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Tim LaHaye was a Christian evangelist, author, speaker, and commentator before his death in 2016. Time Magazine called him one of the 25 most influential American Evangelicals. When he wasn’t pastoring churches in San Diego, LaHaye was busy founding accredited Christian High Schools (2 of them), San Diego Christian College, and a system of ten schools steeped heavily in the Christian faith.

Order of Babylon Rising Series

1Babylon Rising ( With: Greg Dinallo) 2003Description / Buy
2The Secret on Ararat ( With: Bob Phillips) 2004Description / Buy
3The Europa Conspiracy ( With: Bob Phillips) 2005Description / Buy
4The Edge of Darkness ( With: Bob Phillips) 2006Description / Buy

Order of Before They Were Left Behind Series with Jerry B. Jenkins

1The Rising 2005Description / Buy
2The Regime 2005Description / Buy
3The Rapture 2005Description / Buy

Order of Left Behind Series with Jerry B. Jenkins

1Left Behind 1995Description / Buy
2Tribulation Force 1996Description / Buy
3Nicolae 1997Description / Buy
4Soul Harvest 1998Description / Buy
5Apollyon 1999Description / Buy
6Assassins 1999Description / Buy
7The Indwelling 2000Description / Buy
8The Mark 2000Description / Buy
9Desecration 2001Description / Buy
10The Remnant 2002Description / Buy
11Armageddon 2003Description / Buy
12Glorious Appearing 2004Description / Buy
13The Rising 2005Description / Buy
14The Regime 2005Description / Buy
15The Rapture 2005Description / Buy
16Kingdom Come 2007Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Left Behind Series

1The Rising2005Description / Buy
2The Regime2005Description / Buy
3The Rapture2005Description / Buy
4Left Behind1995Description / Buy
5Tribulation Force1996Description / Buy
6Nicolae1997Description / Buy
7Soul Harvest1998Description / Buy
8Apollyon1999Description / Buy
9Assassins1999Description / Buy
10The Indwelling2000Description / Buy
11The Mark2000Description / Buy
12Desecration2001Description / Buy
13The Remnant2002Description / Buy
14Armageddon2003Description / Buy
15Glorious Appearing2004Description / Buy
16Kingdom Come2007Description / Buy

Order of Left Behind: The Kids Series with Jerry B. Jenkins, Chris Fabry

1The Vanishings 1998Description / Buy
2Second Chance 1998Description / Buy
3Through the Flames 1998Description / Buy
4Facing the Future 1998Description / Buy
5Nicolae High 1999Description / Buy
6The Underground 1999Description / Buy
7Busted! 2000Description / Buy
8Death Strike 2000Description / Buy
9The Search 2000Description / Buy
10On the Run 2000Description / Buy
11Into the Storm 2000Description / Buy
12Earthquake! 2000Description / Buy
13The Showdown 2001Description / Buy
14Judgment Day 2001Description / Buy
15Battling the Commander (Short Story) 2001Description / Buy
16Fire from Heaven 2001Description / Buy
17Terror in the Stadium 2001Description / Buy
18Darkening Skies 2001Description / Buy
19Attack of Apollyon 2002Description / Buy
20A Dangerous Plan 2002Description / Buy
21Secrets of New Babylon 2002Description / Buy
22Escape from New Babylon 2002Description / Buy
23Horsemen of Terror 2002Description / Buy
24Uplink from the Underground 2002Description / Buy
25Death at the Gala 2003Description / Buy
26The Beast Arises 2003Description / Buy
27Wildfire 2003Description / Buy
28The Mark of the Beast 2003Description / Buy
29Breakout! 2003Description / Buy
30Murder in the Holy Place 2003Description / Buy
31Escape to Masada 2003Description / Buy
32War of the Dragon 2003Description / Buy
33Attack on Petra 2004Description / Buy
34Bounty Hunters 2004Description / Buy
35The Rise of False Messiahs 2004Description / Buy
36Ominous Choices 2004Description / Buy
37Heat Wave 2004Description / Buy
38The Perils of Love 2004Description / Buy
39The Road to War 2004Description / Buy
40Triumphant Return 2004Description / Buy

Order of Left Behind: The Kids Collection Series with Jerry B. Jenkins

1Taken 2003Description / Buy
2Pursued 2003Description / Buy
3Hidden 2004Description / Buy
4Rescued 2004Description / Buy
5Stung 2004Description / Buy
6Frantic 2004Description / Buy
7Shaken 2005Description / Buy
8Unmasked 2005Description / Buy
9Deceived 2005Description / Buy
10Protected 2005Description / Buy
11Arrived 2005Description / Buy
12Hunted 2005Description / Buy

Order of Soul Survivor Series

1The Mind Siege Project 2001Description / Buy
2All the Rave 2002Description / Buy
3The Last Dance 2002Description / Buy
4Black Friday 2003Description / Buy

Order of The End Series with Craig Parshall

1Edge of Apocalypse 2010Description / Buy
2Thunder of Heaven 2011Description / Buy
3Brink of Chaos 2012Description / Buy
4Mark of Evil 2014Description / Buy

Order of The Jesus Chronicles Series with Jerry B. Jenkins

1John's Story 2006Description / Buy
2Mark's Story 2007Description / Buy
3Luke's Story 2009Description / Buy
4Matthew's Story 2010Description / Buy

Order of Tim LaHaye Standalone Novels

1Come Spring (Short Story) ( With: Greg Dinallo) 2005Description / Buy
2The Best Christmas Gift ( With: Greg Dinallo) 2005Description / Buy
3Always Grace ( With: Greg Dinallo) 2008Description / Buy

