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Tim Dorsey is American bestselling novelist. He was born in Indiana, relocated to Florida at the age of one year and spent his childhood in Riviera Beach, a small town in Palm Beach County. Dorsey went to Bishop Guertin High School after graduating in 1979; he joined Auburn University where started editing student newspaper, The Auburn Plainsman. He graduated with a degree in Transportation in 1983. After his graduation, he relocated to Montgomery, Alabama where he worked for as a police reporter for the local newspaper and later relocated to Tampa, Florida and wrote for The Tampa Tribune. He resigned from The Tampa Tribune in 1999 and began writing full time.

Order of Serge A. Storms Series

1Florida Roadkill 1999Description / Buy
2Hammerhead Ranch Motel 2000Description / Buy
3Orange Crush 2001Description / Buy
4Triggerfish Twist 2002Description / Buy
5The Stingray Shuffle 2003Description / Buy
6Cadillac Beach 2004Description / Buy
7Torpedo Juice 2005Description / Buy
8The Big Bamboo 2006Description / Buy
9Hurricane Punch 2007Description / Buy
10Atomic Lobster 2008Description / Buy
11Nuclear Jellyfish 2009Description / Buy
12Gator A-Go-Go 2010Description / Buy
13Electric Barracuda 2011Description / Buy
14When Elves Attack 2011Description / Buy
15Pineapple Grenade 2012Description / Buy
16The Riptide Ultra-Glide 2013Description / Buy
17Tropical Warning (Short Story) 2013Description / Buy
18Tiger Shrimp Tango 2014Description / Buy
19Shark Skin Suite 2015Description / Buy
20Coconut Cowboy 2016Description / Buy
21Clownfish Blues 2017Description / Buy
22The Pope of Palm Beach 2018Description / Buy
23No Sunscreen for the Dead 2019Description / Buy
24Naked Came the Florida Man 2020Description / Buy
25Tropic of Stupid 2021Description / Buy
26Mermaid Confidential 2022Description / Buy

Order of Tim Dorsey Non-Fiction Books

1Squall Lines (Short Story) 2012Description / Buy
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The author’s first book is Florida Roadkill which was published in 1999. Other novels include Hammerhead Ranch Motel (2000), Orange Crush (2001), Triggerfish Twist (2002) among many others.


Clownfish Blues and Coconut Cowboy were featured in 2017 Booklist, and 2015 Publishers Weekly starred reviews respectively. Nuclear Jellyfish, won the 2009 Florida Book Award for Popular Fiction category. Shark Skin Suite was featured in 2015 Audio File & 2015 Publishers Weekly starred reviews respectively.


A television series based on Tim Dorsey books is in development with Sonar Entertainment. The series name title will be Florida Roadkill.


These are two best books by Tim Dorsey, Florida Roadkill, and Hammerhead Ranch Motel.

Florida Road Kill: Meet Serge A. Storms who enjoys eliminating jerks and pests and his partner Coleman who loves watching cartoons. Then there is the Hot stripper Sharon Rhodes who loves cocaine and more so when purchased using dead men money.

On the other hand, there is David and Sean who love fishing and are also kind to animals- and who are about to come across a suitcase with million dollars of stolen insurance money. Serge desperately wants the briefcase, and so is Sharon, while Coleman wants more drugs and the suitcase as well. Meanwhile, there is murder by gun, Barbie doll, Space Shuttle and Levi’s 501s. Otherwise, welcome to Tim Dorsey Florida where no one comes out untanned and unscathed.

The first novel in Serge Storms series is an interesting read; this is precisely the Florida that Hiaasen and Dave Berry warned us about, with a cast of colorful and exciting characters most of which are criminals and engaging in the reckless and violent behavior. Corrupt retirement community manager, black widow, trio of killers, bikers, an alcoholic orthodontist are some of the people who collide when the five million dollars and some random even get everyone moving in the same direction.

The main protagonists are some couple of friends who are out on vacation and who just want to have some little fishing and watch the Florida Marlins win. Serge Storms is an interesting character; he is unique, you can say that he is a hybrid of Hannibal Lector, Hunter S. Thompson, and MacGyver. Even though he regularly suffers from a series of mental disorders such as OCD and ADD, he demonstrates the deep love of Florida culture and history. Sometimes his moral balance is a bit off center, he sometimes comes up with some illegal money making schemes, and he has no problem with killing people whom behavior seems unacceptable. His techniques of dealing with the people are often elaborate and bizarre. In summary, he is dark and twisted and utterly fantastic.

Hammerhead Ranch Motel: Hammerhead Ranch Motel is the second book in Serge Storms series. The novel picks off from where the first book in the series Florida Roadkill left off.

There is a distinct slimeball or schemer behind every locked door; there cocaine addicts who have survived, a hard luck escort who is desperate to score, an undercover agent who is busting other secret agents who are working against the undercover cops. Moreover, just down the line, there is the local historian and a natural killer Serge A. Storms- who has stopped taking his medications and is still in search of the briefcase with 5 million dollars. Now he is capable of causing more havoc even than the tornado Rolando berto, the big and strong wing gathering its force offshore and just waiting for the perfect moment to gust everything directly to hell.

Pack up you summer gear and head down to hot Florida, leave your logical mind and come heavily armed. There is one more empty room space with your details on it at Hammerhead Ranch Motel.

When Does The Next Tim Dorsey book come out?

The next book by Tim Dorsey is Mermaid Confidential and will be released on January, 25th 2022. It is the newest book in the Serge A. Storms Series.


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