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Susanna Gregory is a British author that writes historical mysteries. Born in 1958, Gregory was a West Yorkshire Police officer, a fact that surprises her fans because they associate the author with her academic work.

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2 The World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories 3 2002 Description / Buy
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Gregory was a police officer for only three years. Although, she saw plenty of unpleasant practices. She abandoned the field to enroll at the University of Durham. Later on, she joined the University of Cambridge to pursue her Ph.D.

She spent her post-doctoral research looking at the heavy metals in the teeth and bones of seals. She was investigating the impact of environmental pollution on the animals.

After a while, she turned her attention to whales and walruses. The author’s academic life was rich and rewarding, taking her to places like the Arctic to study marine mammals.

She also used her extensive knowledge and experience to train the next generation of scholars by teaching comparative anatomy and biological anthropology.

Her time at Cambridge, both as a fellow and tutor, was particularly engaging because it exposed her to the political infighting that informed her writing. Gregory’s decision to delve into historical fiction was hardly a surprise.

She grew up in Bristol, which exposed her to medieval history. She discovered her passion for the subject early on, which is why the author’s bibliography is littered with volumes that dissect castles and cathedrals.

She doesn’t know why she selected the particular eras in which her novels are set. However, as a scholar, they piqued her interest because so much was happening, from the Black Death to the Wars in France and the political strife in Britain.

Gregory was instinctually drawn to unstable eras that brought about great change because they created a multitude of storytelling opportunities. Even though her time with the West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police was short, she appreciates those years because they taught her a lot about human beings and the depths to which they can descend.

She witnessed more grisly details than she would have liked. However, Gregory also remembers surprising acts of kindness. Her time as a police officer did not necessarily sour her opinion on humanity.

This sentiment is apparent in her fiction. The author is still a scholar. Even though writing consumes a significant portion of her day, she still holds a position as a Research Associate (Scott Polar Research Institute).

Because her novels are set in historical periods, she does significant amounts of research. Gregory encourages aspiring historical fiction authors to approach online sources cautiously because most of the information they publish is not peer-reviewed.

While Susanna Gregory uses the internet on occasion, most of her research comes from physical books because she can trust them. They have never disappointed her.

Gregory tries to report historical events accurately. But she is not afraid to exaggerate the personalities of actual historical figures. She doesn’t have a choice in the matter because information about some historical figures is scarce.

Historical texts only reveal what people in the past did. They don’t say anything about the personalities of those individuals. This forces Gregory to take artistic liberties.

Best Susanna Gregory Books

The author is married to a fellow writer. Her real name is Elizabeth Cruwys. ‘Susanna Gregory’ is a pen name. Gregory’s best books include:

A Plague on Both Your Houses: 1348 was a deadly year. The Black Death had ravaged Europe, and it was slowly advancing upon England. At the time, Matthew Bartholomew had bigger concerns. A Cambridge scholar was dead, and for some reason, the authorities at the university had no interest in investigating the murder.

When the body count started to climb, Bartholomew defied his superiors and took action. By the time the Black Death arrived, the doctor was mired in a mystery that threatened to claim his life.

A Bone of Contention: The first time Bartholomew was called to the King’s Ditch, people had discovered mysterious bones. The second time he came, a student was dead. The victim’s former lover had disappeared, a development that shocked the community because Dominica was the daughter of an important man.

Bartholomew was still struggling to make sense of these events when a skeletal hand appeared in the ditch. The townsfolk thought it was a holy relic, but Bartholomew knew he had finally discovered a significant clue.

When Does The Next Susanna Gregory book come out?

Susanna Gregory doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Pudding Lane Plot and was released on December, 13th 2022. It is the newest book in the Thomas Chaloner Series.

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