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Sergei Lukyanenko is a Russian author that writes science fiction and fantasy. Some people have called him the most popular contemporary science fiction author Russia has produced. Born in 1968 in Karatau, Kazakhstan, Sergei attended the Alma Ata State Medical Institute.

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He had moved to Alma Ata following his graduation. He joined the medical institute in 1986 with the intention of pursuing psychotherapy. Sergei was still a student when he started writing. That was in the mid-80s.

Science fiction was a complicated business in the Soviet Union because it was viewed as a political tool rather than a form of artistic expression. Sergei was fortunate. When he published ‘Misconduct’, his first short story, the attitudes towards the genre were starting to change.

The perception towards science fiction was more benevolent. More importantly, science fiction authors like Sergei Lukyanenko could count on the support of the state to advance their careers. This is what Sergei did.

He was a common sight at literary seminars. At the time, most of his contributions to the publishing industry were short stories and novellas. Sergei wrote coming-of-age tales that tackled themes like friendship and loyalty.

He wasn’t the only author that was, more or less, thriving. Sergei wasn’t the biggest name in publishing. But he was making money. The dissolution of the Soviet Union should have changed his fortunes.

Many authors fell through the cracks because they couldn’t survive in the free publishing system that had emerged. Russia was initially expected to undergo a creative boom. But most publishers in the country chose to favor pulp literature, which was more lucrative. They refused to invest in local writers.

But Sergei Lukyanenko thrived. He was already popular among readers of Russian science fiction. Those readers remained loyal to him in the years that followed. He was also fortunate enough to distribute his works in electronic format via networks like FidoNet. This created a surprisingly strong demand for his printed stories.

Even though Sergei had thrived while his peers faltered, his fame was still restricted to Russia. All that changed when he wrote ‘Night Watch’. While he had occasionally experimented with fantasy, Sergei was primarily known for his science fiction.

‘Night Watch’ was his first serious attempt at writing fantasy. The book was safer than many of the fantasy novels on the market at the time because it was urban fantasy. However, it stood out all the same because of Sergei’s unique settings and gloomy tone.

The book became a record-breaking Russian movie that eventually made the leap to the United States. The ‘Night Watch’ novel also received an English translation in 2006. This introduced the author to readers outside Russia, turning him into a celebrated Science Fiction and Fantasy writer.

Sergei Lukyanenko Awards

Sergei won the Aelita Award in 1999. He has also received accolades from Sibcon, Stranger, and Interpresscon, to mention but a few.

Sergei Lukyanenko Books Into Movies

‘Night Watch’ became a live-action movie of the same name in 2004. It got a sequel called ‘Day Watch’.

Best Sergei Lukyanenko Books

Fans of the author have praised him for his action-packed plots and moral dilemmas. Sergei’s best novels include:

Night Watch: The Others are an ancient race of supernatural creatures split between Light and Dark. The Night Watch are agents of the Dark that watch over those creatures whose activities are restricted to the night.

Their counterparts, Agents of the Light, oversee the activities of those creatures that work in the daytime. For millennia, the Dark and the Light have lived in relative peace. But a prophecy that warned of a Supreme entity that would tip the scales has come to pass. Anton, an agent of the Night Watch, has just discovered a young woman with an incredible gift.

Day Watch: The supernatural creatures that occupy modern-day Moscow are expected to side with either the Dark or the Light. These two sides have a tenuous truce that has prevented all-out war from breaking out.

The truce begins to fracture when a powerful artifact is stolen. The artifact was in the hands of a group of Others that have remained impartial in the conflict between the Light and the Dark. Their perceived negligence has brought Moscow to the edge of disaster. Neither side will come away unscathed from the consequences of the theft.

When Does The Next Sergei Lukyanenko book come out?

Sergei Lukyanenko doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Sixth Watch and was released on August, 30th 2016. It is the newest book in the Night Watch Series.

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