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Shanna Swendson, who has also used the pen name Samantha Carter, especially in the formative years of her writing career wherein she penned standalone novels, is the name of an American woman of letters. Swendson has been writing voraciously since the 1990s. She is especially renowned for the Enchanted, Inc., literary series, a me-too version of Harry Potter series. Incidentally, this series is alternatively known as Fairy Tales for Modern Times. The first book in her first serialized literary work was published in 2005, also titled Enchanted, Inc., and this series is shelved under the chick literature, paranormal romance, and urban fantasy (steampunk) genres.

Order of Katie Chandler / Enchanted, Inc. Series

1Enchanted, Inc. 2005Description / Buy
2Once Upon Stilettos 2006Description / Buy
3Damsel Under Stress 2007Description / Buy
4Don't Hex with Texas 2008Description / Buy
5Much Ado About Magic 2012Description / Buy
6No Quest For The Wicked 2012Description / Buy
7Kiss and Spell 2013Description / Buy
8Frogs and Kisses 2016Description / Buy
9Paint the Town Red (Short Story) 2016Description / Buy
10Criminal Enchantment (Short Story) 2017Description / Buy
11Enchanted Ever After 2019Description / Buy

Order of Fairy Tale Series

1A Fairy Tale 2014Description / Buy
2To Catch a Queen 2015Description / Buy
3A Kind of Magic 2015Description / Buy

Order of Lucky Lexie Mysteries Series

1Interview with a Dead Editor 2020Description / Buy
2Case of the Curious Crystals 2020Description / Buy
3Mystery of the Drowned Driver 2021Description / Buy

Order of Rebel Mechanics Series

1Rebel Mechanics 2015Description / Buy
2Rebel Magisters 2016Description / Buy
3Rebels Rising 2017Description / Buy

Order of Shanna Swendson Standalone Novels

1A Storybook Hero 1993Description / Buy
2Love's Best Friend 1993Description / Buy
3Runaway Hearts 1994Description / Buy
4Dateless In Dallas 1996Description / Buy
5Emergency Stand By Date 1998Description / Buy
6Twice Upon a Christmas (Short Story) 2017Description / Buy
7Make Mine Magic 2020Description / Buy
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Shanna Swendson’s writing ambition can be traced to her childhood. She derived amusement from her daily activities, making them thrilling adventures; the characters in her then juvenile mind were inspired by the films she loved, television programs, and literary works. Her quest for writing earnestly came hard on the heels of landing a job in the public relations sector.

Katie Chandler is the featured protagonist in the Enchanted, Inc., series, the most notable work of Shanna Swendson. Meet protagonist Katie Chandler. Chandler, who is in her mid-twenties, hails from Texas where life is laid-back and does not offer her the much-needed excitement to unlock her unique potential which is much sought-after elsewhere. She aspires to leave her comfort zone and, prompted by hearsay, move to corporate New York.

The first book contained therein, Enchanted, Inc., ushers in Katie Chandler, who cannot wait to go to the much hyped New York City; this city is peculiar and amazing juxtaposed with her hometown of Texas. When she eventually moves to corporate New York, her first thought is that the place is overrated. Why, her first experience is a shocker; unfortunately for her, she lands a terrible assistant managerial job whereby she deputizes a certain Mimi who she has nicknamed “Evil Mimi”. After slaving for Mimi, she thinks that New York City is not what she had put on a pedestal. And thus it is godsend when she is employed in a thankful magic-oriented company, though she had at first ignored the new job offer. The new organization is called Magic, Spells, and Illusions, truncated MSI.

Chandler’s greatest talent– which her recruiter, a certain Rodney Gwaltney, amazes her by referencing– is invulnerability to magic. As such, she can see through a magician’s smokescreen instead. This augurs well for her because she becomes the company’s in-house go-to expert for magic verification purposes. Her duties include pinpointing phony magic spells, identifying devious parts of business rivals’ contracts, and smoking out intruders hiding behind the veil of magic. She is also trying to win the heart of a workaholic who is busily fighting a hideous rival.

Shanna Swendson Awards

The Texas Library Association publishes a reading list called The Texas Lone Star Reading List; during the 2016 edition, the said association recommended Shanna Swendson’s 2015 book titled Rebel Mechanics.

Shanna Swendson Books into TV Shows and Movies

Various production companies have voiced their aspirations to adapt Shanna Swendson’s Enchanted, Inc. for the screen. For instance, it has been reported that the American production company called Strike Entertainment is currently undertaking the film adaptation project. Screenwriter Steven Rogers reportedly started writing its screenplay in early 2010. Different film-oriented websites such as IMDb have listed the film as being in the development stage.

Best Shanna Swendson Books

Enchanted, Inc.: It goes without saying that Enchanted, Inc., is the best book ever written by Shanna Swendson. Another book is called Once Upon Stilettos; originally published in 2006 and the second in the Enchanted, Inc. series, it is all about a break-in at Katie Chandlers’ workplace. She is mandated to investigate the break-in, whereby clandestine business operations have been tampered with, but she has fallen in love, something which is gradually taking away her magical powers. The 2007 book and third in the said series, Damsel Under Duress, is yet another notable one. Chandler has been invited to a party by her Mr. Right when her fairy role model threatens to derail her ambitions; what’s more, her company’s former workers are angling for revealing their company’s secrets. Chandler and her heartthrob resolve to fight the antagonists.

Other Books You May Like

The following three series of books also warmed the cockles of the readers who liked books authored by Shanna Swendson. The first one is the “Jane Madison” series penned by Mindy Klasky; the featured protagonist, Jane Madison, who works as a librarian, realizes her witching powers; she even starts an institution and enrolls other witches but one of them, a traitor, is hellbent on destroying that school.

The second one is titled the “Accidental Witch Trilogy” authored by Annette Blair; a witch has bewitched a man and she wonders whether she has constructive of destructive powers. The third other series is entitled “Babes on Brooms”, penned by Vicki Lewis Thompson. Hereby, the protagonist, Anica Revere, is a charming witch who has sworn to inform men that she is a witch before committing.

When Does The Next Shanna Swendson book come out?

Shanna Swendson doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Mystery of the Drowned Driver and was released on January, 28th 2021. It is the newest book in the Lucky Lexie Mysteries Series.

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