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Born on 8th April 1977, Sara Shepard is American and New York bestselling author. She is popularly known for The Lying Game & Pretty Little Liars book series. Her father, Bob was an American while her mother was a Canadian born in Toronto. Shepard was raised with her sister name Ali, and after graduating from Downingtown High School in Pennsylvania in 1995, she joined New York University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1999.

Order of Pretty Little Liars Series

1Pretty Little Liars 2006Description / Buy
2Flawless 2007Description / Buy
3Perfect 2007Description / Buy
4Unbelievable 2008Description / Buy
5Wicked 2008Description / Buy
6Killer 2009Description / Buy
7Wanted 2010Description / Buy
8Heartless 2010Description / Buy
9Twisted 2011Description / Buy
10Ruthless 2011Description / Buy
11Pretty Little Secrets 2012Description / Buy
12Stunning 2012Description / Buy
13Burned 2012Description / Buy
14Ali's Pretty Little Lies 2013Description / Buy
15Crushed 2013Description / Buy
16Deadly 2013Description / Buy
17Toxic 2014Description / Buy
18Vicious 2014Description / Buy

Order of The Lying Game Series

1The Lying Game 2010Description / Buy
2Never Have I Ever 2011Description / Buy
3Two Truths and a Lie 2012Description / Buy
4Hide and Seek 2012Description / Buy
5The First Lie 2012Description / Buy
6Cross My Heart, Hope to Die 2013Description / Buy
7True Lies 2013Description / Buy
8Seven Minutes in Heaven 2013Description / Buy

Order of Heiresses Series

1The Heiresses 2014Description / Buy

Order of The Perfectionists Series

1The Perfectionists 2014Description / Buy
2The Good Girls 2015Description / Buy

Order of The Amateurs Series

1The Amateurs 2016Description / Buy
2Follow Me 2017Description / Buy
3Last Seen 2018Description / Buy

Order of Sara Shepard Standalone Novels

1The Visibles / All The Things We Didn't Say 2009Description / Buy
2Everything We Ever Wanted 2010Description / Buy
3The Elizas 2018Description / Buy
4Reputation 2019Description / Buy
5Influence 2020Description / Buy
6Safe In My Arms 2021Description / Buy
7Memory Lane 2021Description / Buy

Sara Shepard Anthologies

1 Meet Cute2018Description / Buy
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Shepard had passion in writing since childhood, and to sharpen her skills, she joined Brooklyn College and studied Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing where she graduated in 2004.

While working for Time Inc Custom Publishing, the author produced several lifestyle magazines for various corporate clients. Her career in writing began in 2002 when she worked as a ghostwriter freelance, and in 2005 she wrote her books. Sara Shepard currently lives in Pittsburgh, United States.


Success does not go unnoticed, and Sara Shepard is a goddess in the publishing realm from the city of Pennsylvania. In 2013, The Lying Game was nominated for the Lowa High School Book Award for the young adult category. In 2012, Twisted & Pretty Little Liars Box Set novels were nominated for Buckeye Children’s Book Award & Colorado Blue Spruce Award respectively. The Amateur appeared in 2016 Publishers Weekly Starred Review.


The Lying Game and Pretty Little Liars have been adapted for the big screen viewing by the ABC Family. Pretty Little Liars is based on her growing experiences in Philadelphia Main Line with season seven marking the series final season.

The series also featured a short-lived spin-off series, Ravenswood featuring famous actors such as Tyler Blackburn as Caleb Rivers.

The lying game made its debut on August 15th, 2011 airing on ABC Family. The channel took a considerably a long time to decide whether the series would air for a second season, unfortunately in July 2013, ABC finally confirmed the cancellation of the series.


These are the best two books from the American bestselling author Sara Shepard, Pretty Little Liars Box Set (2009).

Pretty Little Liars: Among the perfectly tended hedges of Rosewood deep down the mega mansion, every person had something to keep a secret- especially for the four little liars.

High school junior friends, Hanna, Emily, Spencer and Aria, have hidden secrets from the day their good friend Alison Dilaurentis vanished 36 months ago. However when the beautiful girls begin getting text notes from someone named “A” their secrets, the little one, big ones and the buried ones seem no longer safe. Who could be this person named “A”? Could it be their long lost best friend?

Pretty little liars box set is a fascinating one; the book captures your attention right from the first page. As a reader, you will love every character of the pretty little liars from the creative Aria, sweet Emily over Smart Spencer and to the “it girl” Hanna. Also, the novel is dramatic, and overall a real mystery.

Ali’s Pretty Little Lies: Before A came into existence, there was Alison DiLaurentis, a girl whom every boy wanted to date, a girl whom each girl wanted to be like her, and a girl whom somebody wanted dead.

Ali’s Pretty Little Lies is the prequel to the debut novel; the story begins by describing out how Courtney and Alison were best friends during childhood, until the day when Alison started to get extremely jealous. She would blame almost everything on Courtney; the DiLaurentis thought that Courtney was crazy and sent her off.

It is at the end of seventh grade, and Alison and her friends; she has had enough with her friends, Emily, Hanna, Aria, and Spencer. However, she is hiding something, a dark secret that if she let it out, she would ruin her life and everything that she has desperately worked hard to build. However, in rosewood, dark secrets have their deadly consequences.

The novel is set several weeks before Alison is murdered, and the tale is told by the prettiest liar of all, Alison herself. Overall this book is entertaining and provides an insight detailing the background of the series and the characters.

Pretty Little Liars series is a fascinating one to read, the author Shepard ensures that the reader has every detail, even if it requires the use if flashbacks as illustrated in Ali’s Pretty Little Lies.

When Does The Next Sara Shepard book come out?

The next book by Sara Shepard is Memory Lane and will be released on December, 12th 2021.

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