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Victoria Houston is an award-winning American author popularly known for Loon Lake Mystery series. She was born and spent her childhood time in Rhinelander, WI. She attended Bennington College in Vermont after winning a scholarship. Later, Houston ventured in writing newspapers articles and magazines for almost ten years. Also, she headed publicity and promotion for Andrews and McMeel Universal Press Syndicate, during which she had a lifetime opportunity of meeting the great cartoonist and writers such as Gary Larson, Garry Trudeau, and Abigail Van Buren.

Order of Lew Ferris Series

1Wolf Hollow 2022Description / Buy

Order of Loon Lake Mystery Series

1Dead Angler 2000Description / Buy
2Dead Creek 2000Description / Buy
3Dead Water 2001Description / Buy
4Dead Frenzy 2003Description / Buy
5Dead Hot Mama 2004Description / Buy
6Dead Jitterbug 2005Description / Buy
7Dead Boogie 2006Description / Buy
8Dead Madonna 2007Description / Buy
9Dead Hot Shot 2008Description / Buy
10Dead Renegade 2009Description / Buy
11Dead Deceiver 2010Description / Buy
12Dead Tease 2012Description / Buy
13Dead Insider 2013Description / Buy
14Dead Lil' Hustler 2014Description / Buy
15Dead Rapunzel 2015Description / Buy
16Dead Loudmouth 2016Description / Buy
17Dead Spider 2017Description / Buy
18Dead Firefly 2018Description / Buy
19Dead Big Dawg 2019Description / Buy

Order of Victoria Houston Non-Fiction Books

1Alone After School 1985Description / Buy
2Self-Care for Kids 1985Description / Buy
3Loving a Younger Man 1989Description / Buy
4Making It Work 1990Description / Buy
5My Health History 1991Description / Buy
6Restore Yourself 2001Description / Buy
7Michelle and Me 2002Description / Buy

Victoria Houston Anthologies

1 Hook, Line & Sinister2010Description / Buy
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Victoria Houston has published over 20 novels. Loving a Younger Man is a book inspired by her former marriage to a man younger by nine years. Dead Angler is the first novel in A Loon Lake Mystery published in 2000.


These are the best of Victoria Houston novels Dead Angler (2000) and Dead water (2001).

Dead Angler: Doctor Paul Osborne works as a dentist in the local town of Loon Lake in Wisconsin. The small town boasts some tourists who regularly visit to fish and also work for the local Paper Mill. After taking retirement from his job, now Osborne had planned that he was to spend the remaining days of his life preoccupied with what he loves most- fishing and hunting. Unfortunately, the death of his wife that left him a widower changed made his life take a sudden turn that he had never planned, he became an alcoholic.

Not only the death of his wife that made him alcoholic turned this once capable man into a person without not only future but also tomorrow. Some years after his marriage, he discovered that his wife, Mary Lee had become someone something he’d never expected or perhaps she was of that nature but shielded it all along till they had married. She turned out to be a status seeker and a social climber and lived the life of pure extravagance. She was a nag, and most of the time directed her displeasure to her husband, Dr. Osborne.

When Dr. Osborne wife died unexpectedly, there was no more worldly pleasure nor had to nag and what shielded him from his wife’s rancor and greed (hunting and fishing) couldn’t help him at all. The intervention by his youngest daughter sent him into a rehab center and after several weeks of rehab, Osborne came back a relieved man, loving his hobbies which are fishing and hunting and only avoiding alcohol and drinking only non-alcoholic beverages.

One night when out fishing, he stumbles upon the dead body of Meredith Marshall, a young woman, and sister to his dead wife best friend.

At the time of discovery of the body, he is taking a refresher fishing class from Llewellyn Ferris, the new chief of police in Loon Lake-town. Llewellyn is everything that his wife was not she is not only beautiful, but she is also strong built. She achieved her position as the chief of police through her struggles but not through social bullying or even bribing despite her divorce and having to deal with the death of her child.

After inspecting the body and finding a cracked skull and not a single bruise on the body not mentioning the river’s fast current flow and the missing gold filling on the corpse mouth, Dr. Osborne suspects foul play. Llewellyn calls Dr. Osborne to assist with the case due to his expertise in forensics and with the local town incompetent pathologist on vacation.

The debut Loon Lake series is a novel centered more on family dynamics, ethics, societal expectations, and small town secrets.

Dead Water: While out on his daily fishing activity, Dr. Paul Osborne finds the remains of what appear to be a woman who had been grisly murdered. The body of the victim possess some mysterious marks, and as soon the local police chief begins her investigation into the case, another body shows up. The second victim apparently happens out to be a local business lady with her roots tracing from Kansas City. The available evidence indicates that the lady had a meeting in the loon lake with her ex-boyfriend- a con person who had once tried steal from her. Now, the Chief of Police must investigate and solve the two cases at hand; the murder case, and the killer who appears to be elusive as fish.

Victoria Houston series is one of its kind; the character are well drawn, the plot is nicely done, as the two lead characters Lew and Osborne solve cases that arise.

When Does The Next Victoria Houston book come out?

The next book by Victoria Houston is Wolf Hollow and will be released on January, 11th 2022. It is the newest book in the Lew Ferris Series.

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