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Chronicles of the Invaders (Series by John Connolly) is a sci-fi series for young adults featuring Paul Kerr and Syl Hellais. The series includes three novels: “Conquest: The Chronicles of the Invaders #1”(published in 2013); “Empire: The Chronicles of the Invaders #2” (2014) and “Dominion: The Chronicles of the Invaders #3” (2016).

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Order of Chronicles of the Invaders Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Conquest ( By: John Connolly) 2013 Description / Buy
2 Empire ( By: John Connolly) 2014 Description / Buy
3 Dominion ( By: John Connolly) 2016 Description / Buy
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Paul Kerr meets Syl Hellais in a time when the world is being ruled by Illyrians who happens to be a highly advanced race that has overpowered many civilizations beyond their planet including Earth. Since the first book of the series surfaced, the story began to attract a lot of attention from the sci-fi lovers with a mind-boggling story line.

Syl Hellais is one of the very first Illyrians born in Earth. She is the daughter of Lord Andrus and Lady Orianne. Lady Orianne dies from malaria when Syl was an infant leaving her under the shadows of her father. Syl is extremely curious about earth while remains loyal to her own people.

Paul Kerr on the other hand is a part of the “Resistance” who is fighting against the Illyrian domination and oppression. He becomes an important intelligence operative for the resistance after the death of his father.

The first book “Conquest: The Chronicles of the Invaders #1” introduced us to a new world where the human race is struggling against the ruthless yet beautiful Illyrians for freedom. The book gives a detailed introduction to the Illyrian invasion of planet earth and the two central characters- Paul Kerr and Syl Hellais. In her sixteenth birthday, Syl becomes rebellious while trying to save the life of Paul Kerr. Both begin a struggle against imperialism as Illyrians continue to pursue them.

Best Chronicles of the Invaders Books

“The Chronicles of the Invaders” didn’t take too long to become a widely popular sci-fi with a unique storyline. The first book “Conquest: The Chronicles of the Invaders #1” is more of an introductory novel that introduces us to a changed world where Earth is no longer having humans as the only intelligent race. Being invaded by a more advanced race- Illyrians, earth has got herself exposed to a deadly struggle between freedom seeking humans (under the banner of Resistance) and Illyrians who would do anything to hold their grasp on the planet. The book gives us a detailed background story of Illyrian Syl and Kerr (a human leading the resistance from the front).

Syl soon turns into an outcast while trying to save Kerr. The novel unfolds more of a romantic atmosphere with the mix of thrill where the central characters try hard to establish justice in the world where invaders are dominating everything.

The third installment of the series: Dominion: The Chronicles of the Invaders #3 presents us with an overwhelming scenario where Syl and Kerr continues their struggle for humanity. Being hunted by a powerful enemy, they make their way to a dimension very different than their own. It takes them five years to return to the world that they know where they discover the human race is close to extinction and the Illyrians are fighting a civil war. Soon they find a dark truth behind all the promises that were made to the humans. The race that once lived freely in the blue planet were about to be sacrificed for a kind of parasites who would expose not only the human civilization but all to the brink of extinction.

Though the first and the third book of the series made huge impressions among the readers worldwide, the second book- Empire: The Chronicles of the Invaders #2 does have its place as well that worth mentioning. The human rebellion continues against the Illyri while Syl Hellais gets banished to the Marque which happens to be the sealed convent controlled by the Nairene Sisterhood. Paul Kerr is imprisoned by the Illyri and struggling against the other civilizations that were conquered by the Illyrians.

This book reveals the conspiracies building up beyond the controls of the Illyri where the sisterhood is being used as a tool- a move that may cause destruction to all species within the universe. One of the major aspects of the storyline is that it reveals the inner power of the human race that would do anything for freedom regardless of how strong the enemy is.

What Is The Next Book in The Chronicles Of The Invaders Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Chronicles Of The Invaders Series. The newest book is Dominion and was released on February, 25th 2016.

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