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Susan Hill is an award-winning English author that has written fiction and nonfiction. Born in 1942 in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, she attended Scarborough Convent School, Barr’s Hill, and King’s College London. Barr’s Hill was also home to Jennifer Page, who eventually became Millennium Dome’s first Chief Executive.

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Order of Simon Serrailler Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Various Haunts of Men 2004 Description / Buy
2 The Pure in Heart 2005 Description / Buy
3 The Risk of Darkness 2006 Description / Buy
4 The Vows of Silence 2006 Description / Buy
5 The Shadows in the Street 2010 Description / Buy
6 The Betrayal of Trust 2011 Description / Buy
7 A Question of Identity 2012 Description / Buy
8 A Breach of Security (Short Story) 2014 Description / Buy
9 The Soul of Discretion 2014 Description / Buy
10 Hero (Short Story) 2016 Description / Buy
11 Old Haunts (Short Story) 2018 Description / Buy
12 The Comforts of Home 2018 Description / Buy
13 Revenge (Short Story) 2019 Description / Buy
14 The Benefit of Hindsight 2020 Description / Buy
15 A Change of Circumstance 2021 Description / Buy

Order of The Woman in Black Series with Martyn Waites

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Woman in Black: A Ghost Story (Short Story) 1983 Description / Buy
2 The Woman in Black: Angel of Death ( By: Martyn Waites) 2013 Description / Buy

Order of Susan Hill Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Enclosure 1961 Description / Buy
2 Do Me a Favour 1963 Description / Buy
3 Gentleman and Ladies 1968 Description / Buy
4 A Change for the Better 1969 Description / Buy
5 Strange Meeting 1971 Description / Buy
6 The Bird of Night 1973 Description / Buy
7 In the Springtime of the Year 1975 Description / Buy
8 Air and Angels 1991 Description / Buy
9 The Mist in the Mirror 1992 Description / Buy
10 Mrs. deWinter 1993 Description / Buy
11 The Service of Clouds 1998 Description / Buy
12 The Man in the Picture 2007 Description / Buy
13 The Beacon 2008 Description / Buy
14 The Battle for Gullywith 2009 Description / Buy
15 The Small Hand 2010 Description / Buy
16 A Kind Man 2011 Description / Buy
17 Dolly Signed 2012 Description / Buy
18 From the Heart 2017 Description / Buy

Order of Susan Hill Short Stories/Novellas

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Custodian (Short Story) 1972 Description / Buy
2 The Albatross (Short Story) 1973 Description / Buy
3 The Elephant Man (Short Story) 1975 Description / Buy
4 Crystal (Short Story) 2012 Description / Buy
5 Black Sheep (Short Story) 2013 Description / Buy
6 Hunger (Short Story) 2013 Description / Buy
7 Printer's Devil Court (Short Story) 2013 Description / Buy
8 Irish Twins (Short Story) 2014 Description / Buy

Order of Susan Hill Short Story Collections

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Albatross and Other Stories 1971 Description / Buy
2 A Bit of Singing and Dancing and Other Stories 1973 Description / Buy
3 The Cold Country, And Other Plays For Radio 1975 Description / Buy
4 Stories from Codling Village (Short Story) 1990 Description / Buy
5 The Christmas Collection (Short Story) 1994 Description / Buy
6 Listening to the Orchestra (Short Story) 1996 Description / Buy
7 The Boy Who Taught the Beekeeper to Read and Other Stories 2003 Description / Buy
8 Farthing House and Other Stories 2006 Description / Buy
9 The Woman in Black and Other Ghost Stories 2015 Description / Buy
10 The Travelling Bag and Other Ghostly Stories 2016 Description / Buy
11 Walter & Florence and Other Stories 2020 Description / Buy

Order of Susan Hill Children's Books

# Read Title Published Details
1 I'm The King Of The Castle 1970 Description / Buy
2 The Glass Angels 1991 Description / Buy
3 Friends Next Door 1992 Description / Buy
4 A Very Special Birthday (Short Story) 1992 Description / Buy
5 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz 2021 Description / Buy

Order of Susan Hill Picture Books

# Read Title Published Details
1 One Night at a Time / Go Away Bad Dreams (Short Story) 1985 Description / Buy
2 Mother's Magic 1988 Description / Buy
3 Can It Be True? (Short Story) 1988 Description / Buy
4 Suzy's Shoes 1989 Description / Buy
5 I Won't Go There Again 1990 Description / Buy
6 Septimus Honeydew (Short Story) 1990 Description / Buy
7 Pirate Poll (Short Story) 1991 Description / Buy
8 Beware Beware (Short Story) 1993 Description / Buy
9 King of Kings (Short Story) 1993 Description / Buy

