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Tim McGregor is an author that writes novels and screenplays. Tim’s childhood was spent in the hinterlands of Northern Ontario. His life was a mixed bag. Summer was fun. This was because of the tourist camp owned by his family.

Order of Bad Wolf Chronicles Series

1Bad Wolf 2011Description / Buy
2Pale Wolf 2012Description / Buy
3Last Wolf 2014Description / Buy

Order of Spookshow Series

1The Spookshow 2014Description / Buy
2Welcome to the Spookshow 2014Description / Buy
3The Women in the walls 2015Description / Buy
4Bringing up the bodies 2015Description / Buy
5Half-Boys and Gypsy Girls 2015Description / Buy
6A Haunting in Crown Point 2016Description / Buy
7Cordelia 2016Description / Buy
8Sisters of Mercy 2017Description / Buy
9The Boy in the Woods 2018Description / Buy
10Midwinter 2019Description / Buy
11Spiritualist & Medium 2021Description / Buy

Order of Tim McGregor Standalone Novels

1Killing Down the Roman Line 2012Description / Buy
2Old Flames, Burned Hands 2013Description / Buy
3Just Like Jesse James 2017Description / Buy
4Hearts Strange and Dreadful 2021Description / Buy

Order of Tim McGregor Short Stories/Novellas

1Ghost Dog (Short Story) 2012Description / Buy

Order of Tim McGregor Non-Fiction Books

1The Empathy Trap ( With:) 2013Description / Buy
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It was an isolated establishment on a small lake deep in the wilderness. But the summer season was fun because families on vacation would pour in, filling the cottages and bringing some much-needed life to the camp.

The winter was completely different. The season enhanced the family’s sense of isolation. To survive the experience, the author developed an interest in art. Specifically, he would read, write, and draw. The creative outlets were a lifesaver for Tim because they allowed him to exercise his mind.

Unfortunately, all his artistic endeavors came to a halt when Tim went to University. But the sacrifice did not bear any fruit. Tim was initially determined to pursue English Literature and Religion. But that did not happen.

He eventually dropped out of university. This left the author with a dilemma. He had to find a career to pursue, preferably one that could meet his financial needs. It never occurred to him to write.

Tim’s time in university had completely squashed the dream. He places partial blame on all the teachers and students who treated writing like a mystical art that only the divinely gifted could tackle. The notions made Tim feel like he wasn’t worthy.

So he spent his 20s doing menial jobs. But it wasn’t enough. After a while, he realized that he needed to do more. So he started drawing. Once he was confident in his abilities, the author experimented with a few comics of his own design.

His momentum was greatly tempered by the recession that occurred in the 1990s. But Tim was more than willing to persevere. However, he wasn’t happy.

There was some fun to be had in producing the odd comics for which he was known. But the author’s works were short and meaningless at the time. He could not use them to tell the kinds of stories he wanted.

He tried to solve the problem by telling longer, more complicated narratives but his skills were sorely lacking in this area. Fortunately, he had a friend who pushed him to take screenwriting classes.

He acquiesced, joining the Canadian Film Center. Tim McGregor worked with producers, editors, and directors during this period, producing three feature films in the process. But any hope of immediate success fizzled out when the author realized that the market for low-budget genre movies was practically non-existent.

Furthermore, any hopes Tim had of landing a lucky break as a screenwriter went out the window when the 2008 financial crash happened. Every production company that might have hired Tim closed its doors.

That was it for Tim. He had nowhere else to go, or so he thought. The author had no reason to assume that he would have better luck in publishing. But then he heard about writers like J A Konrath that had gone their own way by successfully self-publishing their novels and everything changed.

Tim took the last screenplay he had written and re-wrote it as the novel ‘Bad Wolf’. Once he discovered the opportunities that indie publishing had to offer, he devoted himself to the industry, carving out a place for himself as a self-published author.

Best Tim McGregor Books

Even though the author appreciates the blessings associated with self-publishing, he admits that it is a lot of work. Some of Tim McGregor’s best books include:

Spookshow: An incident left Billie Culpepper in a coma. When she awoke, she could see the dead. Now, they won’t leave her alone. Billie was determined to steer clear of the homicide detective responsible for her coma. But she was forced to face her demons when a trip through a haunted house revealed a terrible secret.

Welcome to the Spookshow: Billie’s life was painfully dull. She had watched passively as her friends moved on to bigger and better things. But she wasn’t as lucky because she couldn’t figure out what she was meant to do with her life.

All of that changed when a detective attempted to apprehend a suspicious Englishman. Caught in the crossfire, Billie spent three days in the hospital. When she woke up, she could see the dead. Even more disturbing, the Englishman had returned to reveal her true calling.

When Does The Next Tim McGregor book come out?

Tim McGregor doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Spiritualist & Medium and was released on August, 17th 2021. It is the newest book in the Spookshow Series.


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