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Tabitha King is American bestselling author and an activist. She is the wife of the prolific author Stephen King. She is the eldest daughter of Raymond George Spruce (1923-2014) and Sarah Jane Spruce (1923-2007). King attended the University of Maine where she met the love of her life Stephen King during her job at the Raymond Library. The couple had their first child, Naomi Rachel in 1970 and got married in 1971. Their second child, Joseph Hillstrom King in 1972 and 1977 had their Owen Phillip King. As of 2006, the author had published two non-fictions and eight novels. Signet Books published her first novel Small World in 1981. Candles Burning was released in 2006 by Berkley Books, this novel was originally written by Michael McDowell who passed on in 1999, and the late author family asked her to finish the work.

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Order of Lore Series with Stephanie Ketchum

# Read Title Published Details
1 Lore: Obscured 2016 Description / Buy
2 Lore: The Anima 2018 Description / Buy

Order of Tabitha King Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published Details
1 Small World 1981 Description / Buy
2 Survivor 1982 Description / Buy
3 The Trap / Wolves at the Door 1982 Description / Buy
4 Caretakers (Short Story) 1983 Description / Buy
5 Pearl 1988 Description / Buy
6 One on One 1993 Description / Buy
7 The Book of Reuben 1994 Description / Buy
8 Candles Burning 2006 Description / Buy

Tabitha King Anthologies

# Read Title Published Details
1 Stranger: Dark Tales of Eerie Encounters 2002 Description / Buy
2 The Chronicles of Harris Burdick 2011 Description / Buy
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King has served on several committees and boards in the state of Maine including Bangor Public Library board. Furthermore, she had also served in Public Broadcasting System in 1994. Apart from non-fictions and novels, King has also published short stories and poetry. The author’s work has received mixed and positive reception. For instance, Pearl was positively acclaimed by the Bangor Daily News and Los Angeles Times. On the other hand, Survivor was highly criticized by the Chicago Tribune. One on One was also criticized by The Arizona Daily Star referring to King as a hack while the Rocky Mountain News and Entertainment Weekly Time gave the novel positive reviews.


Here are some notable awards won by King: Down Achievement Award (1992), she was also awarded the 1998 Constance H. Carlson Public Humanities Prize. In 1987, the University of Maine awarded King with honorary doctorates of humane letters.


These are two best books written by Tabitha King, One on One and The Book of Reuben.

One on One: Milltown Greenspark, a small town school, located in the west of Maine has one claim to fame: it basketball team. Sam Style is a hero on the court and has led the local Academy to three consecutive championships. He is also an off court giant as well and sends a shockwave through the team management when he decides that winning the fourth time in his high school career would not be enough, but he would also want the girl’s team to win as well.

In between the state trophy and the girls is a person who is their very best hope of getting a winning, a sophomore known as Mutant or Deanie Gauthier. She is a quicksilver playmaker but disliked while Sam is famous, and if the girls have to make it to the championship and win school a trophy, Sam has to straighten her out.

For Sam, saving the only hope for the girl’s team is not an easy task at all. However, however, behind the tough, wild girl, Sam finds an unexpected soul mate, but he is not yet ready for a volatile and disturbing relationship that sparks between them. He only wants her to make sure that her team qualifies for the championship but Deanie wants to take him to a place that he has never been before. The couple ends up getting more than they bargained for and Deanie must surrender all her secrets shadowed by her mutant face and Sam must carry their burden. This is an exchange destined to transform both their lives.

One on One is an incredible and an engaging story about sexual initiation, awakening in love and how growing up breaks and also remakes family. It is a story of an episode full of pain and triumph when the lives of two human beings fatefully intertwine.

The Book of Reuben: In this novel, we meet Reuben Styles a now an adult and takes over a local filling station. He marries the girl that he has always loved since he was a teen and fathers three children. Even though involved in a marriage that even Reuben recognizes as a disaster, he is unprepared for Laura unforgiving behavior when she asks him for a divorce.

The book of Reuben explores the changes of time and place, Nodd’s Ridge and its folks come truly alive as the authors deeply involving book vividly captures the searing and the gritty reality of the small town America. It is full of explosive emotions, filled with anger, confrontation, love, and reconciliation, and it touches the hearts of the readers and casts light in their own lives.

When Does The Next Tabitha King book come out?

Tabitha King doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Lore: The Anima and was released on March, 28th 2018. It is the newest book in the Lore Series.

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