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China Bayles is the mystery series authored by Susan Wittig Albert, an American author. Bayles is a lawyer who opts for a simpler, more tranquil life. She prefers to run a herbal shop in a small town. As fate would have it, she finds herself investigating murder cases. Interesting enough, she finds that her passion for herbs comes in handy coupled with her natural abilities of reason and deduction. Her background as a lawyer becomes vital too.

Order of China Bayles Series

1Thyme of Death1992Description / Buy
2Witches' Bane1993Description / Buy
3Hangman's Root1994Description / Buy
4Rosemary Remembered1995Description / Buy
5Rueful Death1996Description / Buy
6Love Lies Bleeding1997Description / Buy
7Chile Death1998Description / Buy
8Lavender Lies1999Description / Buy
9Mistletoe Man2000Description / Buy
10Bloodroot2001Description / Buy
11Indigo Dying2003Description / Buy
12Dilly of a Death2004Description / Buy
13Dead Man's Bones2005Description / Buy
14Bleeding Hearts2006Description / Buy
15Spanish Dagger2007Description / Buy
16Nightshade2008Description / Buy
17Wormwood2009Description / Buy
18Holly Blues2010Description / Buy
19Mourning Gloria2011Description / Buy
20Cat's Claw2012Description / Buy
21Widow's Tears2013Description / Buy
22Death Come Quickly2014Description / Buy
23Bittersweet2015Description / Buy
24Blood Orange2016Description / Buy
25The Last Chance Olive Ranch2017Description / Buy
26Queen Anne's Lace2018Description / Buy
27A Plain Vanilla Murder2019Description / Buy
28Hemlock2021Description / Buy

Order of China Bayles Series Collections

1An Unthymely Death and Other Garden Mysteries2003Description / Buy
2China Bayles' Book of Days2006Description / Buy
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The entire series is made up of 25 books. The author has also penned 3 books which are a collection based on the stories in the series, and other extras like recipes, herbs, essays written by Albert, and publications by other authors. The first book in the China Bayles series is “Thyme of Death”, published in 1992.

Albert writes under various pen-names. She is the author of the Nancy Drew series, where she writes as Carolyn Keene. She also writes as Robin Paige. Before becoming a full-time novelist, she was a professor of English and an administrator. She is now a renowned and highly regarded New York bestselling author.

Susan Wittig Albert’s Awards

The first novel in the China Bayles series was nominated for two awards: Agatha and Anthony (1992 and 1993 respectively). Both times, it was nominated in the Best First Novel category.

Best Susan Wittig Albert Books

It is quite difficult to say which one of Albert’s books is the best in the series since her story telling ability is simply enthralling. These two books, however, seem to have captivated most of her readers: “Widow’s Tears” and “Bittersweet”. Let’s delve more into them below:

Widow’s Tears: “Widow’s Tears” is the twenty-first book in the China Bayles series. This story follows Ruby Wilcox, who is not only China’s business partner, but she is also her best friend. Ruby has a childhood friend, Claire, who has not achieved much in life. When she finally gets out of rehab, it is time for a makeover. She had inherited a house from her grandmother. She decides to convert it into a bed and breakfast.

Unusual signs: the random ringing of bells, banging pans are a clear indication of something sinister – a haunted house. Ruby saw the ghost when visiting Claire when they were children. Ruby’s knowledge of Ouija boards and tarot cards will come in handy since she runs the only shop in Pecan Springs that deals with these devices that have to do with the spirit world.

Ruby has always hesitated to explore her psychic side. But this is the only chance to help her friend Claire. The ghost is Rachel Blackwood who lived through one of the biggest hurricanes in the twentieth century (but only the reader knows it).

Ruby is busy ghost hunting. China has to investigate a murder and robbery in a bank and Pecan Springs. Before she can resolve the crime, she goes to see Ruby at the haunted house. China opens the door to real danger.

Bittersweet: This is the twenty-third book in the China Bayles series. Two brothers are illegally importing white-tailed-deer into the family land. They want to turn it into a trophy game ranch. Worse still, they are using a plane with an expired license.

In the meantime, China is planning to spend Thanksgiving with loved ones. She wants to visit her mother and her mother’s husband, Sam. She also wants to catch up with Mackenzie “Mack” Chambers, a friend who is a game warden. Just before Thanksgiving, she receives the news that Sam has just had a heart attack.

Leatha has someone to help as Sam recuperates. Her name is Sue Ellen. She is leaving her husband who is an assistant foreman at a trophy game ranch. Ellen dies in a car crash, even before China gets to know her story. A local vet is shot. Mack believes that the murder has to do with some fawns that were stolen from a ranch in the area. Could Ellen’s murder be related to the other murder or the stolen fawns? China and Mack find themselves amidst the world of animal rights, drone surveillance and big-game ranching as they try to resolve the murders. They also get to know each other better and find themselves.

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What Is The Next Book in The China Bayles Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The China Bayles Series. The newest book is Hemlock and was released on September, 7th 2021.

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