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Serena Valentino is an American comic book author that is best known for writing novels that explore the lives of famous Disney villains. Serena came from a family of readers. Everyone around her had a passion for novels.

Order of Disney Villains Series

1Fairest of All 2009Description / Buy
2The Beast Within 2014Description / Buy
3Poor Unfortunate Soul 2016Description / Buy
4Mistress of All Evil 2017Description / Buy
5Mother Knows Best 2018Description / Buy
6The Odd Sisters 2019Description / Buy
7Evil Thing 2020Description / Buy
8Cold Hearted 2021Description / Buy

Order of GloomCookie Series

1GloomCookie Volume 1 2001Description / Buy
2GloomCookie, Volume 2 2002Description / Buy
3Broken Curses (Short Story) 2004Description / Buy
4The Carnival Wars 2005Description / Buy
5The Final Curtain 2007Description / Buy

Order of Nightmares & Fairy Tales Series

1Once Upon a Time 2004Description / Buy
2Beautiful Beasts (Short Story) 2005Description / Buy
31140 Rue Royale 2007Description / Buy
4Dancing with the Ghosts of Whales (Short Story) 2008Description / Buy

Order of Serena Valentino Standalone Novels

1How to Be a Zombie / Undead (Short Story) 2010Description / Buy
2How to Be a Werewolf / Howl (Short Story) 2010Description / Buy
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Serena’s home was always filled with books. The author knew from a young age that she wanted to go into publishing. She was in her mid-20s when her dream finally came true. She wrote and published her first story.

Back then, Serena was primarily inspired by authors whose storytelling voices differed from the norm. She knew that her style was different and seeing other authors with equally varied styles encouraged Serena because it showed her that, if she wrote compelling stories, they would also find an audience.

While she made some waves with ‘Nightmares and Fairy Tales’. it wasn’t until Disney asked her to write about some of their characters that her career took off. Some of Disney’s editors had seen her earlier work.

They asked Serena if she had any Disney characters that she wanted to tackle in a novel. The author immediately sold them on her idea of a series of stories that followed classic Disney villains. When she was young, Serena had a conventional interest in Disney’s animated movies.

She appreciated the magic, whimsy, and even the tragedy of tales like Bambi. It wasn’t until she got older that everything changed. While everyone was busy cheering for the heroes in franchises like Sleeping Beauty, Serena couldn’t get enough of the villains.

She was particularly fascinated by Maleficent. She couldn’t understand why the character was so annoyed that Aurora hadn’t invited her to the christening. More importantly, Serena was convinced that Maleficent must have had a reason for responding with so much anger.

Her admiration for the character was enhanced by Maleficent’s look, her flowing robes, horns, and the ravens that accompanied her. And she wasn’t the only one that captured the author’s eye. For Serena, the villains are always the best part of every story.

They are cooler than the heroes because they are not restricted in their actions. They have the best attire, funniest lines, and most dramatic parts. As such, when Disney asked her to write about the studio’s most iconic characters, she took that opportunity to indulge her interest in their villains.

Serena was somewhat confident in the project she had proposed because the stories she wanted to tell would tread fresh ground. While Disney’s villains were very popular, their lives, backstories, and motives were mostly unexplored.

Rather than retelling the same old fairy tales, Serena’s books re-imagine them from a different angle. She starts each novel by looking at a villain’s actions and then attempting to determine their motives.

Each story follows a fairy tale from the villain’s point of view. She doesn’t go out of her way to justify each character’s actions. Serena’s goal is to show her readers each antagonist’s backstory. She leaves it in their hands to determine whether or not the villain’s history justifies their actions.

Best Serena Valentino Books

Even though her stories are based on popular fairy tales, the author does quite a bit of research before she sits down to write. She watches the movies, reads broadway plays, investigates different adaptations and so much more. Some of Serena’s best books include:

The Beast Within: People whisper about a creature but no one has ever seen it. Some say he’s a man. Others call him a beast with sharp teeth and wild hair. But no one knows his origins. They do not realize that he was once a jovial prince and his people loved him. But then a curse befell him. Now, his only hope, his only means of regaining his former self, is true love. But will he ever find it?

Fairest of All: Everyone knows the tale of the Wicked Queen. They call her a vile woman that went mad with jealousy because of a young girl’s beauty. Some people have attempted to guess the reasons that drove the queen to do what she did. Others are convinced that she was always evil.

But all those theories are false. This book attempts to recount the wicked queen’s true origins. It reveals a story that has gone untold for so long.

When Does The Next Serena Valentino book come out?

Serena Valentino doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Cold Hearted and was released on July, 6th 2021. It is the newest book in the Disney Villains Series.

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