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Zane Grey was an American author and dentist that was born in 1872 and died in 1939 at the age of 67. A native of Zanesville in Ohio, Zane’s father was a dentist. His mother was an English Quaker immigrant.

Order of Adam Larey Series

1Wanderer of the Wasteland 1920Description / Buy
2Stairs of Sand 1928Description / Buy

Order of Brazos Keene Series

1Knights of the Range 1936Description / Buy
2Twin Sombreros 1940Description / Buy

Order of Forlorn River Series

1Forlorn River 1926Description / Buy
2Nevada 1928Description / Buy

Order of Jim Traft Series

1The Hash Knife Outfit 1929Description / Buy
2The Drift Fence 1929Description / Buy

Order of Ken Ward Series

1The Young Forester (Short Story) 1910Description / Buy
2The Young Pitcher 1911Description / Buy
3The Young Lion Hunter 1911Description / Buy
4Ken Ward in the Jungle 1912Description / Buy

Order of Light of the Western Stars Series

1Light of Western Stars, The 1914Description / Buy
2Majesty's Rancho 1937Description / Buy

Order of Pan Handle Smith Series

1The Lone Star Ranger 1914Description / Buy
2The Trail Driver 1931Description / Buy
3Valley Of Wild Horses 1947Description / Buy

Order of Riders of the Purple Sage Series

1Riders of the Purple Sage 1912Description / Buy
2The Rainbow Trail 1915Description / Buy
3The Desert Crucible 1915Description / Buy

Order of The Ohio River Trilogy Series

1Betty Zane 1903Description / Buy
2The Spirit of the Border 1906Description / Buy
3The Last Trail 1909Description / Buy

Order of Zane Grey Standalone Novels

1The Last of the Plainsmen 1908Description / Buy
2The Short Stop 1909Description / Buy
3The Heritage of the Desert 1910Description / Buy
4Wildfire 1910Description / Buy
5Desert Gold 1913Description / Buy
6The Light of Western Stars 1914Description / Buy
7Cabin Gulch 1915Description / Buy
8The Border Legion 1916Description / Buy
9The U. P. Trail 1918Description / Buy
10The Desert Of Wheat 1918Description / Buy
11The Mysterious Rider 1919Description / Buy
12War Comes to the Big Bend 1919Description / Buy
13Wyoming 1920Description / Buy
14The Man of the Forest 1920Description / Buy
15Tonto Basin 1921Description / Buy
16To the Last Man 1921Description / Buy
17The Day of the Beast 1922Description / Buy
18Roping Lions in the Grand Canyon 1922Description / Buy
19The Rustlers of Pecos County (Short Story) 1923Description / Buy
20The Call of the Canyon 1924Description / Buy
21The Water Hole 1925Description / Buy
22Under the Tonto Rim 1925Description / Buy
23The Thundering Herd 1925Description / Buy
24The Deer Stalker 1925Description / Buy
25The Vanishing American 1925Description / Buy
26Shower of Gold 1925Description / Buy
27Top Hand 1925Description / Buy
28Lost Pueblo 1927Description / Buy
29Open Range 1927Description / Buy
30Don. The Story Of A Lion Dog 1928Description / Buy
31Wild Horse Mesa 1928Description / Buy
32The Shepherd of Guadaloupe 1928Description / Buy
33Dorn of the Mountains 1928Description / Buy
34A Missouri Schoolmarm (Short Story) 1928Description / Buy
35Rogue River Feud 1929Description / Buy
36Fighting Caravans 1929Description / Buy
37Robbers Roost 1930Description / Buy
38Sunset Pass 1930Description / Buy
39The Dude Ranger 1930Description / Buy
40West of the Pecos 1931Description / Buy
41Raiders of Spanish Peaks 1931Description / Buy
42The Lost Wagon Train 1932Description / Buy
43Thunder Mountain 1932Description / Buy
44Arizona Ames 1932Description / Buy
45Code of the West 1934Description / Buy
46Outlaws of Palouse 1936Description / Buy
47King of the Royal Mounted and the Great Jewel Mystery 1937Description / Buy
48Western Union 1939Description / Buy
4930,000 on the Hoof 1940Description / Buy
50Wilderness Trek 1944Description / Buy
51Shadow on the Trail 1946Description / Buy
52The Maverick Queen 1950Description / Buy
53THE ROARING U.P.TRAIL 1952Description / Buy
54Black Mesa 1955Description / Buy
55Stranger from the Tonto 1956Description / Buy
56The Fugitive Trail 1957Description / Buy
57The Arizona Clan 1958Description / Buy
58Horse Heaven Hill 1959Description / Buy
59Boulder Dam 1963Description / Buy
60Prairie Gold 1965Description / Buy
61Vanishing Indian 1968Description / Buy
62Arizona Clan 1971Description / Buy
63The Last Ranger 1974Description / Buy
64Nassau, Cuba, Yucatan, Mexico (Short Story) 1976Description / Buy
65Hoods 1976Description / Buy
66The Adventures Of Finspot (Short Story) 1976Description / Buy
67The Reef Girl 1977Description / Buy
68Captives of the Desert 1977Description / Buy
69The Buffalo Hunter 1978Description / Buy
70Shark 1978Description / Buy
71The Big Land 1978Description / Buy
72Dark Heritage 1980Description / Buy
73The Lord of Lackawaxen Creek 1981Description / Buy
74Riders of Vengeance 1981Description / Buy
75Lost In The Never Never 1982Description / Buy
76Tenderfoot 1982Description / Buy
77Tex Thorne Comes Out of the West 1988Description / Buy
78Yaqui 1988Description / Buy
79George Washington, Frontiersman 1990Description / Buy
80Last of the Great Scouts 1996Description / Buy
81Rangers of the Lone Star 1997Description / Buy
82Woman of the Frontier 1998Description / Buy
83The Last of the Duanes 1998Description / Buy

