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Boy Soldier is a series of novels from Andy McNab, the author responsible for publishing an account of the Special Air Service Patrol Bravo Two Zero. Boy Soldier tells the story of Danny Watts, a boy looking to find the grandfather he has never met but who has been accused of betraying his country.

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Order of Boy Soldier Series By: Andy McNab, Robert Rigby

# Read Title Published Details
1 Traitor / Boy Soldier (By: Andy McNab, Robert Rigby) 2005 Description / Buy
2 Payback (By: Andy McNab, Robert Rigby) 2005 Description / Buy
3 Avenger (By: Andy McNab, Robert Rigby) 2006 Description / Buy
4 Meltdown (By: Andy McNab, Robert Rigby) 2007 Description / Buy
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Traitor, the first book in the Boy Soldier series, introduces Fergus Watts to readers, an SAS operative who was betrayed and denounced by his government. When Fergus escapes his captivity, certain forces arise to silence him once and for all.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, Fergus has his grandson by his side. The pair must fight for survival even as they endeavor to restore Fergus’ good name.

Danny is driven to search for his grandfather, even though the two have never met, because Fergus’ mere existence jeopardizes Danny’s future. Luckily for Danny, he isn’t alone in his search. Elena Omolodon is Danny’s best friend and a computer genius that proves critical to his efforts to find his grandfather and clear his name.

The Boy Soldier series has been commended for telling a story that is elevated above the average adventure series. The novels stand out because Andy McNab uses his own experience with covert operations to inject a sense of realism into the Body Soldier books.

Andy McNab was born Steven Billy Mitchell. The English Novelist was a Special Air Service Sergeant who won a Distinguished Conduct Medal in 1991. Besides military fiction, Andy has written autobiographies and nonfiction accounts of his experiences in the army.

Even though the Boy Soldier novels are most commonly associated with Andy McNab, he actually wrote the books in collaboration with Robert Rigby, a journalist with a lot of experience writing music. Robert wrote for radio and television before turning his attention to the Boy Soldier series.

Best Boy Soldier Books

This Andy McNab series stands abreast with many of the military fiction greats, with some of the best Boy Soldier books including:

Traitor: Danny Watts has a problem. He has to find his Grandfather. But the task is hardly a walk in the park. For one thing, Danny has never met Fergus Watts. More importantly, Fergus has some very dangerous enemies, having been betrayed, imprisoned and accused of treason.

When Fergus escapes captivity, he draws Danny into a violent world as the pair goes on the run. Clearing Fergus’ name won’t be easy. But surviving might be even harder.

This book kicks off the story of Danny Watts. Danny wants to join the British Army and do his duty in the fight to defend his home. And Danny seems to have everything the army could possibly want from him, this including amazing grades and an unmistakable talent.

The only thing standing in Danny’s way is Fergus Watts, his grandfather who the media has described as a former soldier who betrayed his country and then went into hiding. The idea of a man he has never met ruining his future infuriates Danny who, with the help of a friend, begins to track Fergus down.

The trail he follows reveals secrets that Danny didn’t want to know and which put his life in jeopardy.

Payback: Danny and his grandfather are hiding out in Spain, hoping to stay off the radar of the ruthless killers that wish to erase them. Naturally, they show little interest in the suicide bombings that are terrorizing London.

However, their indifference changes when Danny and Fergus’ cover is blown. No longer able to hide out in Spain, the pair is forced to flee back to London. Danny knows that peace will only come once they clear their family name.

Unfortunately, Danny returns to London at the worst possible time. There is evidence suggesting that Danny Watts is connected to the London bombings. If Danny wants to see another birthday, he must reveal the truth behind the figures terrorizing London.

Other Book Series You May Like

The “Nick Stone” Series by Andy McNab is often enjoyed by fans of the Boy Soldier series. Nick Stone was a pretty effective member of the SAS. Once he left the service, rather than becoming an ordinary civilian, Nick Stone chose to go into the freelance arena, availing his services to British Intelligence and any other entity that needs and deserves his incredible skills.

Fans also love the “Agent 21” Series by Chris Ryan. Zak Darke loses his parents in a violent and unexpected incident. Soon after, Zak is approached by a mysterious shadowy organization that trains him and throws him into the field to execute difficult missions.

What Is The Next Book in The Boy Soldier Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Boy Soldier Series. The newest book is Meltdown and was released on May, 3rd 2007.

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