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Tedd Dekker is a bestselling and award-winning author that writes Christian mysteries and thrillers. He was born in Indonesia in 1962. Dekker had a unique upbringing. Because his parents were missionaries, he spent his childhood among cannibalistic head hunter tribes in the darker sections of Indonesia.

Order of Circle Series

1Black 2003Description / Buy
2Red 2004Description / Buy
3White 2004Description / Buy
4Green 2009Description / Buy

Order of Paradise Series

1Showdown 2005Description / Buy
2Saint 2006Description / Buy
3Sinner 2008Description / Buy

Order of Lost Series

1Chosen 2007Description / Buy
2Infidel 2007Description / Buy
3Renegade 2008Description / Buy
4Chaos 2008Description / Buy
5Lunatic ( With: Kaci Hill) 2009Description / Buy
6Elyon ( With: Kaci Hill) 2009Description / Buy

Order of Books Of Mortals Series with Tosca Lee

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2Forbidden 2011Description / Buy
3Mortal 2012Description / Buy
4Sovereign 2013Description / Buy

Order of Books Of History Chronicles Series

1House ( With: Frank E Peretti) 2006Description / Buy
2Skin 2006Description / Buy
3Immanuel's Veins 2010Description / Buy

Order of Circle Graphic Novels

1Black: The Birth of Evil (Short Story) 2007Description / Buy
2Red: The Heroic Rescue (Short Story) 2007Description / Buy
3White: The Great Pursuit (Short Story) 2007Description / Buy

Order of Lost Graphic Novels

1Chosen (Short Story) 2008Description / Buy
2Infidel (Short Story) 2008Description / Buy
3Renegade (Short Story) 2009Description / Buy
4Chaos (Short Story) 2009Description / Buy

Order of A.D. Series

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2A.D. 33 2015Description / Buy

Order of Beyond The Circle Series

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2Rise of the Mystics 2018Description / Buy

Order of Danny Hansen Series

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Order of Martyr's Song Series

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Order of Caleb Series

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Order of Dream Traveler's Quest Series with

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3The Garden and the Serpent 2018Description / Buy
4The Final Judgment 2018Description / Buy

Order of Outlaw Chronicles Series

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2Eyes Wide Open 2014Description / Buy
3Water Walker 2014Description / Buy
4Hacker 2014Description / Buy

Order of Ted Dekker Standalone Novels

1Blink / Blink of an Eye 2002Description / Buy
2Thr3e 2003Description / Buy
3Obsessed 2005Description / Buy
4Adam 2008Description / Buy
5Kiss ( With: Erin Healy) 2009Description / Buy
6BoneMan's Daughters 2009Description / Buy
7The Bride Collector 2009Description / Buy
8Burn ( With: Erin Healy) 2010Description / Buy
9The Girl Behind the Red Rope ( With: Rachelle Dekker) 2019Description / Buy
10Play Dead 2021Description / Buy

Order of Ted Dekker Children's Books

1The Promise 2005Description / Buy
2The Drummer Boy 2006Description / Buy

Order of Ted Dekker Non-Fiction Books

1The Slumber of Christianity 2005Description / Buy
2Tea with Hezbollah ( With:) 2010Description / Buy
3Waking Up: How I Found My Faith By Losing It (Short Story) 2015Description / Buy
4The Forgotten Way Meditations 2015Description / Buy
5The Way of Love, Book 1 2018Description / Buy
6The Way of Love, Book 2 2018Description / Buy
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Dekker had to learn to live with the fear generated by the spiritualism and animism that was rife in his community. He doesn’t deny the fact that the more disturbing aspects of his stories were inspired by his upbringing.

Decker’s novels are filled with demented antagonists that commit the most heinous crimes. The author’s father suggested in interviews that Dekker exaggerated his childhood experiences. He did not deny that life in Indonesia was difficult. However, he also added that Dekker’s young mind had made some of the challenging events the family encountered in Indonesia far more dramatic.

Dekker doesn’t agree with this perception. He has spoken of co-workers of his parents who were not only killed during those days but also eaten by cannibals. This incident only served to cement the writer’s worries. It showed him that his life and the lives of his parents were on the line.

Even though he lived in Indonesia with his parents, Ted Dekker was a lonely child. It was common practice for missionaries in the country to send their children off to a school on the coast. This felt like an entire world away.

For Dekker’s mother, the ordeal was quite difficult. Dekker was just as distressed by this experience. He was a stranger in a country whose culture he did not fully understand. However, this fueled his imagination. He would often retreat to the worlds he had created in his mind, worlds that he could control.

Dekker’s time in Indonesia did not last. Eventually, he went to the US from where he graduated from college after studying Philosophy and Religion. After deciding to settle in the country, Dekker entered the corporate arena. He was quite successful.

He would acquire companies, grow them, and then sell them down the line. Even though he was successful in his endeavors and his bank account was healthy, the author was restless. He had experimented with writing before, but only as a hobby.

He finally decided to dedicate his life to the activity in the 1990s. This was after visiting a friend who had just entered the publishing field.

The first two books the author wrote were failures. Dekker never published them. Rather, he completed them within two years and then decided to rewrite them. Even though this was a setback, Dekker had enjoyed the writing process so much that he sold his businesses and became a full-time writer.

Within two years, the author had published his first novel. This first success gave way to several mysteries and thrillers. Dekker uses his stories to explore truths about God and human beings.

Ted Dekker Awards

Dekker has won numerous accolades, including Christy Awards and the RT Reviewers Choice Award. He has been nominated for a Colorado Blue Spruce Award.

Ted Dekker Books into Movies

‘Three’ and ‘House’ received film adaptations

Best Ted Dekker Books

Even though he doesn’t want people to call him a Christian Author, Dekker’s faith makes appearances in his stories. Some of his best novels include:

The Birth of Evil: Thomas Hunter had no idea that he held the destinies of two worlds in his hands. But then his attempts to escape his assailants ended with a bullet clipping his head. When he woke up, Hunter was in another world.

When this dream faded and Hunter returned to the real world, he wasn’t sure whether he should dismiss the dream world or accept it as a fact. But then he fell asleep and returned to the dream world. Now Hunter must come to terms with a reality he doesn’t fully understand.

The Heroic Rescue
When an assailant’s bullet nearly killed him, Thomas Hunter woke up in a fantastical world where good and evil were locked in battle. He realized that the dream world was the future of the real world. He resolved to protect both realities from evil.

At the start of this novel, Hunter has been in the dream world for over a decade. Referred to by some as General Thomas, Hunter carries a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders. He has to match wits with an enemy general who is not only bolder but far more cunning.

When Does The Next Ted Dekker book come out?

Ted Dekker doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Play Dead and was released on January, 1st 2021.


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