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Tim Green is a retired NFL player that writes award-winning fiction. Born in 1963 in Liverpool, New York, Green’s education included stints at Liverpool High School and Syracuse University. He joined the Atlanta Falcons in 1986. Though, he continued to study law whilst also pursuing his writing career.

Order of Casey Jordan Series

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2Above the Law 2009Description / Buy
3False Convictions 2010Description / Buy

Order of Football Genius Series

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2Football Hero 2008Description / Buy
3Football Champ 2009Description / Buy
4The Big Time 2010Description / Buy
5Deep Zone 2011Description / Buy
6Perfect Season 2013Description / Buy

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Order of Tim Green Standalone Novels

1Ruffians 1993Description / Buy
2Titans 1994Description / Buy
3Outlaws 1996Description / Buy
4Marauders 1997Description / Buy
5The Red Zone 1998Description / Buy
6Double Reverse 1999Description / Buy
7The Fourth Perimeter 2002Description / Buy
8The Fifth Angel 2003Description / Buy
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21Final Season 2021Description / Buy

Order of Tim Green Short Stories/Novellas

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Order of Tim Green Non-Fiction Books

1The Dark Side of the Game 1997Description / Buy
2A Man and His Mother 1997Description / Buy
3Road to the NFL 2002Description / Buy
4Record Breakers 2003Description / Buy

Tim Green Anthologies

1 The Mighty Johns2002Description / Buy
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By the time he retired from the NFL in 1994, Green had plenty of options to choose from where his future was concerned. He contributed his talents to several shows, including ‘Fox NFL Sunday’, ‘Find My Family’, and ‘A Current Affair’.

The first few years of the author’s life were spent writing fiction for adults. But it wasn’t until he turned his attention towards fiction for young readers that his publishing star exploded. To promote his work, Green started visiting schools and speaking to children.

He quickly found that he had a passion for the hundreds of thousands of kids that kept gathering to hear his message. Green hasn’t stopped encouraging children to pursue their dreams. He keeps emphasizing the fact that, as a child, he dreamed of becoming an NFL player. However, his desire to write novels was just as strong.

And as an adult, he eventually achieved both dreams. Green wants young people to prioritize kindness and personal relationships rather than money and fame. He wants students to realize that there is more to life than the glamour that Hollywood promotes.

A husband and father of five children, Green is quite active in the legal field. He spent several years with a firm (Barclay Damon LLP) that expanded its reach within the fields of energy and intellectual property because of Green’s efforts.

The author eventually joined forces with Scott Brenneck (Former Assistant District Attorney) to form a criminal defense firm.

Tim Green attracts a lot of respect because of his versatility. The fact that he went to law school while playing in the NFL shocks most people. Green imputes the decision to his mother, a teacher, who was always emphasizing the importance of education.

As a young athlete, Green saw several older players whose lives crumbled once their NFL careers ended. Green knew that his own career would end one day, and he studied Law because he wanted a second career upon which he could fall back once he retired.

Green admits that his schedule was quite hectic. It took him six years (rather than three) to graduate because he could only study in the spring semester. He would take his classes in the morning, train in the afternoon, and then care for his wife and children at night.

Squeezing writing into that equation wasn’t easy but he succeeded. Green wrote several suspense novels before a Harper Collins creative director reached out to him. After realizing that he was a former NFL player, she asked Green to use his experiences in the NFL to write fiction for children. This conversation compelled the author to write “Football Genius” which became a bestseller.

Tim Green Awards

Green won the Buckeye Children’s Book award for “Perfect Season”. He has been nominated for Mark Twain Readers, Golden Archer, Isinglass Teen Read, Iowa Teen, and Truman Readers Awards, to mention but a few.

Best Tim Green Books

Besides reading and writing, Green enjoys boating, hunting, and fishing, with some of his best novels including:

Football Genius: Troy White is determined to lead the Falcons to Championship glory. Troy is only 12 but that doesn’t make him any less confident in his abilities. The boy can predict football plays. It is the sort of gift that would make the Falcons invincible. But that is only if their mean coach will listen.

Troy thinks he has a chance of infiltrating the team now that his mother has landed a job working for them. To succeed, he must convince Seth Halloway, a linebacker, that his special gift is real.

Unstoppable: Harrison thought his dream of playing in the NFL was foolish. As a foster kid living in a horrible home, he knew it was the longest of shots. But then the unexpected happened. Not only was Harrison adopted by a loving family but his new father was a football coach.

Before he could fully comprehend his luck, Harrison was suddenly thrust into the limelight. With his father’s help and his big build, Harrison had become his junior high school team’s star running back.

He never expected his hopes to crush so quickly. But now that an injury has sidelined him, Harrison doesn’t know whether he has the strength to keep going.

When Does The Next Tim Green book come out?

Tim Green doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Final Season and was released on September, 14th 2021.


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