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Stephanie Wrobel is an American author that writes what she calls domestic suspense. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, Wrobel was an avid reader that would take her backpack to the library every two weeks, filling it with books before running off and losing herself in the worlds that books like ‘Nancy Drew’ and ‘Thoroughbred’ created.

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1 Darling Rose Gold / The Recovery of Rose Gold 2020 Description / Buy
2 This Might Hurt 2022 Description / Buy
3 The Hitchcock Hotel 2024 Description / Buy
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Her passion for reading eventually gave birth to a desire to write. As a child, Wrobel would make up stories that her mother typed out for her. She would bring them to life by adding computer graphics.

For a time, it looked like the author was heading for a future in publishing. But then she developed an obsession with horses at the age of eight that consumed her entire world. Quite suddenly, Wrobel decided that she wanted to become a jokey.

She even wrote a book about horses. In the years that followed, creative writing took a back seat. Wrobel still found the notion of writing fiction exciting. However, as a young woman, it did not sound like a practical choice for a career.

She needed to find a profession that could pay the bills which is why she eventually graduated from college with a Strategic communication degree. As a working woman, she found employment as a copywriter. She also worked as an associate creative director in advertising.

Some of her fans probably encountered the content she produced for television and radio, not to mention all the print ads and digital campaigns for Capital One, McDonald’s and the like that she helped write.

The author’s life started to change when she moved to London in 2014. The transition was necessitated by her husband’s decision to attend business school. Wrobel continued to work as a copywriter in a freelance capacity. However, she felt like she was in a rut.

This compelled her to apply to some graduate schools in the hopes of giving her creative writing dreams another shot. This time, rather experimenting with the field for the enjoyment it brought her, Stephanie Wrobel was determined to expend every resource she had to kickstart her writing career.

It was from that determination that she ended up at Emerson College in Boston two years later. The MFA program gave her a new drive to write.

By the time the MFA program ended, Wrobel had finished her first novel. The idea for ‘Darling Rose Gold’ was inspired by a conversation she had with a school psychologist who told her about MSBP. The topic laid the foundation for the story she eventually wrote about a mother that was abusing her daughter to get attention from the medical community.

The years she had spent in marketing helped her identify potential agents for her manuscript. It did not take her long to set her sights on Madeleine Millburn. Wrobel felt like she could trust Madeleine because they both had a similar vision for her career.

It also helped that Madeleine had an impressive track record. She proved her worth by selling the book to Penguin Random House UK. She had similar success with publishers in the US, finally setting Stephanie Wrobel on the path to becoming a published author.

Best Stephanie Wrobel Books

Wrobel’s tight prose can be imputed to the many years she spent working as a copywriter, with some of the best books in her bibliography including:

Darling Rose Gold: Patty Watts is one of the worst mothers in the world, and you would be hard-pressed to tell Rose Gold Watts otherwise. Rose was a horrifically ill child, or so she believed for the first 18 years of her life.

She was practically allergic to everything she encountered and she spent most of her time in the hospital. She couldn’t get around without a wheelchair. Her neighbors were kind people that helped her with whatever resources they could muster, going so far as to hold fundraisers to raise money for her cause.

However, despite the tests and surgeries, no doctor could figure out why Rose was sick. But then the truth came out. Rose wasn’t sick. Her mother was just a good liar. With Rose’s testimony, she was eventually convicted and imprisoned for five years.

But now Patty is back. She claims that she wants to reconcile with her daughter. Rose doesn’t believe her. She knows that Patty has every intention of settling the score against the woman that testified against her. But Rose is hardly helpless. In fact, she has spent the last five years waiting for Patty to come back home.

When Does The Next Stephanie Wrobel book come out?

The next book by Stephanie Wrobel is The Hitchcock Hotel and will be released on September, 24th 2024.

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