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Sheryl Woods is a well-established author, who has penned down more than ten novels mainly in the mystery and romance genres. Woods was born and raised in Arlington, Virginia. She officially became a professional author in the year 1982. As a professional author, Sheryl Woods has resided in Ohio, California, and Florida. Due to her undying love for her hometown, Sheryl Woods has always found time to visit Colonial Beach, Victoria. Once she competed for her high school education, Sheryl Woods joined Ohio University, where she was awarded a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. After being awarded an undergraduate degree in journalism, Sheryl Woods worked as a journalist and a television critic for various Florida newspapers.

Order of Second Chance At Love Series

# Read Title Published
1 A Kiss Away 1986
2 A Prince Among Men 1986
3 All for Love 1986
4 Best Intentions 1987
5 Two's Company 1987
6 Prince Charming Replies 1988

Order of This Time Forever Series

# Read Title Published
1 Can't Say No 1988
2 One Touch of Moondust 1989
3 Next Time... Forever 1990

Order of Always a Bridesmaid Series

# Read Title Published
1 Finally a Bride 1995

Order of The Calamity Janes Series

Order of Rose Cottage Sisters Series

# Read Title Published
1 Three Down the Aisle 2005
2 What's Cooking? 2005
3 The Laws of Attraction 2005
4 For the Love of Pete 2005

Order of The Devaney Brothers Series

# Read Title Published
1 Sean's Reckoning 2002
2 Michael's Discovery 2002
3 Ryan's Place 2002
4 Daniel's Desire 2003
5 Patrick's Destiny 2003

Order of The Bridal Path Series

# Read Title Published
1 Danielle's Daddy Factor 1997
2 Ashley's Rebel 1997
3 A Ranch for Sara 1997

Order of Vows Series

# Read Title Published
1 Love 1992
2 Honor 1992
3 Cherish 1993
4 Kate's Vow 1993
5 A Daring Vow 1993
6 A Vow to Love 1994

Order of Amanda Roberts Mystery Series

# Read Title Published
1 Body and Soul 1989
2 Reckless 1989
3 Stolen Moments 1990
4 Ties That Bind 1991
5 Bank on It 1993
6 Hide and Seek 1993
7 Wages of Sin 1994
8 White Lightning 1995
9 Deadly Obsession 1995

