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Sara Blaedel is a Danish author born in Copenhagen in 1964. Sara spent her childhood immersed in the fields of writing and entertainment. Her father, Leif Blaedel, was a renowned journalist at the time, while Annegrethe Nissen, her mother, successfully pursued an acting career, making appearances on TV, in movies, on the radio and even in theater. The constant flow of professionals in Sara’s life nurtured her love for the literary world.

Order of Louise Rick Series

1Call Me Princess / Blue Blood and the Silent Woman 2005Description / Buy
2Only One Life / The Drowned Girl 2007Description / Buy
3The Night Women 2008Description / Buy
4The Forgotten Girls 2015Description / Buy
5The Killing Forest 2016Description / Buy
6The Lost Woman 2017Description / Buy
7The Running Girl 2018Description / Buy
8The Stolen Angel 2018Description / Buy
9The Midnight Witness 2018Description / Buy
10The Woman in the Hotel 2020Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Louise Rick Series

1The Midnight Witness2018Description / Buy
2Call Me Princess / Blue Blood and the Silent Woman2005Description / Buy
3Only One Life / The Drowned Girl2007Description / Buy
4The Night Women2008Description / Buy
5The Running Girl2018Description / Buy
6The Stolen Angel2018Description / Buy
7The Forgotten Girls2015Description / Buy
8The Killing Forest2016Description / Buy
9The Lost Woman2017Description / Buy
10The Woman in the Hotel2020Description / Buy

Order of Family Secrets Series

1The Undertaker's Daughter 2016Description / Buy
2Her Father's Secret 2017Description / Buy
3The Third Sister 2018Description / Buy

Sara Blaedel Anthologies

1 In the Shadow of Sadd2005Description / Buy
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The author might have struggled with dyslexia at the start but she soon overcame the ailment, her favorite books giving the introverted girl an escape from the chaos of the world. She comes from a rather famous family as her dad is journalist Leif Blædel and her mother is the actress Annegrethe Nissen, best known for her work in Uden en trævl (1968), Dagmar’s Hot Pants, Inc. (1971) and Bedroom Mazurka (1970).

Sara’s encounter with the literary arena began when she founded a crime fiction publishing company called Sara B. This was back in 1993. Sara then delved into journalist, working as an editor, researcher and even a presenter for a number of television stations and shows before finally writing and getting Green Dust, her first novel, published in 2004. Sara’s books can be categorized as crime fiction and typically follow Chief Inspector Louise Rick and the challenges and obstacles she encounters.

Sara Blaedel is a local and International bestseller; and while she has written non-fiction, it is her crime dramas that have garnered her true success.

Sara Blaedel Awards

Sara’s first novel was met with considerable critical acclaim, with Green Dust eventually winning her the Danish Crime Academy’s debutant prize in 2005. It is also worth noting that Sara has been voted most popular Author in Denmark four times.

Best Sara Blaedel Books

Sara Blaedel is a very prolific crime fiction writer, respected in her genre because most of the books she writes tend to strike a chord of one sort or another in the hearts of readers, some of the best books she has ever released including:

Call Me Princess: Susanne Hansson was the victim of an extraordinarily brutal rape attack. Found bound and gagged in her apartment in an idyllic Copenhagen neighborhood, it falls on the shoulders of Detective Inspector Louise Rick to unravel the truth behind Hansson’s traumatic experience.

Despite Hansson’s efforts to hide it, Rick learns that she met her rapist on a popular online dating site. Furthermore, Rick learns that the rapist is continuing to target specific women using the website with the intention of initiating attacks in the future.

The fact that he no longer intends to leave his other victims alive puts Rick on a clock as she strives to find and stop this sadistic murderer whose crimes have shocked Copenhagen.

Sara Blaedel attempts to tackle the dangers of online dating in this book which finds Rick and her partner trying to save the women of Copenhagen from a serial rapist and murderer using a website to hunt his victims.

There are a few varied opinions about the translation of this book. Some people thought the original Danish version was clearly superior and its English counterpart simply couldn’t bring Sara’s message across.

Others thought that the story was engaging enough to make any translation anomalies irrelevant. One complaint that keeps arising about this book is the fact that it cannot stand on its own.

The author doesn’t provide enough information about the situations and relationships in the book that might have carried over from previous stories; as such, readers that are new to Sara’s work have admitted to being a little confused by a few things.

Whether or not Sara should have done a better job of catering to new readers who would rather not read the books that came before this one in order to make sense of things, most people seem to agree that Inspector Rick is the standout of this book, a flawed character whose abrasive personality only make her efforts to help the victims of her case that much harder.

The Lost Woman: A woman in England is shot through her kitchen window with a hunting rifle. Sofie Parker is soon revealed to be a Danish Citizen that went missing two decades ago. Inspector Louise Rick puts her efforts to solving the case when she learns that Eik, her colleague, and lover has been arrested on suspicion of Sofie’s murder.

This is one of Sara Blaedel’s better books because it actually works as a standalone novel despite being the sixth book in the Inspector Rick series. The story seems simple enough at the start but additional layers are revealed later on.

The novel is slow-paced but Sara keeps readers interested by delivering an engaging narrative and a relatively intriguing mystery.

The Forgotten Girls: This is the book that put Sara on the map in America and it’s easy to see why. This book is fantastic and takes you on a ride that will have you begging for more.

The “forgotten girl” in the title refers to girls that were left behind by their families at an institution who never saw them again. When one ends up dead in a remote forest with nobody being able to identify her, Louise Rick and her Missing Persons Department release the photo of the media in hopes of finding someone who can identify her. The further she gets into the investigation of this forgotten girl, the more disturbing things get and the closer Louise gets to home.

This is a very dark novel with some crimes taking place that may disturb you, but that just serves to get you behind the protagonist more and hope that they solve this case and stop this horrific cycle. There is a reason that Sara Blædel is referred to as the “queen of dark crime” and this book completely earns that title. This is the book that has readers begging for the rest of the series to be translated into English. This is a definite page turner and one that leaves you hungry for more Louise Rick novels.

When Does The Next Sara Blaedel book come out?

Sara Blaedel doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Woman in the Hotel and was released on October, 23rd 2020. It is the newest book in the Louise Rick Series.

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  1. My wife just finished The Undertaker’s Daughter. She thought it was really good. When she got to the end and seen To be continued, she was really surprised. She is looking forward to the next book.

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