of an MP.

The couple’s marriage was just six months old. Not only was Yvette beautiful, but her husband had the means to give her everything she wanted. Did she die of natural causes, or is there more going on than meets the eye?

When Does The Next Roger Silverwood book come out?

Roger Silverwood doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Angel and the Nun and was released on December, 5th 2022. It is the newest book in the D.I. Angel / Yurkshire Murder Mystery Series.

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