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Soren Sveistrup is a critically acclaimed Danish author. Born in 1968, Soren spent his childhood on Funen, a small Danish Island near Svendborg. He attended the University of Copenhagen, where he acquired a Masters in Literature and History. He also honed his skills as a screenwriter at the Danish Film School.

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1 The Chestnut Man 2018 Description / Buy
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The training came in handy when he joined DR (Danish TV Broadcaster) as a series writer in the late 1990s. After plying his trade for several years alongside the likes of Jannik Johansen, the author got his big break in the industry when he became the lead screenwriter on ‘Nikolaj and Julie.’

The series was a significant achievement for the author because of the considerable popularity it garnered in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. The icing on the cake was the International Emmy Award it secured in 2003.

But Soren’s international audience is largely unaware of the author’s achievements as a screenwriter. They associate Soren with ‘The Chestnut Man,’ his debut novel.

The book surprised some people because of the incredibly dark tone. The disturbing elements were deliberate. Soren prefers crime fiction that pits the protagonists against seemingly impossible odds.

Many of the crime fiction plots he encounters in entertainment disappoint Soren because the detectives can resolve them within hours. They are not complicated enough to push the characters to the very edge of sanity.

Soren is not afraid to admit that his life inspired the darkness in his books. The author’s father was an avid reader that gravitated toward crime fiction. Soren’s interest in the genre ignited when he read one of his father’s novels.

The story hooked him. Soren was fascinated by the idea of stories that forced the cast to reveal their deepest darkest secrets. Soren could relate to these stories because his family had plenty of secrets. Later on, several deaths and tragedies rocked Soren’s world, forcing the author to come to terms with the harsh realities of life.

However, Soren’s past cannot take all the credit for his stories. The writer is not afraid to raid Danish news for ideas. Readers have praised the author for his antagonist.

Soren was determined to create a character that people could hate while understanding his logic. He doesn’t see the point in creating lunatics that act without rhyme or reason.

People might be surprised to learn the origins of the title (The Chestnut Man) and concept. Although, Danish audiences are probably well aware of the chestnut man. After all, the chestnut man is a significant element in Danish culture.

Whenever chestnuts fall in the autumn, children use them to create dolls. They place these dolls in locations like windows where everyone can see them.

Soren was collecting his youngest child from kindergarten when the children started singing about the chestnut man while assembling handmade dolls. Even though the song was innocent, it sounded disturbing to Soren’s ears.

Soren Sveistrup Awards

Soren was nominated for a Barry Award.

Soren Sveistrup Books Into Movies

‘The Chestnut Man’ became a Danish crime series that appeared on Netflix in 2021.

Best Soren Sveistrup Books

The author set his debut novel in Copenhagen because he loves the city’s rich history and culture. Soren’s best books include:

The Chestnut Man: Copenhagen is on high alert. The Chestnut Man is on the prowl. The killer gets his name from the dolls he leaves at the crime scene. But he finally made a mistake, or so the forensic experts would like to believe.

They found a young girl’s fingerprint on one of the dolls. The girl in question met a bloody end a year ago. Is it a coincidence, or has the killer given the detectives the tools they need to stop him?

Naia and Mark have no intention of giving up. Although, the detectives are not exactly a perfect team. Naia is smarter than most people, and she knows it, which is why the detective is constantly rubbing people the wrong way.

Mark is apathetic to everyone, including himself. For a time, few people could rival Mark’s investigative prowess. But those days are gone. Mark is numb. He feels nothing for the victims of the cases he investigates.

But this latest case will change everything. It will remind the detective of his compassion and desire to help the vulnerable.

When Does The Next Søren Sveistrup book come out?

Søren Sveistrup doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Chestnut Man and was released on June, 6th 2018.


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