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Tonya Kappes is a bestselling American author that writes novels in the cozy mystery genre. She also writes women’s fiction. Her stories are filled with quirky characters that must overcome equally bizarre obstacles.

Order of Blossom Bay Shorts Series

1Murder by the Bay (Short Story) 2016Description / Buy
2Romance by the Bay (Short Story) 2016Description / Buy

Order of Bluegrass Romance Series

1Grooming Mr. Right 2013Description / Buy
2Taming Mr. Right 2014Description / Buy

Order of Camper & Criminals Cozy Series

1Beaches, Bungalows, and Burglaries 2018Description / Buy
2Deserts, Driving, & Derelicts 2018Description / Buy
3Forests, Fishing, & Forgery 2018Description / Buy
4Christmas, Criminals, and Campers 2018Description / Buy
5Motorhomes, Maps, & Murder 2019Description / Buy
6Canyons, Caravans, & Cadavers 2019Description / Buy
7Hitches, Hideouts, & Homicides 2019Description / Buy
8Assailants, Asphalt & Alibis 2019Description / Buy
9Valleys, Vehicles & Victims 2019Description / Buy
10Sunsets, Sabbatical and Scandal 2020Description / Buy
11Tents, Trails and Turmoil 2020Description / Buy
12Kickbacks, Kayaks, and Kidnapping 2020Description / Buy
13Gear, Grills & Guns 2020Description / Buy
14Eggnog, Extortion, and Evergreen (Short Story) 2020Description / Buy
15Ropes, Riddles, & Robberies 2020Description / Buy
16Paddlers, Promises & Poison 2021Description / Buy
17Insects, Ivy, & Investigations 2021Description / Buy
18Outdoors, Oars, & Oath 2021Description / Buy
19Wildlife, Warrants, & Weapons 2021Description / Buy
20Blossoms, BBQ, & Blackmail (Short Story) 2021Description / Buy
21Jackets, Jack-O-Lantern, & Justice 2021Description / Buy
22Lanterns, Lakes, & Larceny 2021Description / Buy
23Santa, Sunrises, & Suspicions 2021Description / Buy
24Vistas, Vices, & Valentines 2022Description / Buy

Order of Divorced Divas Mystery Series

1Bead of Doubt (Short Story) 2011Description / Buy
2Strung Out to Die 2012Description / Buy
3Crimped to Death 2014Description / Buy

Order of Ghostly Southern Mysteries Series

1A Ghostly Undertaking 2013Description / Buy
2A Ghostly Grave 2015Description / Buy
3A Ghostly Demise 2015Description / Buy
4A Ghostly Murder 2015Description / Buy
5A Ghostly Reunion 2016Description / Buy
6A Ghostly Mortality 2017Description / Buy
7A Ghostly Secret 2017Description / Buy
8A Ghostly Suspect 2019Description / Buy

Order of Grandberry Falls Series

1The Ladybug Jinx 2011Description / Buy
2Happy New Life (Short Story) 2011Description / Buy
3A Superstitious Christmas (Short Story) 2011Description / Buy
4Never Tell Your Dreams 2012Description / Buy

Order of Hudson Hollow Series

1Wrapped Up in a Weeping Willow 2016Description / Buy

Order of Kenni Lowry Series

1Fixin' To Die 2016Description / Buy
2Southern Fried 2017Description / Buy
3Ax To Grind 2017Description / Buy
4Six Feet Under 2018Description / Buy
5Dead as a Doornail 2018Description / Buy
6Tangled up in Tinsel 2018Description / Buy
7Diggin' Up The Dirt 2019Description / Buy

Order of Killer Coffee Series

1Scene of the Grind 2017Description / Buy
2Mocha and Murder 2017Description / Buy
3Freshly Ground Murder 2017Description / Buy
4Cold Blooded Brew 2018Description / Buy
5Decaffeinated Scandal 2018Description / Buy
6A Killer Latte 2019Description / Buy
7Holiday Roast Mortem 2019Description / Buy
8Dead to the Last Drop 2020Description / Buy
9Frothy Foul Play 2021Description / Buy

Order of Laurel London Mysteries Series

1Checkered Crime 2014Description / Buy
2Checkered Past 2014Description / Buy
3Checkered Thief 2015Description / Buy

Order of Magical Cures Mysteries Series

1A Charming Crime 2012Description / Buy
2A Charming Cure 2012Description / Buy
3A Charming Potion (Short Story) 2012Description / Buy
4A Charming Wish 2013Description / Buy
5A Charming Spell 2013Description / Buy
6A Charming Magic 2013Description / Buy
7A Charming Secret 2014Description / Buy
8A Charming Christmas (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy
9A Charming Fatality 2015Description / Buy
10A Charming Ghost 2015Description / Buy
11A Charming Death (Short Story) 2015Description / Buy
12A Charming Hex 2016Description / Buy
13A Charming Voodoo 2016Description / Buy
14A Charming Corpse 2018Description / Buy
15A Charming Misfortune 2019Description / Buy
16A Charming Blend (Short Story) 2019Description / Buy
17A Charming Deception 2020Description / Buy

