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William Greenleaf is an American novelist best known for writing several nonfiction and sci-fi novels. Greenleaf was born in Illinois but most of his life has been spent in Southern Arizona, where he attended college at Arizona State University, and worked as a financial and corporate strategic planner before becoming a novelist. He now works as a full-time novelist, creative writing instructor, and freelance book editor at Greenleaf Literary Services, the company he set up to help aspiring writers get published

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Order of William Greenleaf Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published Details
1 Time Jumper 1980 Description / Buy
2 The Tartarus Incident 1983 Description / Buy
3 The Pandora Stone 1984 Description / Buy
4 Starjacked 1987 Description / Buy
5 Clarion 1988 Description / Buy
6 Bloodright 2011 Description / Buy
7 A Plague of Gods 2016 Description / Buy
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Greenleaf published his first novel “Time Jumper”, the first of his standalone novels in 1980. The publication of the novel paved the way for several more novels that have also become highly popular. Most of his novels came out in the 1980s as he took a long hiatus from writing until he came out with the 2011 published “Bloodright”.


Three of William Greenleaf’s most popular and critically acclaimed novels are:

A Plague of Gods: The novel that was first published as Clarion is a mysterious and thrilling science fiction tale that combines fantasy and space opera with speculative fiction. The lead protagonist in the novel is Dorland Avery, a master storyteller and psi-player that suddenly finds himself the target for an assassination. Meanwhile, a fanatical cult like religion is growing ever more popular in his homeland of Sanctuary.

The dictatorial Holy Order has been slowly consolidating its authority and now controls its subjects by decree, manufacturing new gods, creating laws promoting idolatry, and controlling population growth by banning unsanctioned births and marriages. Sanctuary is slowly but surely collapsing, but if anyone is to stop the rot brought about by the Order, they need to stop it at the source.

Together with his newfound friend Paul, Avery rallies the Resistance and sets out to find the headquarters of the Order, the so-called Temple of the Holy Order. But it seems the Order knew they were coming as they arrive to find the leaders of the cult have invoked ancient, horrific rituals that have awoken a new power.

Bloodright: The second novel by William Greenleaf is a fantastical, eerie, and riveting tale that will take the science fiction buff on a ride full of thrills. The chief protagonist in the series is Nathan Oakes, who comes back from his run to discover that the light coming from the South is eerily dissimilar from normal sunlight. Soon he and the whole city see a red pinpoint of light moving toward them. Meanwhile, Kathy Stratton an astronomy expert gets a call from Washington, with a brief to investigate the peculiar light that officials in DC believe is from outer space.

Across the continent in her San Francisco home, Kathy sees the bright glow of the bizarre light. Meanwhile Nikki Jamison a teenage girl fascinated by the light decodes its blinking message and using a flashlight sends back a welcome message. To her surprise, the aliens respond to the message and arrive to whisk her and her friend Oscar Villalobos to their space ship. They soon learn the eerie plans the aliens have for the planet and its people, and know they must escape if they are to have any chance of saving themselves and the Earth.

The Tartarus Incident: The novel is a terrifying tale of a space ship and its crew stranded on a strange planet. The last transmission that came to the team on the mother ship is a cryptic “somebody please get us out of… What the mother ship team never thought would ever happen has suddenly become a chilling reality – a ship and its crew has gone missing while on a routine reconnaissance to the planet Sierra.

The crew of the reconnaissance team now find themselves stranded on a rocky hostile planet with no communication to the mother ship, and a dead drive system. Things only get worse when John Wheeler, who has been drawn away from his companions by a strange alien presence, wanders off and discovers an ancient sprawling city that had been reduced to a ruin. His colleagues have no choice but to try to find him.

Even as the old city seems to have been abandoned for long, the place could not have been any spookier. But one thing is certain for the team – the loss of communication marks the end of a predictable and comfortable routine. It heralds an interstellar nightmare that is referred to as the Tartarus Incident.

When Does The Next William Greenleaf book come out?

William Greenleaf doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is A Plague of Gods and was released on January, 27th 2016.


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