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The “Adventures of Conan” are a series of novels by John Maddox Roberts. The series of novels follow the adventures of Conan the Barbarian and are written in the same format as the original Conan the Barbarian series. The first novel of the series was “Conan the Valorous” that was first published in 1986 to become the first novel of thirty three titles that culminated in “Conan and the Treasure of Python” published in 1993.

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Conan the Cimmerian also known as Conan the Barbarian is hero from Cimmeria who has iconic and heroic figure that walks the land to help the weak and needy from oppression. But the people of his land are pagans full of sorcery and superstition that are always fighting each other rather than their oppressors. He traverses the country trying to bring together his people into one confederacy that can come together in religious and political belief so that they can fight their enemies.

In “Conan the Valorous” the first novel of the series Conan is sworn to perform an errand for a Stygian sorceress known as Hathor Ka. He is so short of cash that he takes up the mission without asking for details. It is only later that he learns that he must visit his homeland and a sacred cave to get more instructions about his journey. He meets a wizened old man who offers him amulets against the demons that await him on his journey.

He then goes on a journey where he deals with perennial troubles of Cimmeria that include demon raids and invasions from the Vanheim. What follows is a complex story of the struggle for power and influence between competing sorcerers and the ordinary humans who fight against them led by Conan. It is an excellent novel that combines sorcery and the complexities of war to make for one deftly written novel.


Conan the Valorous: The first novel is one of the best of the Adventures of Conan series. It is set in Cimmeria where Conan just found sorcerers abusing their most cherished grove in quest to gain power that would make them have influence over the gods. The people of Cimmeria are under attack from an ancient nemesis and it is up to Conan to unite them to face not only these enemies but a greater foe. Demons are riding against eh Cimmerians, determined to annihilate them.

Conan the Defiant: This is another brilliant novel that opens to Conan stumbling upon a priest that had been waylaid by five bandits. The priest has held his own even though he was armed with only a wooden staff which so impresses Conan who jumps right in and fights off the bandits. Soon after the priest is murdered sending Conan into a rage and on a quest to find his friend’s killer. In typical fashion, he soon meets and woos a beautiful zombie and desert warrior named Tuanne. He also picks up a necromancer known as Neg the Malefic and the three have threesomes all along the way to the killer’s castle. It through the machinations of Neg that Conan finally manages to subdue the maleficent killer and avenge his friend.

Conan the Champion: This is another great story of Conan the Commerian who is stranded in Brythunia in the northern reaches of the country. He pledges his skill to the Queen Alcuina the beautiful and haughty ruler of the land. He is soon called into action when two kings unite to attack Queen Alcuina’s land. To add to their woes, Lilma the evil wizard is plotting to capture the heart of the queen and her northern territories through witchcraft. As the blood flows from the battles in the Brythunian forests and sorcery makes a mockery of the queen, it is up to Conan the Champion to save the land.


Many “Adventures of Conan” series fans are also fans of the “The Last Descendants” series of novels by Catherine Banner. Similar to the “Adventures of Conan” the novels tell of the magical history of the land of Malonia from the eyes of two teenagers who live in the country but are from a parallel universe. “Adventures of Conan” fans also love the “Simon St George” series of novels by Jason Hightman. The protagonists of the series is Simon Saint George, who is the only man that can fight ancient dragons from the time of Saint George who hide among the populace and wreak havoc.

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