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Pulitzer winner Stephen Hunter is an American novelist, film critic, and essayist. He was born in Kansas City, Missouri and grew up in Evanston, Illinois. Hunter is a fireman enthusiast and his in-depth knowledge of various firearms is evident in his written works. Incidentally, he also shoots as a hobby.

Stephen Hunter is well known for his Earl Swagger and Bob Lee Swagger novel series. He has also written two novels in the Ray Cruz novel series. Apart from these fictional thrillers, Hunter has written other novels like Casey at the Bat. He has also penned a number of non-fictional works like American Gunfight: The Plot to Kill Harry Truman and the Shoot-Out That Stopped It.

Order of Bob Lee Swagger Series

# Read Title Published
1 Point of Impact 1993
2 Black Light 1996
3 Time to Hunt 1998
4 The 47th Samurai 2007
5 Night of Thunder 2008
6 I, Sniper 2009
7 Dead Zero 2010
8 The Third Bullet 2013
9 Sniper's Honor 2014
10 G-Man 2017

Order of Earl Swagger Series

# Read Title Published
1 Hot Springs 2000
2 Pale Horse Coming 2001
3 Havana 2003

Order of Ray Cruz Series

# Read Title Published
1 Dead Zero 2010
2 Soft Target 2011

Order of Stephen Hunter Standalone Novels

Order of Stephen Hunter Non-Fiction Books

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In 1998, Stephen Hunter, in the criticism category, was awarded the American Society of Newspapers Editors Distinguished Writing Award. Hunter managed to clinch the 2003 Pulitzer Award for criticism. He was able to bag these awards partly due to his work at the Washington Post as a dedicated film critic.


Point Of Impact, the first novel in the popular Bob Lee Swagger forms the basis of the latest USA Network silver screen series named Shooter. The starring role of the marksman character, Bob Lee Swagger was played by Ryan Phillippee. Apart from playing the lead role, Phillippee will also produce the series.

The book was also made into a movie years prior starring Mark Wahlberg.


Three of the most highly acclaimed novels by Stephen Hunter include:

Point Of Impact: This is the first novel in the Bob Lee Swagger novel series by Hunter. The novel centers on Bob Lee Swagger, the best Marine sniper in the Vietnam War. Two decades later, Swagger wants to leave all the wanton killings behind and be left all alone.

A dark, shadowy military organization with questionable intent lures Bob into one last mission for his country. They cleverly trick and convince him and Swagger realizes when it is too late that he has been set up.

The mission is an assassination that Bob executes perfectly and comes out alive. He becomes the sole target of a manhunt on a national scale. His only allies are an FBI agent discredited by the agency and a woman he just met. Bob becomes a man on the run. He makes use of his lethal military skills to break up the dark conspiracy of mammoth proportions and track down the men who set him up.

Hot Springs: Hot Springs is the first installment in the Earl Swagger novel series by Stephen Hunter. Earl Swagger, the central character is a highly decorated ex-Marine with high moral and professional integrity. Despite his tough façade, Earl has skeletons in his cupboard. He is constantly disturbed by his childhood memories which feature an abusive paternal figure. At the same time, he is worried about his impending role as a father.

The gripping tale by Stephen Hunter is set in the summer of 1946 when organized crime ran the show and American justice had gone south. Arkansas happens to be the capital of corruption and crime.

When the District Attorney vows to bring organized crime in the capital down, Earl Swagger is recruited for the job. The novel is punctuated by raids on casinos marked by fights, fleeing johns, screaming women of the night and an ever-increasing body count.

Pale Horse Coming: The second novel in the three book Earl Swagger series by Stephen Hunter is Pale Horse Coming. The novel is set in 1951 Mississippi, specifically in Thebes State Penal Farm, the last place where anyone in their right mind would want to visit. There are very few people who make it there. Even the few who manage to make it to Thebes, there are even fewer who return from the penal state farm.

Former Marine, Sergeant Earl Swagger, an Arkansas State Police Sergeant is the central character in the Stephen Hunter novel. When an old friend of his disappears in the bowels of Thebes, Swagger takes it upon himself to find out how and why. When Earl infiltrates the dark penal farm, the experience challenges his tough guy constitution. He plunges head-on into a dark world that is defined by evil savagery. Earl manages to barely escape with his life and sanity intact. Swagger does not intend to stay away. As he plans his vengeance and return to Thebes, he recruits six of the toughest, best and deadliest gunmen in town.