Order of Zane Grey Short Story Collections

1The Redheaded Outfield 1920Description / Buy
2The Wolf Tracker and Other Animal Tales 1923Description / Buy
3Tales of Fishing Virgin Seas 1925Description / Buy
4The Ranger and Other Stories 1926Description / Buy
5Blue Feather and Other Stories 1934Description / Buy
6Bernardo's Revenge & Other Western Yarns 1976Description / Buy
7The Savage Kingdom 1978Description / Buy
8Tales From A Fisherman's Log (Short Story) 1979Description / Buy
9The Camp Robber and Other Stories 1979Description / Buy
10The Westerners 1980Description / Buy
11Tales of Freshwater Fishing 1980Description / Buy
12Amber's Mirage and Other Stories 1983Description / Buy
13The Secret of Quaking Asp Cabin and Other Stories 1983Description / Buy
14Undiscovered Zane Grey Fishing Stories 1983Description / Buy
15Zane Grey's Greatest Animal Stories 1984Description / Buy
16Tigre and Other Stories 1988Description / Buy
17Avalanche, and Other Stories 1988Description / Buy
18Best Western Stories 1989Description / Buy
19Seafishing Yarns 1991Description / Buy
20Silvermane And Other Stories 1991Description / Buy
21Tales of Swordfish and Tuna 1992Description / Buy
22Tales of Tahitian Waters 1999Description / Buy
23Tales of Southern Rivers 2000Description / Buy
24Rangle River 2001Description / Buy
25Tales of the Great Game Fish 2003Description / Buy
26Silvermane 2013Description / Buy
27Tales of Florida Fishes 2016Description / Buy

Order of Zane Grey Non-Fiction Books

1An American Angler in Australia 1976Description / Buy
2Tales of the Angler's Eldorado 1984Description / Buy
3Zane Grey's Book of Camp and Trails 1988Description / Buy
4Zane Grey on Fishing 2003Description / Buy

Zane Grey Anthologies

1 The Boy Scouts Book of Campfire Stories1921Description / Buy
2 A Century of Great Western Stories2001Description / Buy
3 The Golden West2003Description / Buy
4 The Untamed West2004Description / Buy
5 The Lawless West2007Description / Buy
6 Three Classic Westerns2013Description / Buy
7 Trailin' West2016Description / Buy
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As a child, the author was quite athletic. He also loved history but sports consumed quite a bit of his time, especially baseball. Though he had a loving mother, Zane’s father was a strict man that used severe beatings to keep him in line.