Order of Tim LaHaye Non-Fiction Books

1How to Be Happy Though Married 1968Description / Buy
2Transforming Your Temperament 1971Description / Buy
3The Act of Marriage ( With: Beverly LaHaye) 1976Description / Buy
4The Unhappy Gays 1978Description / Buy
5Life in the Afterlife (Short Story) 1980Description / Buy
6Practical Answers to Common Questions about Sex in Marriage (Short Story) 1984Description / Buy
7I Love You, But Why Are We So Different? 1991Description / Buy
8Understanding Bible Prophecy for Yourself 1992Description / Buy
9The Spirit-Filled Family ( With: Beverly LaHaye) 1995Description / Buy
10Understanding the Last Days 1998Description / Buy
11Gathering Lilies from Among the Thorns (Short Story) ( With: Beverly LaHaye) 1998Description / Buy
12Tim LaHaye Prophecy Study Bible – New King James Version 2000Description / Buy
13Charting the End Times ( With: Thomas Ice) 2001Description / Buy
14Perhaps Today ( With: Jerry B. Jenkins) 2001Description / Buy
15The Merciful God of Prophecy 2002Description / Buy
16End Times Controversy ( With: Thomas Ice) 2003Description / Buy
17A Kid's Guide to Understanding the End Times (Short Story) ( With: Jerry B. Jenkins, Chris Fabry) 2004Description / Buy
18The Popular Encyclopedia of Bible Prophecy ( With: Ed Hindson) 2004Description / Buy
19Embracing Eternity ( With: Jerry B. Jenkins, Frank M. Martin) 2004Description / Buy
20Party of Two (Short Story) ( With: Beverly LaHaye) 2005Description / Buy
21The Popular Bible Prophecy Workbook (Short Story) ( With: Ed Hindson) 2006Description / Buy
22Global Warning ( With: Ed Hindson) 2007Description / Buy
23The Popular Handbook on the Rapture ( With: Thomas Ice, Ed Hindson) 2012Description / Buy
24Target Israel ( With: Ed Hindson) 2015Description / Buy
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He joined forces with Doctor Henry Morris to spearhead the Institute of Creation Research, an organization that is responsible for a significant portion of the creationist literature in the country. His bibliography consists of 85 books. More than fifty of them are non-fiction. Though, the world knows LaHaye more for his fiction work than his non-fiction literature.

The author writes about family life, sexuality, Jesus, and prophecy. His wife created ‘Concerned Women for America’. They were married for fifty-five years before the author died. Their family included children (four), grandchildren (nine), and great-grandchildren (seven).

Tim LaHaye was born on the 27th of April 1926 in Detroit, Michigan. He was only nine-years-old when his father, a Ford autoworker, died. Frank La Haye suffered a fatal heart attack. The event rocked LaHaye’s world. He tried and failed to overcome his grief.

But then a minister at the funeral told the boy that, because Frank had accepted Jesus Christ, LaHaye would see him again in heaven. This raised the author’s spirits, giving him hope for the future. By the mid-1940s, he had joined the army.

Barely out of his teens, the boy boarded a bomber, serving as a machine gunner in the European theater of operations. Once his life in the army came to an end, he attended Bob Jones University (Greenville, South Carolina), Western Seminary, and Liberty University, attaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree, a Doctor of Ministry Degree, and a Doctor of Literature Degree.

Ministry work took him to Pumpkintown (South Carolina) and Minneapolis from where he pastored congregations. It wasn’t until he joined the Scott Memorial Baptist Church that he finally settled down. pastoring its congregation for the next two and a half decades.

In the 1970s, the author became quite political, creating organizations like the ‘Council for National Policy’ whose objective was to influence policy at the highest level. LaHaye was determined to defend the supremacy of traditional Christian values in the US and he used a multitude of political avenues to fulfill his agenda.

He has been credited for having supported Ronald Reagan’s presidential election. The ‘Left Behind’ series for which Tim LaHaye is best known was actually written by Jerry B. Jenkins. LaHaye created the concept. He also produced a lot of notes. Jerry, a former sportswriter, used those notes to write the literary series.

LaHaye was on a flight one day when he saw a married pilot flirting with a flight attendant. He wondered what the pilot would do if the rapture happened. This gave him the inspiration for ‘Left Behind’.

The books were so popular that LaHaye was eventually offered the opportunity to sell the movie rights. He regretted doing so. He wanted his novels to become Hollywood blockbusters. But the adaptations that were eventually released were so much smaller in scale than he had anticipated.

Tim LaHaye Awards

LaHaye’s collection of accolades includes Christy award nominations, Christian Retailing’s Best Award, and Gold Medallion Award nominations.

Tim LaHaye Books into Movies

Paul and Peter LaLonde turned the ‘Left Behind’ series into four movies that were released in the 2000s. A reboot starring Nicholas Cage was released in 2014.

Best Tim LaHaye Books

LaHaye’s ‘Left Behind’ series is a massive literary success that has sold tens of millions of copies, with seven novels in the series achieving New York Times and USA Today Bestseller status; some of the best titles in the author’s bibliography include:

Left Behind: A Boeing 747 was flying to London when disaster struck. Several passengers suddenly disappeared. By the time the plane landed, it became clear that this phenomenon had struck the entire world. Now a series of unusual events that could spell the end of the world have begun to unfold.

Tribulation Force: The world has changed. A sizable chunk of its population has just disappeared and it looks like they were the lucky ones. Everyone left behind is about to face a wave of destruction constituting war, famine, plagues, and all manner of natural disasters.

When Does The Next Tim LaHaye book come out?

Tim LaHaye doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Target Israel and was released on June, 1st 2015. It is the newest book in the Tim LaHaye Non-Fiction Books.


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