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W.E.B Griffin has authored more than 30 novels in five series. All the 30 novels have been listed on Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Publishers Weekly and many others best sellers list. 40 million of his books have been printed in more than ten languages such as Chinese, Hebrew, Hungarian and Japanese. The author was born and raised in the suburbs of New York City. Griffin enlisted in the year 1946 in the United States Army. After completing his basic training, Griffin received his counter intelligence training. After the Korean War ended, Griffin continued to work in the military as a Chief of Public prosecution. Immediately after completing his first three novels successfully, he left his job in the army to become a full-time writer. Griffin has successfully completed more than 160 fiction and non-fiction weeks.

Order of Brotherhood Of War Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Lieutenants (By: W.E.B. Griffin) 1982 Description / Buy
2 The Captains ( By: W.E.B. Griffin) 1982 Description / Buy
3 The Majors ( By: W.E.B. Griffin) 1983 Description / Buy
4 The Colonels ( By: W.E.B. Griffin) 1983 Description / Buy
5 The Berets ( By: W.E.B. Griffin) 1985 Description / Buy
6 The Generals ( By: W.E.B. Griffin) 1986 Description / Buy
7 The New Breed ( By: W.E.B. Griffin) 1987 Description / Buy
8 The Aviators ( By: W.E.B. Griffin) 1988 Description / Buy
9 Special Ops ( By: W.E.B. Griffin) 2001 Description / Buy
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Brotherhood of War Awards

Despite having more than 30 novels, W.E.B Griffin is yet to be nominated for any major literary award.

Brotherhood of War Books into Movies

None of the books in this series have been adapted for screenplay.

Best Brotherhood of War Books

The Lieutenants is the first installment in the Brotherhood book series. It is a story about army officers from the end of the World War until the 1980’s. In this book, the Brotherhood accepts commissions in the United States Army and serves in the post. Among the brothers is an exceedingly young rickman who has just been drafted into the army in the ending days of World War II. Upon being drafted into the army, he is commissioned as a lieutenant because he is a great polo player. This is a story that deals with the Peacetime Army politics, the US involvement in counseling the Greek army against insurgents and other uncomfortable topics such as anti-Semitism, racism, intra-services and wartime fratricide. With that said, this book has been well written with lots of funny stories. The writer has the ability to make you laugh and cry at the same time since it has some very emotional moments.

Another book that has performed extremely well in this series is the Captain. As the second book in this series, Brotherhood of War is an enjoyable book that makes a smooth transition from the first installment. As the second book, it continues to develop the key characters in the series while at the same time introducing new characters. Just like the first installment, the author has concentrated more on the professional and personal lives of the book’s characters instead of the actual military battles. Nonetheless, he still brings a good balance between the two aspects, thereby making the book an interesting read. The captains, who are the book’s heroes, are coming into their own and in the process defining themselves. The energy, youth, and excitement drip right from the first page. Overall, this is an excellent book, which is fun to read, the characters are more and more interesting.

The Berets is fifth installment in the Brotherhood of War book series and according to the reception this is one of the favorite books for many readers of the series. It is the first book in the series that had some solid action. Griffin continues in this book with his masterful storytelling and also in the process introduces some exceedingly amazing characters. Craig Lowell’s nephew plays a big role in this installment. He goes ahead to become another rich boy in the family. This is an excellent read that you are definitely going to fall in love with.

Other Book Series You May Like

The Corps” book series is an excellent read from W.E.B Griffin. Semper Fi is the first book in this series and it is a hardcore military thriller, which will take you the reader all the way back before the bombing of the Pearl Harbor. In this book, we are introduced to Kenneth McCoy, who is a China Marine stationed in Shanghai. McCoy’s main job is to gather information throughout the small villages in Shanghai. Due to the nature of his work, McCoy has created some exceedingly powerful enemies most of whom are highly ranking army officers. However irrespective of all this, he still is vindicated of numerous international incidents. In this installment, you are going to meet with all types of characters. Just like brotherhood is the story about people and not war. There is combat, love, intrigue, family baggage and friendship. This is a great read and an exceptional introduction to the series.

What Is The Next Book in The Brotherhood Of War Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Brotherhood Of War Series. The newest book is Special Ops and was released on January, 15th 2001.

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