This punishment turned him into a violent boy that was always getting into brawls. But he wasn’t defined by this behavior. When he wasn’t fishing, playing baseball or hanging out with an old man that encouraged his interests, Zane could be found reading and writing.

The boy grew up reading Robinson Crusoe, Leatherstocking tales, Buffalo Bill stories and the like. Zane would have taken to writing at a much younger age but his father wasn’t particularly supportive.

Lewis Grey took the first story his son ever wrote (Jim of the Cave) and ripped it to shreds before delivering another severe beating. The man taught Zane what he could of his trade. Once they moved to Columbus, Ohio, the boy started making house calls and removing teeth.

He might have pursued dentistry for several more years if the state board hadn’t intervened. Following a stint as an usher in a theater, Zane drew the attention of a baseball scout. Before long, a baseball scholarship allowed him to attend the University of Pennsylvania.

A solid hitter and pitcher, Zane proved to be quite the asset for his baseball team. But he was barely passing his classes. Antisocial like his father, Zane stood out. Despite his athletic prowess, he spent quite a bit of time writing poetry.

For a time, the young man considered becoming either a writer or a baseball player. But he settled on dentistry despite his abysmal grades because it made practical sense. Interestingly enough, after graduating, Zane Grey positioned his practice in New York because he knew that it was a publishing hub.

He found time to write in the evening but his abilities were still lacking. He met Dolly in 1900, eventually marrying her in 1905. Though, he was quite clear that he loved women too much to ever remain faithful to her.

Dolly came from a family of physicians. Following their marriage, the author abandoned dentistry. Dolly had a sizable inheritance that kept them afloat while Zane pursued his writing dreams. Even though she had three children to care for, Dolly found the time to also manage Zane’s career.

The emotional support she offered was only surpassed by her editorial skills and business sense. Once his writing efforts started to bear fruit, the couple shared the resulting profits equally. This was proof that, despite his infidelities, Zane loved and respected his wife.

He garnered a reputation for writing novels that painted a romanticized but violent picture of the West. Critics hated his fanciful depictions and larger-than-life characters. But the readers loved him. The fact that he became one of the first millionaire authors proves as much,

Zane Grey Books into Movies

Roughly fifty of the author’s books were adapted into over a hundred live-action Westerns. That includes ‘The Lone Star Ranger’ and ‘Riders of the Purple sage’.

Best Zane Grey Books

Zane Grey has been credited with creating the myths that everyone associates with the Old West, with some of the best books in his bibliography including:

Valley of the Wild Horses: Panhandle was a happy boy. He lived in harsh lands but he found satisfaction in the work he did. A scrape with the wrong person changed everything. Panhandle grew up, went to Montana and made a name for himself for all the wrong reasons.

He eventually made his way back home only to find that his father had been swindled and Dick Hardman, his greatest enemy, was trying to force the girl he loved to marry him. Now Pandhandle is out for justice.

The Last Trail: This story from Zane Grey takes place in the Ohio Valley. It follows a young 16-year-old girl who has just moved into a community of white settlers. Times are hard. Conflicts with the native Americans are rife but the Indians are not the only enemy in the vicinity. Plenty of white men are up to no good.

A central aspect of this novel is the love between the 16-year-old and a silent border man that is too busy doing his job to notice her.

When Does The Next Zane Grey book come out?

Zane Grey doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Tales of Florida Fishes and was released on June, 3rd 2016. It is the newest book in the Zane Grey Short Story Collections.

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