Order of Susan Hill Non-Fiction Books

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Magic Apple Tree 1982 Description / Buy
2 Through the Kitchen Window 1984 Description / Buy
3 Through the Garden Gate 1986 Description / Buy
4 The Lighting of the Lamps 1987 Description / Buy
5 Shakespeare Country 1987 Description / Buy
6 Lanterns Across the Snow 1987 Description / Buy
7 The Spirit of the Cotswolds 1988 Description / Buy
8 Family 1989 Description / Buy
9 The Spirit of Britain 1995 Description / Buy
10 Reflections from a Garden 1997 Description / Buy
11 Howards End is on the Landing 2009 Description / Buy

Susan Hill Anthologies

# Read Title Published Details
1 Best for Winter 1979 Description / Buy
2 New Stories 5: An Arts Council Anthology 1980 Description / Buy
3 People 1983 Description / Buy
4 The Parchment Moon 1990 Description / Buy
5 The Random House Book of Ghost Stories 1990 Description / Buy
6 The Walker Book of Ghost Stories 1990 Description / Buy
7 The Penguin Book of Modern Women's Short Stories 1992 Description / Buy
8 Funny Stories 1995 Description / Buy
9 Contemporary Women's Short Stories 1995 Description / Buy
10 The Second Penguin Book of Modern Women's Short Stories 1997 Description / Buy
11 A Distant Cry 2002 Description / Buy
12 The Library Book 2012 Description / Buy
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Susan was still in her first year of university when she published ‘The Enclosure,’ her first novel, which some publications criticized for its sexual content. But the book did not define her, and she wrote other stories in the years that followed, including ‘Gentleman and Ladies’ and ‘The Woman in Black,’ which received a live-action movie adaptation.

According to the author, when she began writing her first novel at the age of 16, she knew nothing. Fortunately, she started reading at the age of four, and the texts she encountered during her childhood taught her what she needed to know.

Susan learned to write by sitting down and writing. She quickly realized that the industry had very few rules if any. Her first book made a much bigger splash than she expected because of the era in which it was published. By 1960, many people had started dismissing Susan as the teenager that wrote about sex in her books.

Her school eventually expelled Susan. As an adult, she came to realize that the event wasn’t anything special and that every book she wrote was an opportunity to start over. But as a younger woman, she didn’t know any better.
Her second novel was a failure, and it showed her that earning a living as an author wouldn’t be easy. Things changed later on, but it took decades for Susan to secure substantial security as a writer.

As an established author, Susan has come to the understanding that she writes for herself. Other people matter, especially peers in the industry whose opinion she values, not to mention her readers. But her opinion is equally important. She writes to please herself, and she has to come first.

The author writes instinctively. She doesn’t plan. Instead, Susan figures things out as she goes. She jots a few ideas down, including names and a few suggestions for scenes. Initially, she wrote by hand with a fountain pen.
The physical act of writing was challenging, which is why she avoided revisions and re-writing were possible.

Laptops made the task more manageable. Nonetheless, the author tends to restrict her manuscripts to a single draft.
She encourages authors to realize that writing doesn’t have rules, and you can basically do what you want.

Susan Hill Awards

Susan won the Whitbread Prize in 1972. She also received a Man Booker Prize nomination in that same year.

Susan Hill Books Into Movies

The Woman in Black received a television adaptation in 1989 and a movie adaptation (starring Daniel Radcliffe) in 2012.

Best Susan Hill Books

The author was married to Stanley Wells. They had three daughters, one of whom died at five weeks. Her relationship with Stanley became muddled when she left him for Barbara Machin and then Rhona Cameron, though she assured the public that her marriage was still intact. Susan Hill’s best books include:

The Woman in Black: Author Kipps was a young solicitor looking to settle Mrs. Alice Drablow’s affairs. Kipps did not expect much from the routine formalities on the isolated causeway.

He had no idea that a nightmare awaited him on the English moor until rocking chairs and the screams of children started to haunt the halls of the house. If Kipps isn’t careful, he may fall prey to The Woman in Black.

The Various Haunts of Men: For Freya Graffham, life in the Cathedral town of Lafferton was pleasant enough. Her community was peaceful, and she was a perfect fit for the local force. Additionally, she couldn’t keep her eyes off Chief Inspector Simon Serrailler.

But then she stumbled upon a missing persons report she could not ignore, and everything changed. People in Freya’s new home started disappearing, confirming her concern that the missing persons report wasn’t an isolated incident.
Now, her search for answers has begun in earnest. She has the backing of the local police force. This has created an opportunity for Freya to work in close proximity with Serrailler.

When Does The Next Susan Hill book come out?

Susan Hill doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is A Change of Circumstance and was released on October, 29th 2021. It is the newest book in the Simon Serrailler Series.

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