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Black lizard is a vintage crime book series written by Carl Hiaasen. The author was born and grew up in Florida where he still resides. He attended the University of Florida and joined the Miami Herald at the age of 23. He began as the paper’s general assignment reporter and was later moved to the paper’s award-winning investigations team. He has written a column beginning from 1985. His column has unsettled almost everyone in South Florida his own bosses included. He has received the 2003/2004 Damon Runyon Award from the Denver Press Club for his exceptional commentary and journalism.

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Order of Black Lizard Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Powder Burn (By: Carl Hiaasen, William D. Montalbano) 1981 Description / Buy
2 Trap Line (By: Carl Hiaasen, William D. Montalbano) 1982 Description / Buy
3 A Death in China (By: Carl Hiaasen, William D. Montalbano) 1984 Description / Buy
4 The Sinners of San Ramon ( By: Carl Hiaasen) 1989 Description / Buy
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Powder burn his first novel in the black lizard series was published in 1981. It features Chris Meadows an architect as the lead character. In the book Meadows has the good luck – or is it bad luck – of being an on-the-spot eye witness who saw the faces of the murderers when a hit-men-filled car hits an old girlfriend. This was in the city of Miami which is renowned for its violence. A city that gives witnesses little to no chance of survival. The billions of drug dollars that passes through the city is enough reason to hurt innocent people. At that price, the police are also ready to dangle him as bait instead of protecting him.

Best Black Lizard Books

Obviously, all the books in the Black Lizard series are a must read for anyone who enjoys quality vintage crime fiction novels.

Powder Burn: The first in the series shows you how money influences crime in a violent city like Miami. The police were supposed to be protecting Meadows since he was a witness who saw the faces of the murderers of his old girlfriend. But they chose to dangle him as the bait in unravelling the murder case. The suspense of what happens next will keep you reading never wanting to drop the book for a second.

Equally captivating is Trap Line, the second Black Lizard series novel. In the book, Key West is home and paradise to renowned smugglers. Captains that will run the contraband clique are all that is needed. One of the foremost fishing captains on the rock is Breeze Albury. Although he has no intention of turning into a delivery boy for the machine, they are bent on persuading him by all means. The persuasion starts taking his freedom and livelihood away from him. The climax is when he turns into a sea-going and raging vigilante when the machine threatens his beloved son.

The third in the Black Lizard series A Death in China is a great suspense you could die for. Everybody knows that even tomorrow’s weather forecast is a state secret in China. It is in such circumstances that an American goes over to investigate the murder of his mentor. His discovers he was in the middle of treachery and lies before he could know it. From assassinations by Cobra to terrifying interrogations, the novel takes you through nightmarish danger and stifling mistrust that makes you just want to keep on reading.

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A lot of fans of the Black Lizard series are also fans of the Walter Mosley vintage crime/black lizard novels. Mosley is an author who you are sure will always bring everything to satisfactory conclusion. There is always a triumph for his “Easy Rawlins” character.

In Rose Gold, Scorched Earth, a black revolutionary cell kidnaps the pampered daughter of a wealthy weapons manufacturer. The cell’s leader, Uhuru Nolice publicly and horribly demands a ransom. The ransom, weapons, money and an apology from the father or he kills ‘Rose Gold’. There is only one man the authorities can now turn to. The only one who can risk crossing all necessary lines to resolve the perilous standoff and find Rose Gold before it becomes too late. That man is the one and only Easy Rawlins.

In Little Green however, Rawlins comes back from the point of death. Mosley’s acclaimed detective character comes back to investigate the dark side of Los Angeles hippies’ haven, the Sunset Strip. He soon regains his top form combing the wonderfully vibrant streets of Los Angeles. Of course he always does that with Mouse, his lethal sidekick by his side. He has been hired to find ‘Little Green’ a young black man named Evander Noon who got missing during an acid trip.

What Is The Next Book in The Black Lizard Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Black Lizard Series. The newest book is The Sinners of San Ramon and was released on January, 2nd 1989.

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