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S. L. Scott is a New York Times and USA Bestselling author that writes romantic suspense. She is responsible for novels like ‘Good Vibrations’ and ‘Scorned’. A wife with two young sons and a pair of Papillons who calls Austin home, Scott worked as a high-tech account manager.

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But she couldn’t escape her passion for storytelling. As a child, it was quite clear that she had an interest in the arts. When she wasn’t watching movies or reading books, she could be found painting and writing poetry. She also experimented with a few short stories.

It came as no surprise when she went into journalism. Scott was obsessed with the written word. She fell for Salinger, Fitzgerald and other notable American authors. It wasn’t just their flawed characters that intrigued her. She was also fascinated by the perfect worlds in which they lived, worlds that engrossed her. She nurtured a yearning to create stories in a similar vein, to put the sort of emotion and passion in her writing that moved her whenever she read a good book.

Her first novel was ‘Naturally, Charlie’ and it was mostly accidental. Scott’s first novel should have been a different story set in Hollywood. This was the first manuscript for a full-length novel that she ever wrote. The heroine it followed was an actress who was vying for a role in a movie titled ‘Naturally, Charlie’.

The fictional movie told the story of a man and a woman with the same name. After suffering through some trying times, they connected and started a rewarding friendship. Something about the story of the fictional movie hooked Scott. She couldn’t get it out of her head.

As such, with her first manuscript finished, she sat down to write ‘Naturally, Charlie’, exploring the story in additional detail and eventually making it her first novel.

As an author of romantic suspense, S. L. Scott finds romance much easier to write than suspense. The romance aspects of her stories come naturally to her because they are driven by her characters. And if Scott can generate the right amount of chemistry between her protagonists, the dialog falls into place quite easily.

The suspense, on the other hand, requires far more thought. She has to plan it out beforehand. She must also ensure that she is providing the sort of slow build that turns a novel into a page-turner. It takes more work but she finds it fulfilling, especially when she successfully pays off a clue or Easter egg introduced earlier on.

The characters the author creates are flawed. She has a strong attachment to them, especially the heroines because she easily relates to them. She wants them to speak and react as naturally as possible. Because of her attachment, she is most sensitive to criticisms that attack her main characters.

Best S. L. Scott Books

Scott is at her best when she is writing about love, trust, friendship, and familial bonds, with some of the best books in her bibliography including:

The Resistance: Holliday Hughes fell for Jack Dalton the moment she laid eyes on him. The warning signs were there. It wasn’t just the charming face that threw her off or the broad shoulders. His pickup lines were too smooth. He knew just what to say to get her out of her clothes and that made him dangerous.

Holliday gave into her desires. They had one sensuous night together. And by the time it ended, Holliday knew that he had captured her heart. There was something a little too smug and volatile about him. That dark, demanding side of him should have scared her off. But she was drawn to it. Even with all the mystery, she couldn’t walk away.

Rivers: Rivers Crow left Stella Fellowes behind. He has everything a man could want. The rock star life has granted him access to more money than he could ever need. His legion of fans would do anything for him. He should be happy. But he can’t forget Stella.

Stella isn’t the same girl Rivers left behind. She doesn’t like her job but she has a mounting debt she has no hope of escaping. She can’t stop thinking about the boy who broke her heart. But she isn’t the same girl Rivers knew. The fact that he is suddenly back in town with a hit record doesn’t change their history, or so Stella would like to think.

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S. L. Scott doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is and was released on January, 1st 1970. It is the newest book in the .


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