Order of Molly Dewitt Series

# Read Title Published
1 Hot Property 1992
2 Hot Secret 1992
3 Hot Money 1993
4 Hot Schemes 1994

Order of And Baby Makes Three Series

Order of And Baby Makes Three: The Next Generation Series

Order of And Baby Makes Three: The Delacourts of Texas Series

Order of Velvet Glove Series

# Read Title Published
1 Jamaican Midnight 1985

Order of Seaview Key Series

# Read Title Published
1 Seaview Inn 2008
2 Home to Seaview Key 2014

Order of Whispering Wind Series

# Read Title Published
1 After Tex 1999
2 Angel Mine 2000

Order of That Special Woman Series

# Read Title Published
1 The Parson's Waiting 1994

Order of Million Dollar Destinies Series

# Read Title Published
1 Treasured 2004
2 Isn't It Rich? 2004
3 Priceless 2004
4 Priceless 2004
5 Destiny Unleashed 2004

Order of Man of the Month Series

# Read Title Published
1 Dream Mender 1992

Order of The Charleston Trilogy Series

# Read Title Published
1 The Backup Plan 2005
2 Flirting with Disaster 2005
3 Waking Up in Charleston 2006

Order of Cowboys of Cold Creek Series

# Read Title Published
1 Safe Harbor 1987

Order of The Trinity Harbor Series

# Read Title Published
1 About That Man 2001
2 Ask Anyone 2002
3 Along Came Trouble 2002

Order of Chesapeake Shores Series

Order of The Sweet Magnolias Series

Order of Ocean Breeze Series

# Read Title Published
1 Sand Castle Bay 2013
2 Wind Chime Point 2013
3 Sea Glass Island 2013

Order of Sherryl Woods Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published
1 Restoring Love 1982
2 Sand Castles 1982
3 Images of Love 1982
4 Desirable Compromise 1984
5 Thrown for a Loss 1985
6 Not at Eight, Darling 1986
7 Yesterday's Love 1986
8 Come Fly with Me 1987
9 A Gift of Love 1987
10 Never Let Go 1988
11 Edge of Forever 1988
12 Heartland 1988
13 Miss Liz's Passion 1989
14 In Too Deep 1989
15 Tea and Destiny 1990
16 Tea and Destiny 1990
17 Next Time... Forever 1990
18 Fever Pitch 1991
19 My Dearest Cal 1991
20 Joshua and the Cowgirl 1991
21 One Step Away 1993
22 Riley's Sleeping Beauty 1995
23 Temptation 1996
24 Twilight 1997
25 Amazing Gracie 1998
26 A Love Beyond Words 2001
27 And Baby Makes Three 2001
28 The Adams Dynasty 2002
29 Flamingo Diner 2002
30 Ask Anyone 2003
31 Bachelor...And Baby! 2003
32 Mending Fences 2007
33 Home in Carolina 2010
34 Dream Mender 2014
35 A Bridge to Dreams (Short Story) 2016
36 The Perfect Holiday (Short Story) 2016
37 Always My Girl 2017
38 A Small Town Love Story 2017

Order of Sherryl Woods Non-Fiction Books

# Read Title Published
1 The Sweet Magnolias Cookbook 2012
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Woods also spent a great deal of her time, working as a coordinator for a motivational program for more than 8,000 people at Miami Jackson Memorial University Medical Centre. A majority of the novels that Sheryl Woods has penned down are all credited to her friends who reside in California, Ohio, Virginia, and Florida as well. Furthermore, she has also penned other novels down based on her personal history and memories of all the states that she has visited or lived in. Sheryl Woods believes that she would never have lived without her friends since they are the main reason for her achievements and are also dear to her.

Sheryl Wood’s debut book was published in the year 1982 and was titled Restoring Love. Dell Publishers published Restoring Love and was written under Sheryl’s pen name of Suzanne Sheryl. The author’s second book, the author using her other pseudonym of Alexandria Kirk wrote Sand Castle.

When she was working on the Second Chance at Love book series, Woods decided to use her real names. The Second Chance at Love book series had a total of 7 books and was published by Silhouette Books. In the year 1986, Woods became a full-time author and even signed a contract Silhouette Publishers. Her first novel as a full-time author was titled Not at Eight Darling and was set in the world of television and showbiz, which she had covered for so many years. The first time that Sheryl Woods sat down to write a novel was when she had just graduated from Ohio University.

However, during this time, she had an exceedingly difficult time using her imagination and also putting it into words. During this period, Sheryl Woods ran into a writer’s block; she not only had some pages that lacked facts but she also lacked quotes for her first book. Nonetheless, it did not take her long before she began to use her imagination and through the words of her friends, she managed to pen down her first book.

Sheryl Woods loves her characters because all her heroes normally do what she wants them to do. According to Sheryl, this is undoubtedly the best part of being a director or an author. Sheryl has been making up all sorts of things from storylines, characters, and communities also. Sheryl loves to write stories, which are based on reality. She also wants her characters and storyline to reverberate with her readers because nothing pleases her than hearing that her readers have been in a similar situation or scenario.

Sheryl Woods Books into Movies

None of the books by Sheryl Woods has been adapted for a screenplay at this time.

Sheryl Woods Awards

Sheryl Woods is yet to receive any major literary awards at this time.

Best Sheryl Woods Books

One of the best books by Sheryl Woods is the Backup Plan, which was published in the year 2005.

The Backup Plan: This is one of the books in the Charleston book series. As the first book in the Charleston book series, it focuses on childhood sweethearts as well as romance. In this book, Sheryl Woods introduces the readers to Dinah Davis, who happens to be a foreign correspondence, who had just resigned from her job and eventually made up her mind to return home so that she could find her childhood sweetheart, one Bobby Beaufort. Many years ago, Dinah Davis decided to leave Bobby Beaufort behind and move ahead with her dreams and plan. Now, Dinah Davis has returned home.

Ever since they were young, the couple created a backup plan. However, upon arrival, Bobby rejects Dinah’s plan because he believes it was not going to bring her any good. Cordell is not only a realistic man, but he also has the perfect plan. It does not take long before Dinah falls for Cordell and the scars that she had from her previous relationship are healed. Is Dinah ever going back to her profession and leave him behind as she did many years ago? Only time will tell.