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Susan Branch is an author, designer, and watercolorist. She is widely known for the Heart of Home book series. Susan is the eldest of John Patrick Stuart and Patricia Louise’s eight children. Susan grew up in San Fernando Valley, which is located outside Los Angeles. Her very first commercial success came from the novel, Red Door Gallery. In the year 1982, Susan Branch moved to Martha’s Vineyard, an island that is located right on the coast of Massachusetts. In the year 1986, Hachette book groups published 11 of Susan’s books. In the year 1990, her novel Heart of Home was nominated for a James Beard award. Susan currently lives on the island with her spouse Joe Hall.

Order of Heart of the Home Books

1Heart of the Home 1986Description / Buy
2Vineyard Seasons 1988Description / Buy
3Christmas from the Heart of the Home 1990Description / Buy
4Days from the Heart of the Home 1996Description / Buy
5Autumn from the Heart of the Home 2004Description / Buy

Order of Susan Branch Inspirational Books

1Girl Power Little Book 2000Description / Buy
2Hats Little Book 2000Description / Buy
3Birdies Little Book 2000Description / Buy
4Drinks Little Book 2000Description / Buy
5Pretty Baby Little Book 2000Description / Buy
6Tea Little Book (Short Story) 2000Description / Buy
7Love Little Book (Short Story) 2000Description / Buy
8Spring Little Book (Short Story) 2000Description / Buy
9Flowers Little Book (Short Story) 2000Description / Buy
10Happy Birthday Little Book (Short Story) 2000Description / Buy
11Gratitude (Short Story) 2017Description / Buy

Order of Susan Branch Keepsake Books

1Baby Love (Short Story) 1992Description / Buy
2Love from the Heart of the Home 1994Description / Buy
3Christmas Joy 1995Description / Buy
4Sweets to the Sweet 1998Description / Buy
5Celebrations Keepsake Book (Short Story) 2000Description / Buy
6Wedding Blessings Keepsake Book (Short Story) 2000Description / Buy
7Baby Blessings Keepsake Book (Short Story) 2000Description / Buy
8Christmas Memories (Short Story) 2001Description / Buy
9Homemade Recipes 2010Description / Buy
10Susan Branch to My Daughter with Love from My Kitchen Recipe Keeper 2011Description / Buy
11Home Cooking Holiday Recipes Keepsake Collection 2012Description / Buy
12Keepsake Journal - To My Daughter with Love 2012Description / Buy
13My Story (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy
14Recipe Keepsake Book - Favorite Family Recipes 2018Description / Buy

Order of Susan Branch Memoirs

1The Fairy Tale Girl 2015Description / Buy
2Martha's Vineyard, Isle of Dreams 2016Description / Buy

Order of Susan Branch Self-Help Books

1Gardens Little Book (Short Story) 2000Description / Buy

Order of Susan Branch Travel Books

1A Fine Romance: Falling in Love with the English Countryside 2013Description / Buy

Order of Susan Branch Cookbooks

1The Summer Book 1995Description / Buy
2Little Dinners (Short Story) 2000Description / Buy
3Chocolate: It's Not Just for Breakfast Anymore (Short Story) 2000Description / Buy
4Girlfriends Forever 2000Description / Buy
5Cocktails 2000Description / Buy
6Home Cooking: Recipes From the Heart (Short Story) 2013Description / Buy

Order of Susan Branch Guided Journals

1Mom, Tell Me Your Story Illustrated Guided Journal (Short Story) 2010Description / Buy
2Tell Me Your Story Grandma Hydrangea 2012Description / Buy
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Susan Branch Awards

Susan Branch has not received any literary award.

Susan Branch Books into Movies

None of her books have been adapted into a screenplay.

Best Susan Branch Novels

The Fairy Tale Girl: This is one of the best performing series by the author, and it is based on the diary that Susan Branch had written during her teen years. This is the first book in a two book series. The two books are a well-illustrated memoir that has been charmingly designed in the author’s style full of personal photographs and whimsical watercolors. This is an enchanting story about loss and love, magic and mystery. The story begins with a geranium colored house which is located in California and just like any other fairy tale, the story ends up on the other side of a rabbit hole. The book ends in a cottage in New England.

This novel explores the Branch’s journey as a woman and as an artist from the 50’s to the 90’s. In this book, we get an overview of the author’s early life and her responsibilities as the oldest child in a family of eight. It also talks about the marriage that she had imagined. The novel is full of romance, discovery, and imagination and also a leap to the unknown. With that said, A Fairy Tale Girl is not just any other book, it is a Susan Branch classic, which has been sprinkled with Quotes and photos and watercolor paintings.

A Fine Romance: More than three years ago, Susan Branch decided to test the waters of self-publishing by publishing her very first autobiography. Susan published the novel, A Fine Romance in conjunction with a local hybrid press, which was located on Martha’s Vineyard. Emboldened by the experience that she had gained together with wanting more control of the process of publishing, Susan Branch decided that it was high time to do the process alone and launched her publishing company the year that followed, Spring Street Publishing. After launching her publishing company, Martha has reissued the 10th Anniversary of her autobiography, Autumn and another one titled the Fairy Tale Girl. A third and final volume of the trilogy was titled Martha’s Vineyard

Susan Branch Books into Movies

It is expected that Branch’s work could get an expected boost on the large or small screen. Earlier this year, one, Cope Entertainment who were keen on developing her trilogy into a television series or film, contacted Susan Branch. If the project is successful, then Branch is going to spend one year in Hollywood while working on the movie’s script. Currently, Branch’s lawyers are negotiating on her contract with Cope Entertainment.

If you are a fan of Beatrix Potter, Charles Dickens and Tasha Tudor, then you are going to love A Fine Romance. This installment reads like a carefully crafted diary and travel journal that is complete with quotes from wise and influential people and color pictures Apart from all the various elements which makes this novel sound like a feel good story. It is also full of some exceedingly useful information for travelers and great travel tips that travelers can use when traveling to England. This installment is a part travel guide and part travel journey journal thus; you are going to love this book. Furthermore, the great thing about this book is the description of the various sites in England.

In A Fine Romance, Susan gives detailed information about her life and also imparts on some exceedingly wonderful facts about how she managed to purchase her firm and also save an entire village. Susan also highlights how she ended up becoming a farmer and how she left the farm to the care National Trust. Each of the pages in this book leads the reader on a journey that Susan traveled. Other areas that the author has highlighted in the book include the Cotswolds, Yorkshire Dales, Lacock, and Aylesbury.

When Does The Next Susan Branch book come out?

Susan Branch doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Recipe Keepsake Book - Favorite Family Recipes and was released on March, 15th 2018. It is the newest book in the Susan Branch Keepsake Books.

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