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Victor Methos is a mystery and science fiction author of Afghani descent. The author was nine when his family moved from Afghanistan to the United States. Methos remembers his parents working themselves raw because they wouldn’t accept welfare.

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Their pride drove them to do menial jobs for 60 hours a week because the alternative was unacceptable. Because of his upbringing, Methos was determined to help the poor.

The author attended law school at the University of Utah. His passion for the law was sparked in junior high when three classmates robbed a store. Methos only took an interest in the case because the police connected his friend to the crime.

The student in question was just 13 at the time. Even though Utah regulations prevented law enforcement from interviewing suspects under 14 without a parent, they interrogated his friend for several grueling hours.

Eventually, they promised to release the boy if he admitted to the crime. But when he gave the false confession, they arrested him. Fortunately, one of the real thieves revealed that the 13-year-old had no part in the robbery.

Even though Methos’ friend was exonerated, he suffered significant emotional and psychological harm. The incident showed Methos how easy it was for the government to abuse its immense power.

The author decided that he would dedicate his life to helping people like his friend. He plied his trade as a prosecutor for a while before opening a criminal defense firm and lending his talents to everything from death penalty cases to civil rights trials.

Because of the work he was doing as a lawyer, Methos’ efforts as a budding writer went largely unnoticed. The attorney was ten years old when he wrote his first English-language short story.

Despite the rigors of his law career, Methos kept writing, experimenting with various genres, including romance and fantasy. Throughout the years, the author’s passion for storytelling never waned.

In fact, he wrote and submitted science fiction short stories during his college years. Although, at the time, he never thought he would abandon the law to write full-time.

His dream of life as a full-time writer probably seemed even more absurd when he founded Utah’s most successful criminal defense firm.

But his days as an attorney were hardly wasted. Methos uses his experiences to write thrilling stories. The author’s time as a prosecutor gave him insight into the workings of law enforcement.

He would sit with detectives and listen to their stories. He also has a keen understanding of the justice system. These experiences have shaped his novels.

Victor Methos Awards

Methos has received an Edgar Award nomination.

Best Victor Methos Awards

The author had a thriving law career before he left to become a full-time writer, having conducted over 100 trials. Methos’ best books include:

A Killer’s Wife: Jessica Yardley did a better job of rebuilding her life than anyone expected. After all, her husband was a convicted killer responsible for several brutal murders. He ruined her life.

But Jessica had moved on. She was a respected attorney with a daughter and was more than happy to leave her ex-husband in the past.

But Eddie wouldn’t let her rest. Someone had taken inspiration from the killer. They had committed a new series of murders. The FBI had no choice. They would only catch the copycat if Jessica consulted her ex-husband.

For her part, Jessica’s new life was crumbling, and she was starting to wonder whether she could trust the people in her life.

The Neon Lawyer: Amanda Pierce killed a man. That was not in question. Five witnesses watched her commit the crime. But the victim had tortured her 6-year-old daughter before killing the girl.

Amanda was a killer, but did she deserve the death sentence? Amanda’s case did not appeal to Brigham.
The attorney had just joined the legal field and would have preferred to avoid the seedy firm that employed him. But he was desperate and short on options.

Brigham lost his first case, and it was just a speeding ticket. As such, when his boss offered the lawyer Amanda’s case, he was perplexed. But Brigham was also determined to win because doing so would save his career. Saving Amadan’s life was a welcome bonus.

When Does The Next Victor Methos book come out?

Victor Methos doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Deceiving Look and was released on January, 9th 2024. It is the newest book in the Shepard & Gray Series.

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