Sandra Brown Books

Sandra Brown is an American author born in 1948 in Waco, Texas who has also written novels under pseudonyms like Laura Jordan, Erin St. Claire and Rachel Ryan. Raised in Fort Worth, Brown attended Texas Christian University, though her decision to marry Michael Brown in 1968 drove her to leave college. Probably inspired by Michael, a former television news anchor, and documentarian, Sandra Brown briefly worked as a Weathercaster for KLTV before joining WFAA-TV as a reporter.

Order of Coleman Family Saga Series

# Read Title Published
1 Sunset Embrace 1985
2 Another Dawn 1985

Order of Texas! Tyler Family Saga Series

# Read Title Published
1 Texas! Lucky 1990
2 Texas! Sage 1991
3 Texas! Chase 1991

Order of Mason Sisters Series

# Read Title Published
1 Fanta C 1987
2 Adam's Fall 1988

Order of Bed & Breakfast Series

# Read Title Published
1 Breakfast in Bed 1983
2 Send No Flowers 1984

Order of Astray & Devil Series

# Read Title Published
1 Led Astray 1985
2 The Devil's Own 1987

Order of Sandra Brown Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published
1 Love's Encore 1981
2 Love Beyond Reason 1981
3 Hidden Fires 1982
4 Eloquent Silence 1982
5 A Treasure Worth Seeking 1982
6 The Silken Web 1982
7 A Kiss Remembered 1983
8 Seduction by Design 1983
9 Heaven's Price 1983
10 Tomorrow's Promise 1983
11 Tempest in Eden 1983
12 Words of Silk 1984
13 Bittersweet Rain 1984
14 In a Class by Itself 1984
15 Thursday's Child 1985
16 Tiger Prince 1985
17 The Rana Look 1986
18 Above and Beyond 1986
19 A Secret Splendor & Above and Beyond 1986
20 Sunny Chandler's Return 1987
21 Two Alone 1987
22 Tidings of Great Joy 1987
23 Long Time Coming 1988
24 Hawk O'Toole's Hostage 1988
25 Temperatures Rising 1989
26 Best Kept Secrets 1989
27 Mirror Image 1990
28 Breath of Scandal 1991
29 French Silk 1991
30 Roses at Dawn 1992
31 Where There's Smoke 1993
32 Charade 1994
33 The Witness 1995
34 Exclusive 1996
35 Unspeakable 1998
36 The Alibi 1999
37 Envy 1999
38 Standoff 2000
39 The Switch 2000
40 Hello, Darkness 2001
41 The Crush 2002
42 White Hot 2004
43 Chill Factor 2005
44 Ricochet 2006
45 Play Dirty 2006
46 Of Love and Life 2007
47 Smoke Screen 2008
48 Rainwater 2009
49 Tough Customer 2010
50 Lethal 2011
51 Low Pressure 2012
52 Deadline 2013
53 Mean Streak 2014
54 Friction 2015
55 Sting 2016
56 A Soldier's Promise 2017
57 Seeing Red 2017
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The author didn’t begin pursuing her literary career until 1981, Brown taking up the challenge on a dare from her husband. The dare more than paid off, with Brown going on to write over fifty New York Times Bestsellers. Brown primarily writes romantic novels and suspense thrillers, though she managed to surprise her fans in 2009 when she wrote Rainwater. The book explores a historical fiction story set during the Great Depression.

Sandra Brown Awards

Brown has a pretty amazing bibliography, so it is hardly a surprise that she has garnered so many notable accolades during her lengthy career, this including the Romance Writers of America’s Lifetime Achievement Award, the American Business Women’s Association’s Distinguished Circle of Success and the A.C. Green Award.

Brown received an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Texas Christian University. Additional accolades including being named Thriller Master for 2008.

Sandra Brown Books to Movies

While Sandra Brown has written a large number of books over several years, only three of them have received movie adaptations:

French Silk was adapted into a Television Movie in 1994. Featuring R. Lee Ermey and Susan Lucci, the movie revolves around the murder of a televangelist who targeted the female founder of the French Silk mail order catalog, calling her sinful.

Based on the 2008 novel of the same name, Smoke Screen tells the story of Britt Shelley, a television reporter that made her name by breaking a massive story about arson at a police station, and then, several years later, wakes up next to the corpse of one of the detectives that was involved in her story, unable to recall her role in his death. The movie was released in 2011.

The novel White Hot was released in 2004. Fans got the movie adaptation in 2016. The story follows a strikingly beautiful interior designer that must put her plans for a big project on hold to return home to help out at her injured father’s tulip farm.

Best Sandra Brown Books

Sandra Brown’s bibliography is not only impressive but quite vast; so selecting the best books amongst her body work is no easy task, though these are definitely among some of the most impressive titles she has delivered:

Envy: As the daughter of a publisher and wife of Noah Reed, a bestselling author, it is rare for an unsolicited submission to so thorough entice Maris Matherly-Reed. However, that is exactly what happens when a writer only called P.M.E sends her a partial manuscript.

Despite the return address being an obscure island off the Georgia coast, the author’s blockbuster potential drives Maris to search for him. Parker Evans, the man she finds on a ruined cotton plantation, is determined to conceal his entire life and identity.

None the less, Maris happily works with him to complete his story about two friends who charter a boat with a young woman to undertake an excursion that only one person returns from.

Even as her attraction to Parker grows, Maris becomes convinced that his story might be more than just fiction. Undaunted by the potential risks, Maris begins to search for the truth.

Envy is a remarkable book and the perfect first novel for anyone new to Sandra Brown’s work. The characters are great and well-rounded, and the mystery is intriguing and tantalizing and surprisingly eerie. This book will speak to most fans of suspense thrillers.

Alibi: Hammond Cross has one goal, and that is to become the city’s next district attorney without sacrificing his integrity. Born into a fine old Charleston family, nothing can stop him, especially when Hammond turns his attention to the murder of a real estate magnate that could make his career.

However, even as Hammond reaches for his goal, one party in his immediate vicinity works to bring him down.

Sandra Brown really brings Charlotte, South Carolina to life. The location is just as exciting to follow as the characters. Not many authors are as effective as Brown at building side characters.

Brown gives every member of her cast a notable role to play.