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Stella Rimington is a British author that writes thrillers. Born in 1935 in South London, Stella was quite young when her family sought refuge in Essex during the Second World War.

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Order of Liz Carlyle Series

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Order of Manon Tyler Series

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Order of Stella Rimington Non-Fiction Books

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1 Open Secret 2001 Description / Buy
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Eventually, her father’s work took them to Barrow-in-Furness. The author’s memories of the place are negative because she had to live through the Barrow Blitz.

Even though she survived, the claustrophobia she developed stayed with her. Stella attended Crosland’s Convent School and Nottingham High School for Girls before joining the University of Edinburgh and studying English.

Later on, she went to the University of Liverpool, where she pursued archive administration. The author became somewhat busy in the next few years, marrying her husband (John Rimington), joining the County Record Office in Worcester as an archivist, and eventually moving to India in the aftermath of her husband’s appointment as First Secretary (British High Commission, New Delhi).

When Stella migrated to India, she had several expectations. However, none of them included joining MI5. Her encounter with the British Security Service occurred when she agreed to work with one of the High Commission’s First Secretaries.

She was surprised to learn that he was MI5’s representative in India. Stella got the security clearance she needed to perform her tasks and spent the next two years working in India’s MI5 office. When the couple returned home, the author took the opportunity to cement her position in MI5.

Her time in the British Security Service was fruitful, permitting her to serve in various fields, including counter-terrorism and counter-espionage. She played a pivotal role in the Vaclav Jelinek court case, not to mention thawing the ice between Russia and her home country by making the first friendly contact between British Intelligence and the KGB in 1991.

All in all, Stella made her mark on MI5. As such, no one was surprised when she became the organization’s Director General. The author worked tirelessly to make British Intelligence more open.

She was still in charge when MI5 released a booklet to the public detailing their activities. The booklet included photographs of Stella. The revelation came as a surprise because publications like The Independent had attempted to identify the author during her first few months as DG.

Stella left MI5 in 1996. Besides working for firms like Marks and Spencer, she also wrote memoirs and even a novel called ‘At Risk.’ The book featured a 34-year-old MI5 officer that had to foil an imminent terrorist threat.

Stella used her experiences to make Liz Carlyle’s story as authentic as possible.

On the personal front, the author’s relationship with her husband fell on hard times. They separated in 1984. However, they saw no point in getting a divorce. At some point, they reconciled.

Best Stella Rimington Books

The author was MI5’s first female DG. She was also the first Director General to reveal her identity to the public. Stella’s best books include:

At Risk: Liz Carlyle has a difficult task on her hands. A terrorist is planning an attack; unfortunately, Britain is their target. Finding this nefarious entity won’t be easy. He has a British passport, so he’s practically invisible.

Liz is the country’s only hope. The operative is incredibly resourceful. If anyone can find this invisible threat, it’s her. Liz is not afraid to admit that she has never faced a more difficult challenge.

However, she won’t give up. Her intelligence and courage are more than a match for her target.
Stella Rimington wrote ‘At Risk’ using the wealth of experience she gained after working with MI5 for several decades.

Secret Asset: Liz is good at her job. No one can dispute that. She succeeds where others fail because her instincts have never betrayed her. As such, when an agent reports suspicious meetings at a bookshop, Liz chooses to trust her gut.

She thinks the reports signify the presence of a terrorist cell. Charles Wetherby is the Director of Counter Terrorism, and he trusts Liz, which is why he has responded by authorizing a surveillance operation.

The last thing Liz expects is for Charles to eject him from the case. However, the director has good reasons. Charles wants Liz’s colleagues to tackle an impending terrorist strike.

In the meantime, he expects Liz to investigate a tip that suggested that British Intelligence has a mole

When Does The Next Stella Rimington book come out?

Stella Rimington doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Devil's Bargain and was released on June, 6th 2022. It is the newest book in the Manon Tyler Series.

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