Order of Mail Carrier Cozy Mysteries Series

1Stamped Out 2019Description / Buy
2Address For Murder 2019Description / Buy
3All She Wrote 2020Description / Buy
4Return To Sender 2020Description / Buy
5First Class Killer 2020Description / Buy
6Post Mortem 2021Description / Buy
7Deadly Delivery 2021Description / Buy
8Red Letter Slay 2021Description / Buy

Order of Olivia Davis Paranormal Mysteries Series

#ReadTitlePublishedDetails 2011Description / Buy
2Color Me Love (Short Story) 2012Description / Buy
3Color Me a Crime 2012Description / Buy

Order of Small Town Romance Short Stories/Novellas

1A New Tradition (Short Story) 2012Description / Buy
2The Dare Me Date (Short Story) 2013Description / Buy

Order of Southern Magical Bakery Series

1Southern Magical Bakery 2021Description / Buy

Order of Spies and Spells Series

1Spies and Spells 2016Description / Buy
2Betting Off Dead 2016Description / Buy
3Get Witch or Die Trying 2016Description / Buy

Order of Tonya Kappes Standalone Novels

1Carpe Bead'em 2011Description / Buy
2Tag. . .You're IT 2014Description / Buy
3Snowplace Like Home (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy

Order of Tonya Kappes Non-Fiction Books

1The Tricked-Out Toolbox ( With: Melissa Bourbon) 2012Description / Buy
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When Tonya isn’t writing, you can find her gracing various workshops and writer’s groups with her presence. She does what she can to teach aspiring authors about the marketing aspects of publishing.

Her bibliography is filled with so many books that it often comes as a surprise to her fans when they learn that Tonya wasn’t even a reader at 30, let alone a writer. The author was a later bloomer.

She was in her early thirties when her marriage ended. The divorce sapped her of her mental strength and she withdrew from her social circle, becoming a recluse. Tonya wasn’t sure where life would take her.

The notion of pursuing a publishing career never occurred to her. Everything changed when she joined a book club. Tonya was in graduate school at the time. The invitation to join the book club came from a classmate.

Tonya had no reason to honor that invitation. After all, she had no interest in reading. But the classmate in question won the author over by informing her that the book club was planning to serve wine and chocolate to its members.

Tonya attended that first session, not only for the wine and chocolates but because she wanted to socialize with her peers. It was for these same reasons that she kept coming back. Finally, months later, she bought a book. It took her weeks to finally read it. But once she did, it changed everything.

Tonya was blown away by the novel’s ability to distract her from the woes of her life for several hours at a time. This transformed the author into an avid reader. Her passion for novels grew in the years that followed.

Her personal life also changed. She entered another marriage, one that constituted a husband and four boys. Her dedication to the book club never wavered. If Tonya was to lay the blame for her publishing career at the feet of one person, it would probably be her husband.

Even though Tonya wasn’t a writer, she loved to tell stories, and her friends and family had noticed this talent. After picking up one of her novels and reading a few pages, Tonya’s husband told her that she could tell better stories than the author who had written the book.

Not long after, the people at her book club mentioned Tonya Kappes’ talent for telling stories. Some of them went so far as to encourage her to write fiction. After discussing the issue with her husband, she finally took the leap, using the opportunity that her son’s football practice gave her to write her stories.

Before long, Tonya was a successful self-published author with multiple novels under her belt. She eventually transitioned to traditional publishing, though she prefers self-publishing because it gives her so much control over her work.

Tonya Kappes Awards

The author’s novel ( was a ‘Next Generation Indie Book Awards’ finalist.

Best Tonya Kappes Books

When she started, Tonya thought she was a romance writer. But over time, it became clear that she was best suited for mysteries. Some of the best books in her bibliography include:

Beaches, Bungalows, and Burglaries: Mae West’s amazing life came crashing down around her when her husband was arrested for ripping people off with his Ponzi scheme. By the time the FBI was done, the only valuable asset left in Mae’s hands was Happy Trails, a tourist camping ground in a small Kentucky town.

Mae was certain that she could sell the vacation spot and retire. But then she visited Happy Trails and realized that it wasn’t quite as valuable as she expected. Even worse, her husband had swindled the townspeople and they hated her for it. When Paul escapes from prison and then dies, Mae becomes the prime suspect.

Sunsets, Sabbatical, and Scandal: One of Normal, Kentucky’s beloved residents is dead. Someone murdered him. Murder is hardly new to the town. However, the identity of the victim has people worried. Everyone is on high alert. People are looking to detective Hank Sharp to provide quick answers. Hank, for his part, is hoping that the Laundry Club Ladies will shed some light on the mystery.

When Does The Next Tonya Kappes book come out?

The next book by Tonya Kappes is Lanterns, Lakes, & Larceny and will be released on October, 28th 2021. It is the newest book in the Camper & Criminals Cozy Series.

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