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Wayne Stinnett is a former member of the US Marine Corps who writes novels full time. People that read Stinnett’s sea adventures know that he has an obsession with open water. However, they probably don’t realize that the obsession was birthed when he was a child.

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The author’s father purchased a boat for the family when he was young. Stinnett spent a lot of time fishing offshore with his father. He also learned to navigate at a young age. He would note everything he saw in a small book.

This habit stayed with Stinnett his entire life. He accumulated a treasure trove of ideas that influenced his stories. Stinnett joined the Marine Corps following his graduation from Eau Gallie High School. Life in the Marine Corps was an adventure for Stinnett.

It allowed him to visit places like Cuba, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and many more. When he left in 1981, the author joined a heating and air conditioning company. The work was time-consuming. But Stinnett was an imaginative young man. He used his creativity to develop a program that could do the work of three estimators.

This gave him a lot of free time. He used it to write short stories. Unfortunately, everything he submitted was rejected. Some publishers ignored Stinnett’s submissions altogether, which discouraged the author.

Rather than continuing to persevere, Stinnett decided to dedicate himself to the HVAC industry, landing a management position in one of Florida’s biggest firms.

When he wasn’t working, Stinnett spent time with his wife, who he married in 1984, and daughter, who came along a year later. He also found time to study scuba diving, eventually earning various certifications.

Stinnett’s life was a rollercoaster. It was always changing. However, his love for the water never waned, and neither did his interest in writing. When his first marriage ended, he found his way to the Florida Keys where he lived on a sailboat.

By the early 1990s, he had landed a position with the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center which had a relationship with the US Navy. The position gave the author an opportunity to take up freediving, which he appreciated.

Circumstances took him to a small freighter and then a private sailing yacht before he finally returned home to marry his second wife. His second marriage was no better than the first.

In fact, it ended after six months. It wasn’t until his third marriage that the author began to settle. He met his third wife on the internet. By this point in his life, Stinnett had already secured custody of his daughter.

The family of three lived in Upstate South Carolina for a while. When Stinnett’s first child with this third wife came along, they moved to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Stinnett spent the next 13 years driving long-haul trucks.

No one expected the author to revive his publishing dreams so late in life. But then Stinnett re-discovered the short stories he had written three decades ago, the same short stories publishers had rejected.

With the blessing of his friends and family, rather than attempting to publish the short stories, Stinnett decided to write a novel. ‘Fallen Palm’ came out in 2013. And even though it attracted little to no attention, the accomplishment gave Stinnett the encouragement he needed to keep writing.

Best Wayne Stinnett Books

Stinnett is best known for creating Jesse McDermitt, a character that appears in most of his novels. Stinnett’s best novels include:

Fallen Out: Jesse McDermitt was lost. The Marine Corps taught him to kill but it did not prepare him for civilian life. At 37, the world had no place for someone with his skills. But then a waitress opened Jesse’s eyes to an interesting opportunity.

The former Marine began his new life as the owner of a charter fishing and dive boat. But trouble was waiting around the corner. Fortunately for Jesse, he had a lifetime of training to lean on.

Fallen Palm: Jesse left the Marine Corps six years ago. He liked retirement. Jesse spent his days fishing and diving. He wasn’t looking for trouble. But then a former platoon sergeant passed away and Jesse was pulled into a murder mystery.

It all started when the platoon sergeant’s son asked Jesse to take him to a remote reef. He wanted to spread his father’s ashes. It did not take the two long to realize that the dead man had been murdered. Now they won’t stop until they find the killer.

When Does The Next Wayne Stinnett book come out?

The next book by Wayne Stinnett is Graceless: A Tropical Authors Novella and will be released on January, 31st 2022.


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