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Steve’s passion for writing began at a very tender age, and his first ever completed story was done during an English lesson. However, after reading the novel, Steve was compelled to talk to the school’s head teacher for almost one year, due to the bad language and violent content in the book. Steve’s next story was One Boy. This time the teachers loved the story so much that it got him an A. However, it took Steve nearly a decade before he started working on a full-length novel. The result was Crime against Magic, and the book is available on Amazon. Steve McHugh was born in the small village of Mexborough, Yorkshire. However, at the moment, Steve McHugh lives with his lovely wife and three daughters in Southampton.

Order of Hellequin Chronicles Series

1Crimes Against Magic 2012Description / Buy
2Born of Hatred 2012Description / Buy
3Infamous Reign (Short Story) 2013Description / Buy
4With Silent Screams 2014Description / Buy
5Prison of Hope 2015Description / Buy
6Lies Ripped Open 2015Description / Buy
7Promise of Wrath 2016Description / Buy
8Scorched Shadows 2017Description / Buy
9Frozen Rage (Short Story) 2020Description / Buy

Order of The Rebellion Chronicles Series

1Sorcery Reborn 2019Description / Buy
2Death Unleashed 2020Description / Buy
3Horsemen's War 2020Description / Buy

Order of The Avalon Chronicles Series

1A Glimmer of Hope 2018Description / Buy
2A Flicker of Steel 2018Description / Buy
3A Thunder of War 2018Description / Buy
4Hunted (Short Story) 2019Description / Buy

Order of Steve McHugh Short Stories/Novellas

1Blackcoat 2021Description / Buy
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Steve McHugh Awards

McHugh is yet to be awarded or nominated for any major literary award.

Steve McHugh Books into Movies

None of Steve McHugh’s books have been adapted for a screenplay.

Best Steve McHugh Books

The Harlequin Chronicles series is one of the best performing series by the author.

Crimes Against Magic: The first installment in this series is Crimes Against Magic, which is the author’s debut novel and also a dual story feature. Being the first installment in the book series, the author introduces the reader to one, Nathan Garret who is a sorcerer and currently on the run. Previously, Nathan was born again and had a successful life. Now, he is lying on the floor of a warehouse, remembering all the iota about his past life. Nathan’s life ever since has been a quiet one; thus many at times he did not alert those who surrounded him. However, he, later on, came to discover that there was a group of people who not only knew about his lost identity but are also out for his blood. Furthermore, Steve discovers that the same people are also after his neighbor’s young daughters.

In another scene, the author takes us to the fifteenth century where Steve is on a mission to retrieve a few soldiers and a young girl, from a gang of supernaturals who not only kill without any remorse but also refuse to die easily. All the subplots, showcase a man who is fighting against forces which are much more powerful than he is and also in the process trying to discover the truth. With that said, this novel is a fun read because it features a fast-paced plot. It begins with the current timeline, and then things begin to unravel promptly. In the second timeline, things are relish, and it does not take long before they take a much deadlier turn. Apart from that, the storyline has huge blobs of intrigue and action, thereby making the readers interested and turning pages to find out what happens next. If you are a fun of action packed stories, then this novel is definitely worth reading.

Born of Hatred: There was a period when everyone feared Nathan Garret. When his name was mentioned, everyone including his enemies was stopped right in their tracks. However, that time has long gone. One day, Nathan’s friend approaches him to ask for his assistance in an investigation that he had been conducting. He reluctantly agrees to assist him with the investigation. However, when they were conducting their investigations, they are led to a supernatural serial killer who is made up of pure evil, hatred, and malevolence. There are certain things that a 1,600-year-old sorcerer does not have the strength or will challenge. However, when the evil begins to challenge the people that he cares about his enemies are going to discover who Nathan is. With that said, this is an action-packed novel, which has been set in modern day England and features historical flashbacks to the nineteen century. This is the second installment in the Harlequin Chronicles and follows the bestseller Crimes Against Magic.

Lies Ripped Open: This is another novel that performed extremely well in the Harlequin Chronicles book series. In this novel, Nate the protagonist teams up with a fox creature and a thief sorcerer as they try to figure clues and also who is responsible for everything. In some cases, Nate manages to let out his nightmare to come out. With that said, the characters in this installment are not only realistic but also memorable and believable. Apart from the old characters, there are also new characters in this installment and several links between this installment and other books within this series.

When Does The Next Steve McHugh book come out?

Steve McHugh doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Blackcoat and was released on October, 5th 2021. It is the newest book in the Steve McHugh Short Stories/Novellas.

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